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Frequently asked questions

What background knowledge is necessary

A basic understanding of English vocabulary and grammar. The ability to understand some spoken English without help (or subtitles).

Who this course is for?

Anyone whose first language isn't English; Anyone who want to master the American Accent; Anyone who wants to improve their communication skills; Anyone who want to master outstanding communication skill in their business and personal lives;

What is the refund policy?

Reimbursement of Purchases

1. The period from 7 to 30 days set by the Producer for the Buyer to exercise their right of repentance starts on the effective purchase date. This period should first and foremost be in compliance with the period required by local laws. Thus, the Buyer is responsible for immediately verifying if access to the purchased Product has been granted. If the Buyer has any technical problem to access the Product, the cancellation period is suspended until the problem is solved, then the period will restart from where it stopped.

2. In case of reimbursement, the Buyer can be reimbursed via bank transfer or credit card chargeback, depending on the payment methods used at the time of purchase. The refund can take place in about 30 days, in the case of bank transfer, and from 30 to 60 days, if the refund is provided through a credit card chargeback.

3. The refund requests imply the reimbursement of the total amount of the purchase.

Can I change plans later?

Yes, you can change plans anytime. We'll change payments accordingly.