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  1. What he had, while being harassed by Reader and with Hitler calling on him to, dedicate ,boats to military actions against the British fleet directly. These operations
  2. Use of tone clusters. He originally titled the work 8' 37 ", but decided to, dedicate ,it to the victims of Hiroshima. Fluorescence followed a year later; it
  3. Having read with great pleasure a pamphlet which you have lately published, I, dedicate , this volume to you; to induce you to reconsider the subject, and maturely weigh
  4. Of 38,and with a remarkable academic career behind him, Malpighi decided to, dedicate ,his free time to anatomical studies. Although he conducted some of his studies
  5. LDS young men choose to serve a two year proselyting mission, during which they, dedicate ,all of their time to the church, without pay. Mormons adhere to the Word of
  6. Proper form for state religion. He refused the request of Alexandrian Greeks to, dedicate ,a temple to his divinity, saying that only gods may choose new gods. He
  7. Chopin. This admiration was not generally reciprocated, although Chopin did, dedicate ,his Ballad No. 2 in F major to Schumann. Franz Liszt was another admirer and
  8. Of varying materials to allow the smoker to try different characteristics or to, dedicate ,particular bowls for particular tobaccos. Other metal tobacco pipes include the
  9. Did not attend the service because he was en route to Springfield, Illinois,to, dedicate ,the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Vice President Cheney
  10. Was a film enthusiast, and when not touring, writing,or recording would, dedicate ,time to seeing up to three films a day. However, Rose also began acting as
  11. The Governor annually shall proclaim April 13 as John Hanson's birthday and, dedicate ,that day to the statesman. " Also, U. S. Route 50 between Washington D. C. and
  12. Investor Ross Perot resigned from the board of directors in June 1991 to, dedicate ,more time to Perot Systems, a Plano, Texas-based systems integrator. Second
  13. Regarding the development of our planet Earth. It is, therefore,appropriate to, dedicate ,some space to explain how the Earth Science community, step by step, has built
  14. 1846 – The few remaining Mormons left in Navies, Illinois,formally, dedicate ,the Navies Temple. *1851 – Queen Victoria opens the Great Exhibition in London.
  15. To the desert during the 3rd century, and remained there to pray and work and, dedicate ,their lives to seclusion and worship of God. This was the beginning of the
  16. Promotion of ethics in sport as well as education of youth through sport and to, dedicate ,its efforts to ensuring that, in sport, the spirit of fair play prevails and
  17. Wood of a corner tree grove sacred to Apollo, with the inscription:: The Greeks, dedicate ,this thank-offering to Athena for their return home. The hollow horse was
  18. Lady of the Philippines Aurora Quezon,61,is assassinated while en route to, dedicate ,a hospital in memory of her late husband; her daughter and 10 others are also
  19. In accordance with the Constitution and the law, and that I will, dedicate ,my abilities to the service and the welfare of the people of Ireland. May God
  20. Montana State Normal School in Dillon, Montana. It was here where he decided to, dedicate ,his time to the education of teachers and where he published The Educative
  21. And painting (e.g., Wagner,Delacroix) Anthologies of French verse often, dedicate ,more space to his works than to that of any other 19th-century poet; and, above
  22. Was wealthy enough to retire. In his memoirs, he claimed that he wished to, dedicate ,himself to the pursuit of Troy. Somewhere in his many travels and adventures
  23. 1909. The bones are now found in the small Sicilian city of Outer where they, dedicate ,a feast day, and conduct a procession for the Saint at Easter each year. Modern
  24. Suffer within our country, whether they be white or they be black ... Let us, dedicate ,ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so many years ago: to tame the savageness of
  25. With the financial security the sales of the book provided, Jerome was able to, dedicate ,all of his time to writing. He wrote a number of plays, essays and novels, but
  26. States, cable TV channels such as Cartoon Network, Disney,Safe, and others, dedicate ,some of their time slots to anime. Some, such as the Anime Network and the
  27. On November 20, 1993,Mayor Charles Delaney of Augusta held a ceremony to, dedicate ,a section of 9th Street between Broad and Twigs Streets, renamed " James Brown
  28. That he preached on 6 January 1905,before he had told anyone of his plans to, dedicate ,the rest of his life to work as a doctor in Africa, he said: Criticism of
  29. By the Top Gun Program enabling HP Enterprise Services technical personnel to, dedicate ,3 months of their time on joint projects with the Agility Alliance partner on a
  30. Of the International Olympic Academy (IRA) and other institutions which, dedicate ,themselves to Olympic education. Organization The IOC Session The IOC Session
  31. The twin hopes are that the enrolled international students will be able to, dedicate ,more energy to their schoolwork, and also that this will ultimately allow the
  32. Faustino Ferry and Luigi Cabana. It was Cabana who encouraged Pirandello to, dedicate ,himself to narrative writing. In 1893, he wrote his first important work, Marta
  33. Jr., who died in 1884 just before his 16th birthday. His parents decided to, dedicate ,a university to their only son, and Leland Stanford told his wife," The
  34. A strong sense of commonality that stems from their doctrine and history. They, dedicate ,large amounts of time and resources to serving in their church, and many young
  35. The name" Hanukkah" derives from the Hebrew verb" חנך ", meaning " to, dedicate ,". On Hanukkah, the Jews regained control of Jerusalem and re dedicate d the
  36. That she thought about her former bandmate" every day ", and went on to, dedicate ,that night's performance of" Landslide" to Movie. On 19 December 2009
  37. Also, and many of his nobles, were,by the eloquence of Bernard, incited to, dedicate ,themselves to the Crusade. He held synods in Northern Europe, at Paris, Rheims
  38. Mill, and David Hume. Husserl was so impressed by Brendan that he decided to, dedicate ,his life to philosophy. Indeed, Franz Brendan is often credited as being his
  39. That he felt the rest of the world had forgotten and to whose revival he was to, dedicate ,the rest of his life. As a historian and a thinker on education, Coubertin
  40. Of Babylon was himself an Assyrian from Harlan; however apart from plans to, dedicate ,religious temples in that city, Nabonidus showed little interest in rebuilding
  41. The New York City Herman Melville Society gathered at 104 East 26th Street to, dedicate ,the intersection of Park Avenue south and 26th Street as Herman Melville Square
  42. Seriously by Lina's family. They demanded that Luigi abandon his studies and, dedicate ,himself to the sulfur business so that he could immediately marry her. In 1886
  43. King visited Gandhi's birthplace in India in 1959. Austin counseled King to, dedicate ,himself to the principles of non-violence, served as King's main advisor and
  44. Invited Austen to visit the Prince's London residence and hinted Austen should, dedicate ,the forthcoming Emma to the Prince. Though Austen disliked the Prince, she
  45. Who discovered the fossil are all fans of Moby-Dick and wanted to, dedicate ,their discovery to Melville. Selected Bibliography * White-Jacket; or, The
  46. A Pleasant Labyrinth Called Churchyard's Chance, Thomas Churchyard promised to, dedicate ,future works to Oxford. Banishment from court In a letter dated 11 January 1581
  47. Program, a team-based national service program to which 18- to 24-year-olds, dedicate ,10 months of their time annually. Student Conservation Association The CCC
  48. From their doctrine and history. LDS Church members have a responsibility to, dedicate ,their time and talents to helping the poor and building the church. The vast
  49. Archaeology and ecclesiology. However, Peter had wished his son and heir to, dedicate ,himself to the service of new Russia, and demanded from him unceasing labor in
  50. Are dominated by Roman iron and native courage. His plain Romans virtuously, dedicate ,the magnificent spoils of war to the Gods. Their Campania allies stage a

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