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  1. The beginning of the end of segregation in baseball. The home is located at 8232, avenue , de Gape south of rue de Guizot Est and near Carry Park and close to Delimiter
  2. Aircraft that had started in 1975,and he decided that this was a far better, avenue ,of approach than the B-1. Pentagon officials also stated that the AGM-86 Air
  3. Stock Exchange as several corporate headquarters are located. Another important, avenue ,is the Avenida de los Insurgents, which extends and is one of the longest
  4. On serotonin and norepinephrine. The glutamate system may represent a new, avenue ,for treatment and research. Krystal et al. retrospectively compared the seizure
  5. As a very complex phenomenon, which could be a further advanced research, avenue ,of the complexity economics in conjunction with research areas like mass
  6. Model has yet been found, although string theory has provided one promising, avenue ,forward. Since the 1970s,fundamental particle physics has provided insights
  7. Chariot statue and fountain. Further south through Japan Chagrin, the main, avenue ,of Jakarta, the " Seaman Dating" ( welcome) statue stands on the fountain in
  8. Tunnels. The building is located in the middle of the Six Monumental, the main, avenue ,of the capital. In front of it there is a large lawn and a reflecting pool. The
  9. Located at 43,Passage de Gràcia (passage is Catalan for promenade or, avenue ,), part of the Ill de la Discord (the" Block of Discord" ) in the
  10. Humanitarian assistance to illegal immigrants, and provides these immigrants an, avenue ,by which they can emerge from the shadows of society and seek legal residency
  11. From satellite and aerial sources),heads-up digitizing is becoming the main, avenue ,through which geographic data is extracted. Heads-up digitizing involves the
  12. Natural inlet of Belfast Lough gave the city its own port. The port supplied an, avenue ,for trade with Great Britain and later Europe and North America. In the
  13. Requires a handler to be sure of both the target itself and anything along the, avenue ,of travel to and beyond the target. This may create situations that present
  14. From factors present in the speech they heard around them, and provided an, avenue ,for the expression of peer solidarity. Even when new settlers arrived, this new
  15. The defendant's sentence has expired. Habeas corpus is also used as a legal, avenue ,to challenge other types of custody such as pretrial detention or detention by
  16. Control the thickness of myelin sheath. This discovery is expected to open the, avenue ,to new treatments in the coming years. The most important activity for patients
  17. Car-Free Days is held monthly on every last Sunday of the month in the main, avenue ,of the city; Japan Superman and Japan Chagrin, from 6 AM to 12 AM. The briefer
  18. Or using different/own tested engine). This gives the lubricant marketer an, avenue ,to differentiate their product by designing it to meet an OEM specification.
  19. Introduction of various invariants of torsion-free Abelian groups has been one, avenue ,of further progress. See the books by Irving Kandinsky, László Fuchs, Phillip
  20. To Botswana’s financial system, and in particular the capital market, as an, avenue ,on which government, quasi-government and the private sector can raise debt and
  21. Privy Council of Great Britain, making the Supreme Court of Canada the highest, avenue ,of legal appeal available to Canadians. In that same year, St-Laurent
  22. In the diaspora, Halakha served many Jewish communities as an enforceable, avenue ,of civil and religious law. Since the Age of Enlightenment, emancipation,and
  23. Sciences compound, and so on, are to be found. The westernmost section of the, avenue ,is known as Deng Xiaoping Avenue. The main north-south axis is Yusuf
  24. Speculating in tulips and real estate. Although the latter was usually a safe, avenue ,of investing money, in Van Goyen's experience it led to enormous debts. Paulus
  25. 58 %. Average Dew Point is. Addresses are assigned according to the street or, avenue ,number, followed by a dash and the number of meters it is away from the
  26. The avenue spans three electoral constituencies, and is the longest tree-lined, avenue ,in the Northern Hemisphere with no retail outlets. It was named after Arthur
  27. Parade in Europe is held on the morning of 14 July, on the Champs-Élysées, avenue ,in Paris in front of the President of the Republic, French officials and
  28. Shops there, as well as several car manufacturers' show rooms. Description The, avenue ,with four lines of plane trees runs for through the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
  29. Griffith Avenue, which runs through Glaswegian, Drumcondra and Marino. The, avenue ,spans three electoral constituencies, and is the longest tree-lined avenue in
  30. So popular among the Jews on this holiday. Child Costumes also serve as an, avenue ,for children to explore and role play. Children can dress up in various forms;
  31. Liquor authorities ban new permits for establishments on the same street or, avenue ,and within two hundred feet of a building occupied exclusively as a school
  32. Berlin's Roman Catholic cathedral. Unter den Linden is a tree lined east-west, avenue ,from the Brandenburg Gate to the site of the former Berliner Stadtschloss, and
  33. Oak grove ". Alameda is Spanish for" grove of poplar trees" or" tree-lined, avenue ,", and was chosen in 1853 by popular vote. The inhabitants at the time of the
  34. Marque Forestall de Monsanto (Monsanto Forest Park),extends down the main, avenue ,(Agenda the Liberate),with many flowering plants and green spaces, that
  35. Of the Emperor Maximilian of Mexico after the Champs-Élysées in Paris. This, avenue ,was designed over Americas' oldest passage in the 19th century to connect the
  36. With the Castle of Chapultepec, the imperial residence. Today, this, avenue , is an important financial district in which the Mexican Stock Exchange as
  37. Against a Bill Eddie lookalike, who won the race. Broadway is a prominent, avenue ,in New York City, United States, which runs through the full length of the
  38. Other cut across the entire borough: Atlantic Avenue, which is a 6 lane 4 km, avenue ,by the beachside, Nossa Senora de Copacabana Avenue and Barbara Ribeiro/Raul
  39. Of the event. The parade was held on the Berlin Kurfürstendamm (, avenue ,) until 1996. Because of overcrowding on the Kurfürstendamm, the festival moved
  40. A number of human cancers, controls cell growth. This is fast becoming an, avenue ,of research that is leading to new cancer therapies. In probing disorders of
  41. Florence, and linking the Coltrane district to Piazza Michelangelo. On this, avenue ,there are gardens with gazebos and chalet, and the Guarding Dell rose and
  42. For alternative launching modes other than being foot launched; one practical, avenue ,for this is for people who physically cannot foot-launch. Comparison of gliders
  43. Street) Roads outside that system that travel east/west are given the suffix ", avenue ," and those that head north and south are given the" street" suffix. (
  44. That were previously thought to be inhospitable for life. It opened up a new, avenue ,in astrobiology by massively expanding the number of possible extraterrestrial
  45. Origin or event. For the structuralists, this was a problematic and misleading, avenue ,of interrogation, and the" depth" and originality of experience could in fact
  46. The local school districts for school field development. They also provide an, avenue ,for after-school sports for over 600 community children. MASC has over 40
  47. Municipal observatory, established 1886; and the earliest and longest memorial, avenue , the Avenue of Honor, established between 1917 and 1919. Proclaimed a city in
  48. Of Mexico City is the golden Angel of Independence, found on the wide, elegant, avenue , Paseo de la Reform, modeled by the order of the Emperor Maximilian of Mexico
  49. Its high observation floor. Starting here the Karl-Marx-Allee heads east,an, avenue ,lined by monumental residential buildings, designed in the Socialist Classicism
  50. The Palazzo Del Bimbo or the Santa Maria Maggie church. *Viable DEI Collie,an, avenue ,crossing the hills around Florence, and linking the Coltrane district to

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