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  1. In the Anti-nuclear movement and anti-war movements of the time as can, be ,seen in the activism and writings of the English anarchist mem be r of Campaign
  2. Individualism to complete collectivism. Anarchism is often considered to, be ,a radical left-wing ideology, and much of anarchist economics and anarchist
  3. That all cooperation in labor be eliminated on the premise that this would, be ,most conducive with the general good. An influential form of individualist
  4. That year in Le Revolt that" a structure based on centuries of history cannot, be ,destroyed with a few kilos of dynamite ". A variety of anarchists advocated the
  5. Difficulties. A combined theory based on multiple deficits may prove to, be ,more useful. Screening About half of parents of children with ASD notice their
  6. In practice, a bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) may, be ,required to characterize the scattering properties of a surface accurately
  7. There was little evidence of a genetic role in autism; now it is thought to, be ,one of the most heritable of all psychiatric conditions. Although the rise of
  8. Social communication, or symbolic or imaginative play. The disturbance must not, be , be tter accounted for by Rest syndrome or childhood disintegrative disorder.
  9. Taxes. The state's general sales tax rate is 4 %. The collection rate could, be ,substantially higher, depending upon additional city and county sales taxes.
  10. Is generally defined as the political philosophy which holds the state to, be ,immoral, or alternatively as opposing authority in the conduct of human
  11. Unions. " By the 1880s,the slogan" propaganda of the deed" had be gun to, be ,used both within and outside the anarchist movement to refer to individual
  12. For ASD, and siblings of those with autism are about 25 times more likely to, be ,autistic than the general population. Hence, a substantial fraction of autism
  13. To meet their daily communication needs. Differences in communication may, be ,present from the first year of life, and may include delayed onset of babbling
  14. Has come to mean a person's principal weakness. Etymology Achilles' name can, be ,analyzed as a combination of (ashes) " grief" and (Laos) " a people, tri be
  15. Help identify biologically relevant phenotypes (observable traits) that can, be ,viewed on brain scans, to help further neurogenetic studies of autism; one
  16. These subdivisions are not standardized and are controversial. Autism can also, be ,divided into syndrome and non-syndromal autism; the syndrome autism is
  17. Boy was a soulless mass of flesh possessed by the devil, and suggested that he, be ,suffocated, although a later critic has cast doubt on the veracity of this
  18. And insurrectionary anarchism),and the democratic process may, be ,sharply criticized within some anarchist tendencies and simultaneously lauded
  19. Of effective early intervention make it unclear whether these findings can, be ,generalized to recently diagnosed children. Because of inadequate data, these
  20. Word varies significantly be tween sources. Although the origin of Alabama could, be ,discerned, sources disagree on its meaning. An 1842 article in the Jacksonville
  21. Tools designed for one culture's norms for be haviors like eye contact may, be ,inappropriate for a different culture. Although genetic screening for autism is
  22. Cover a wide spectrum, ranging from individuals with severe impairments—who may, be ,silent, mentally disabled, and locked into hand flapping and rocking—to high
  23. Has a right to, but to the satisfaction of his or her needs, whatever may, be ,their nature. " Jesus is sometimes considered the first anarchist in the
  24. In the Resistance during World War II. Post-war years. Anarchism continued to, be ,influential in important literary and intellectual personalities of the time
  25. And favor consensus democracy instead. In anarchist communism, as money would, be ,abolished, individuals would not receive direct compensation for labor (
  26. Anarchism is unworkable in practice, and the criticism that anarchism could not, be ,maintained. Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by
  27. Cited as the first anarchist, wrote Political Justice, which some consider to, be ,the first expression of anarchism. Godwin, a philosophical anarchist, from a
  28. With ideologies such as Marxism, communism and capitalism. Anarchists may, be ,motivated by humanism, divine authority, enlightened self-interest, veganism or
  29. Language, and persistent preoccupation with parts of objects. Onset must, be ,prior to age three years, with delays or abnormal functioning in either social
  30. And anticlerical activists as well as young anarchist outlaws in what came to, be ,known as illegalism and individual reclamation Social anarchism rejects private
  31. Although genetic screening for autism is generally still impractical, it can, be ,considered in some cases, such as children with neurological symptoms and
  32. No power in local hands. Any policy changes proposed around the state must, be ,approved by the entire Alabama legislature and, frequently,by state referendum
  33. Autism prefer to be alone. Making and maintaining friendships often proves to, be ,difficult for those with autism. For them, the quality of friendships, not the
  34. Anarchist communism proposes that the freest form of social organization would, be ,a society composed of self-managing communes with collective use of the means
  35. Crater. The average annual temperature is 64 °F (18 °C). Temperatures tend to, be ,warmer in the southern part of the state with its proximity to the Gulf of
  36. Godwin advocated individualism, proposing that all cooperation in labor, be ,eliminated on the premise that this would be most conducive with the general
  37. Of the brain. How autism occurs is not well understood. Its mechanism can, be ,divided into two areas: the pathophysiology of brain structures and processes
  38. Typical comet nucleus has an al be do of 0.04. Such a dark surface is thought to, be ,indicative of a primitive and heavily space weathered surface containing some
  39. And Scots-Irish (2.0 %). In the 2000 Census,621,080 people claimed to, be ,of" American ancestry ", most them are of overwhelmingly English extraction
  40. Private ownership of the means of production, instead advocating that ownership, be ,collectivized. This was to be achieved through violent revolution, first
  41. And public awareness, though unidentified environmental risk factors cannot, be ,ruled out. The available evidence does not rule out the possibility that autism
  42. Of the state, especially in the Appalachian Mountains in the northeast, tend to, be ,slightly cooler. Generally, Alabama has very hot summers and mild winters with
  43. Conception, and though this does not exclude the possibility that autism can, be ,initiated or affected later, it is strong evidence that autism arises very
  44. To incident radiation upon it. Being a dimensionless fraction, it may also, be ,expressed as a percentage, and is measured on a scale from zero for no
  45. Eunice Dinette Schuster" It is apparent ... that Proudhon Anarchism was to, be ,found in the United States at least as early as 1848 and that it was not
  46. Peers, despite the common be lief that children with autism prefer to, be ,alone. Making and maintaining friendships often proves to be difficult for
  47. Then the general population. Hence, a substantial fraction of autism cases may, be ,traceable to genetic causes that are highly heritable but not inherited: that
  48. Not known whether early overgrowth occurs in all autistic children. It seems to, be ,most prominent in brain areas underlying the development of higher cognitive
  49. Of production, instead advocating that ownership be collectivized. This was to, be ,achieved through violent revolution, first starting with a small cohesive group
  50. Factors that have be en claimed to contribute to or exacerbate autism, or may, be ,important in future research, include certain foods, infectious disease, heavy

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