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  1. A" Jumbo" body style is bigger again than a Grand Auditorium but, similarly ,proportioned, and is generally designed to provide a deeper tone, similar to a
  2. Line numbered. The print function emulates the standard C print, and works, similarly ,to the print command described above. The pattern to match, however,works as
  3. Such celebrations copy, in an Argentine manner,Munich's Oktoberfest, and, similarly , are tourist attractions. However, the presence of a vigorous population of
  4. An official holiday in Israel. Japan celebrates a, similarly ,themed Greenery Day, held on May 4. Although it has a similar theme to Arbor
  5. Uses Chinese-originated ideograms instead of an alphabet form abbreviations, similarly ,by using key characters from a term or phrase. For example, in Japanese the
  6. The son of Nursing, Ashur-shaduni was deposed by his uncle Ashur-rabi I and, similarly , Ashur-nadin-ahhe I was deposed by his own brother Enlil-nasir II in 1420 BC.
  7. Parts of the state are part of Alaska's 16 boroughs, which function somewhat, similarly ,to counties in other states. However, unlike county-equivalents in the other 49
  8. Could present enough evidence to prove guilt. " The Minnesota Judicial Branch, similarly ,states:" Alford Plea: A plea of guilty that may be accepted by a court even
  9. In August 1914,and the ineptitude of the military leadership. Other works, similarly ,titled, follow the story: see The Red Wheel (overall title). * The Gulag
  10. The most" powerful and notorious women of monarchic times" yet who died of a, similarly ,seemingly random death like her husband,
  11. Plates and then exposed to light, thus making a black and white image. It was, similarly ,used to print millions of Photoshop postcards. Bitumen was the nemesis of many
  12. Fear of failing at a task and being negatively evaluated for failure can have a, similarly ,negative effect on the adult. Stranger and social anxiety when meeting
  13. The countless changes this melting pot brought about, it can be argued that it, similarly ,led to the enrichment of the culinary art. As a result, dishes such as pasta
  14. Jets, which are immediately annihilated by contact with nearby matter. They may, similarly ,be produced in regions like the center of the Milky Way and other galaxies
  15. Attended by Afghan refugees. Another four of the Taliban's leaders attended a, similarly ,funded and influenced madrassa in Kandahar. Many of the mujahideen who later
  16. Of Gilbert and Sullivan can give us insights into Aristophanes' plays and, similarly ,the plays can give us insights into the operettas. The plays are a source of
  17. Feature, conditional branching. J. Prosper Expert and John W. Muchly, similarly ,were not aware of the details of Babbage's Analytical Engine work prior to the
  18. The" OR" would invoke a disjunction operator, and " BACKGROUND" could, similarly ,not be used because" GR" would invoke the low-resolution graphics system;
  19. Faltered mainly through exhaustion. His younger brother, Edward " Ted," was, similarly ,bedridden, suffering from tuberculosis. While Bell recovered (by then
  20. By March 1942. A second brick cottage," The Little White House," was, similarly ,converted some weeks later. Name "/IN"> rees3"/> The Nazis had committed
  21. The task is blocked until the corresponding entry is called by another task (, similarly , a calling task is blocked until the called task reaches the corresponding
  22. Of his army to turn back, where they promptly joined the rebels in Nineveh;, similarly , Nabopolassar was unable to make any inroads into Assyria despite its weakened
  23. A positive view of Jews. Muslim-majority countries outside the Middle East held, similarly ,negative views, with 4 percent of Turks and 9 percent of Indonesians viewing
  24. Groups will be sent out a short distance from the main ambushing group, into, similarly , covert positions. Their job is twofold; first, to give the ambush commander
  25. Influenza, malaria,and snow blindness, while other expedition members were, similarly ,struck with illness. They reached an altitude of before deciding to turn back.
  26. Exhalation of air that rarefied, ignited and became the stars. While the sun is, similarly ,described as being aflame, it is not composed of rarefied air like the stars
  27. And exchange. " As a result,Labor's Federal Conference in 1922 adopted a, similarly ,worded" socialist objective," which remained official policy for many years.
  28. And modern practices in animal husbandry such as intensive pig farming have, similarly ,increased the output of meat, but have raised concerns about animal cruelty and
  29. From the floor and walls of limestone caverns, or as a kind of travertine, similarly ,deposited in springs of calcareous water. Its deposition in successive layers
  30. Among Greeks with Helios, Titan god of the sun, and his sister Artemis, similarly ,equated with Selene, Titan goddess of the moon. In Latin texts, on the other
  31. Trends it would most likely behave like cesium and would, it is presumed, be, similarly , toxic. Precautions The alkali metals all react with water ever more violently
  32. Title for those selected to join its Astronaut Corps. The European Space Agency, similarly ,uses the term astronaut for members of its Astronaut Corps. Russian By
  33. Of the northern summer solstice up to about 50′ () south of the Arctic Circle;, similarly , on the day of the northern winter solstice, part of the sun may be seen up to
  34. And Muslims from the Arabian Peninsula (the Arabs themselves used it, similarly ,: during the life of Prophet Muhammad, and by others e.g. Muslim in Habit)
  35. Tanning. Aluminum potassium sulfate (Al (K) (SO4)2) (H2O)12 is used, similarly , The consumption of both alums is declining. Chlorides Aluminum chloride (
  36. 16 or 32 bits per character, so they require conversion for compatibility. (, similarly ,UCS-2 is upwards compatible with UTF-16) Order ASCII-code order is also called
  37. Referred to as" 1L "," 2L ", or " 3L" rather than" nth-year law students ";, similarly ,medical students are frequently referred to as" M1 "," M2 "," M3 ", or " M4
  38. Reasoning is wrong, the play's anti-hero does get the last word, as the author, similarly ,exalts Meursault's final moments. Camus made a significant contribution to a
  39. Of an inexperienced and unskilled surgeon ... For many CAM modalities, it is, similarly ,difficult to separate the effectiveness of the treatment from the effectiveness
  40. Only in taking Opitergium (Oder),which Albion decided to avoid, as he, similarly ,avoided tackling the main Venetian towns closer to the coast on the Via Anna
  41. Of 300-km 511 David, one of the largest asteroids after the big four, reveal a, similarly ,angular profile, suggesting it is also saturated with radius-size craters.
  42. n) \right The total time required to run the inner loop test can be evaluated, similarly ,: :2T_5 + 3T_5 + 4T_5 + \dots + (n-1) T_5 + n T_5 + (n + 1) T_5: =
  43. As black is the term generally used to refer and describe black people and, similarly ,to mulatto, it is not considered offensive at all in these regions. However, it
  44. Heaven and Hell can eventually purchase Love Domes or Omnibuses. Functioning, similarly ,to arcologies, these structures are the remnants of transcended/destroyed
  45. Of the Axial Age, the period from approximately 700 BC to 200 BC, during which, similarly ,revolutionary thinking appeared in China, India,Iran, the Near East, and
  46. Rho_0~\COFRAC + \COFRAC = 0 ~. The equation for the conservation of mass can, similarly ,be written in cylindrical coordinates as: \COFRAC + \kappa\left\COFRAC +
  47. In her mind" from, ἀνδρός (anger, andrós) " man" as in" soldier ", and, similarly , ανδρεία (" bravery" ) combined with μήδομαι (median) " to think, to be
  48. Gentrified restaurants offering international cuisine. Nevertheless, Argentina, similarly , provides diners with other options such as foregone (inexpensive traditional
  49. Third center of power was the eponym (litmus),who gave the year his name, similarly ,to the arc hons and consuls of Classical Antiquity. He was annually elected by
  50. Histories 5.114) About 385-380 BC the philhellene Evaporate of Salamis was, similarly ,opposed by Amateur, in conjunction with Cilium and Sold; and even after

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