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  1. No high-level computer language, no compiler, no assembler, and no linker. A, tiny ,assembler program was hand-coded for a new computer (for example the IBM 650)
  2. And other gases like carbon dioxide pass through their exoskeleton through, tiny ,valves called spiracles. Insects also lack closed blood vessels; instead, they
  3. Include: the Chinese giant salamander, a distant relative of the newt,the, tiny ,Gardiner's Seychelles, the limbless Small caecilian, South African ghost
  4. Engines, and the pioneering BMW 003 axial-flow turbojet, which powered the, tiny , 1944-1945-era jet-powered" emergency fighter ", the Handel He 162 Spat. The
  5. South of the Black Forest going north and includes numerous old wineries and, tiny ,villages. Another, more specialized route is the 'Deutsche Uhrenstraße' ( "
  6. Category is almost all considered good companion plants, as the umbrella of, tiny ,flowers attracts omnivorous beneficial insects, especially ladybugs, parasitic
  7. Field of the nucleus, and by quantum electrodynamics effects. The latter induce, tiny ,binding energy differences especially for s electrons that go nearer the
  8. 1,845 rounds of shells,1,793 bombs, and 73,412 machine guns rounds onto the, tiny ,island, only in size. The Americans believed the bombardment to be successful
  9. A borderline case between variability and stability with its short period and, tiny ,range. System Arcturus is a type K1.5 Pipe orange giant star—the letters" PE
  10. To the then newly discovered principles of quantum mechanics, it has a, tiny ,(but non-zero) probability of" tunneling" through the barrier and appearing
  11. By Germany in 1871; after World War I, it was reintegrated into France. The, tiny ,village is home to the Association Internationale Albert Schweitzer (AIDS).
  12. Of diodes, infrared detectors, and Hall-effect devices. In the 1950s, tiny , beads of a lead-antimony alloy were used to dope the emitters and collectors of
  13. Cultures that produced them. The oldest art objects in the world—a series of, tiny , drilled snail shells about 75,000 years old—were discovered in a South African
  14. Caribbean islands, ranging in size from the largest, Tortola long and wide, to, tiny , uninhabited islets. They are located in the Virgin Islands archipelago, a few
  15. Of Madrid, the Stockholm Palace, or indeed the former Palace of Whitehall, and, tiny , compared to the Forbidden City and Total Palace. The relative smallness of the
  16. Describe parallax, due to very small parallax angles for stellar parallax, and, tiny , angular diameters (e.g., Venus varies between 10′′ and 60′′). The parallax
  17. Of each other, Maria went to help her aunt with the teaching at the school. A, tiny , neat woman, aged thirty, she was well-read and intelligent. Her strong
  18. From the viewer, we are not sure what it truly is. At the bottom of the tree,a, tiny ,figure of a seated man, crossed legged, holds a knife and axe, declaring his
  19. Magazines and chronicles, all of which were written out in extremely, tiny ,books, with writing that was so small it was difficult to read without the aid
  20. In the basement were the" dark cells "; these cells had only a very, tiny ,window, and a solid door. Prisoners placed in these cells would gradually
  21. The navy traces its heritage to Admiral Cochrane's mercenary fleet and to the, tiny ,Portuguese ships and crews that protected the earliest coastal colonies from
  22. To rectify deficiencies. Some outputs also go to the pituitary gland,a, tiny ,gland attached to the brain directly underneath the hypothalamus. The pituitary
  23. Lyon in France and at a number of sites in Britain. They vary in size from, tiny ,acorn sized to large amphorae like vessels, but all have elevated levels of zinc
  24. Arrow of time, he deemed this fact an advantage for the theory. That the, tiny ,patch of space from which our observable Universe grew had to be extremely
  25. A monumental gateway called the Propylaea. To the south of the entrance is the, tiny ,Temple of Athena Nike. A bronze statue of Athena, sculpted by Phidias
  26. Variable width fonts is likely to make predictable display hard if more than a, tiny ,subset of Unicode is used. Overprinting (surprise) In the 1970s and early
  27. With wooden revetments and palisades. The size of the Burns ranged from, tiny ,outposts such as Milton to large fortifications in established towns, the
  28. Plant of this group is a companion plant. In large part, this is because the, tiny ,flowers forming the umbels, for which the group is named, are perfectly suited
  29. A second species. As a tyrannosaurid, Albertosaurus was a bipedal predator with, tiny , two-fingered hands and a massive head with dozens of large, sharp teeth. It
  30. Is mainly used for TV screens. Niche applications Microelectronics In, tiny ,amounts, antimony is increasingly being used in the semiconductor industry as a
  31. Style is solidly positional, taking no risks but reacting mercilessly to any, tiny ,errors made by his opponents. As a result, he is often compared to his idol
  32. Oddly-shaped" atmosphere" ( the electron),distributed around a relatively, tiny ,planet (the atomic nucleus). One difference is that some of an atom's
  33. Fluid dynamics; its flow properties are adapted to flow effectively through, tiny ,capillary blood vessels with less resistance than plasma by itself. In addition
  34. Craig, Klawock, Thorne Bay, Yakutat, Skagway, and Gustavus. There are also many, tiny ,(under 100 people) towns and villages, such as Branch Warm Springs, Edna Bay
  35. Head look like the blade of a knife. " After his marriage to Annette Arm his, tiny ,sculptures became larger, but the larger they grew, the thinner they became.
  36. Outer portion of the cell, or cytoplasm, is distinct and is filled with many, tiny ,vacuoles, which assist in flotation. This is very similar to the process of
  37. Near Racine, Wisconsin,is the only remaining university facility, although a, tiny ,handful of churches may yet survive in places such as Wichita, Kansas. The
  38. Who practiced animism, polytheism and shamanism. Other than Muslims, there are, tiny ,communities of Hindus and Sikhs found in the four major cities of the country.
  39. Believed that the computer might be getting erroneous readings like this if a, tiny ,ball of solder had shaken loose and was floating between the switch and the
  40. A key component of the arousal system is the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN),a, tiny ,part of the hypothalamus located directly above the point at which the optic
  41. Such as" By words the mind is winged. " Listed below is a random and very, tiny ,sample of works influenced (more or less) by Aristophanes. Drama *1909: Wasps
  42. Bomber project came to naught. The Mach 2 Tu-160 'Blackjack' was built only in, tiny ,numbers, leaving the 1950s Tupolev Tu-16 and Tu-95 'Bear' heavy bombers to
  43. Widely. The phrase refers to the idea that a butterfly's wings might create, tiny ,changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or
  44. Tunica India. The thickness of the aorta encourages an extensive network of, tiny ,blood vessels called vast asylum, which feed the layers of the aorta. The
  45. Sensory organs. Like most insects, ants have compound eyes made from numerous, tiny ,lenses attached together. Ants' eyes are good for acute movement detection but
  46. The territory includes a number of other smaller islands and cays, mostly, tiny , and uninhabited. Some of these are: Climate Temperature Northeastern trade
  47. As vessels of all sorts and in many materials, from huge store jars down to, tiny ,unguent pots; culinary and other implements; thrones, seats,tables, etc.
  48. And Handel. The rights to manufacture the Italian ISO Etta were bought; the, tiny ,cars themselves were to be powered by a modified form of BMW's own motorcycle
  49. And an unsympathetic neighbor, Froling built a house wide, long and high on the, tiny ,strip of land left to him. It features homemade floats, classic cars, motorized
  50. 300 days per year of sunshine. Economy Tourism, the mainstay of Andorra's, tiny , well-to-do economy, accounts for roughly 80 % of GDP. An estimated 10.2

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