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  1. Nearly one-fourth of the populations of Calgary and Edmonton belong to a, visible ,minority group. Aboriginal Identity Peoples make up 5.8 % of the population
  2. Graphic (rather than a control character) and thus would not normally be, visible , it is represented here by Unicode character U+2420" ␠ "; Unicode characters
  3. View the main city in panorama, with the Sagrada Família and the Monastic area, visible ,at a distance. The observant visitor will notice green birds flying around
  4. Sundry myths and mistakes. The most striking passages are about the sea-life, visible ,from observation on Lesbos and available from the catches of fishermen. His
  5. His face was covered, the tips of mustache and the pink-tipped nose would be, visible ,.: The neatness of his attire was almost incredible; I believe a speck of dust
  6. The unity of the Communion by conveying the episcopate's role in manifesting, visible ,catholicity and ecumenism. Early in its development, Anglicanism developed a
  7. Of restoring the entire city center. Although the success of this struggle is, visible ,today, efforts for further restoration are still ongoing. Geography Amsterdam
  8. Positioned. Rarely, small asteroids passing close to Earth may be naked-eye, visible ,for a short time. Composition is calculated from three primary sources: albedo
  9. 200–400 nm (UV) and the 3,000–10,000 nm (far IR) regions; in the 400–700 nm, visible ,range it is slightly outperformed by tin and silver and in the 700–3000 (near
  10. Greek Only one asteroid,4 Vesta, which has a reflective surface, is normally, visible ,to the naked eye, and this only in very dark skies when it is favorably
  11. And consists of: * The disappearance of the gill pouch, making the front legs, visible , * The transformation of the jaws into the big jaws of predatory frogs (most
  12. Road: Astronomy certainly played an important role in Chico culture, as it is, visible ,in the north-south axis alignment of many ceremonial structures. The main
  13. Of the Dharmachakra or Dhammachakka in Pale, the Wheel of Dharma (. The most, visible ,use of the Ashoka Chakra today is at the center of the National flag of the
  14. His 1760 work Photometric. Terrestrial albedo Albedos of typical materials in, visible ,light range from up to 0.9 for fresh snow, to about 0.04 for charcoal, one of
  15. Of the church as an institution recognized by worldly rulers is also, visible ,in legal history. In the early 7th century Cactus Alamannorum hardly ever
  16. For here. A 14th century Jordanian mosque stands here with its white dome, visible ,from most areas in and around Petra. Genetics Recently, the tradition that
  17. Characters U+2422" ␢" or U+2423" ␣" are also available for use when a, visible ,representation of a space is necessary. Code 0x7F corresponds to the
  18. Having Scottish origins. Alberta is the third most diverse province in terms of, visible ,minorities after British Columbia and Ontario with 13.9 % of the population
  19. Almond flakes are added to many sweets (such as shan barf),and are usually, visible ,sticking to the outer surface. *In Pakistan, almonds are the base ingredients
  20. Their characteristic optical absorption spectra, with a few sharp peaks in the, visible ,and mid-infrared regions, and the position and intensity of these peaks can be
  21. Harnessed. At this time, the apparent asymmetry of matter and antimatter in the, visible ,universe is one of the greatest unsolved problems in physics. The process by
  22. Every 10 years since 1878 (the second such conference) and remain the most, visible ,coming-together of the whole Communion. Ecumenical relations Historic
  23. Extent to which scanning-tunneling-microscope images of an individual atom are, visible , It confirms that for low bias, the microscope images the space-averaged
  24. Or re-writing over the original inscriptions that left parts of the older text, visible ,creating the illusion of modern looking machines. For other uses, see Abyss (
  25. Knee" ) film shot of a group of characters, who are arranged so that all are, visible ,to the camera. The usual arrangement is for the actors to stand in an irregular
  26. As high quality CCD cameras, has become more affordable. Most amateurs work at, visible ,wavelengths, but a small minority experiment with wavelengths outside the
  27. The international cultures present in the community are an obvious and, visible ,part of the city's daily life and contribute to many cultural flavors
  28. In like manner until 365 heavens are in existence, the angels of the last or, visible ,heaven being the authors of our world. " The ruler" Principe, i. e. Probably
  29. With shopkeepers predominantly of foreign descent. The city has an active and, visible ,gay and lesbian community which the city officially attempts to promote and
  30. After British Columbia and Ontario with 13.9 % of the population consisting of, visible ,minorities. Nearly one-fourth of the populations of Calgary and Edmonton belong
  31. Wavelengths, but a small minority experiment with wavelengths outside the, visible ,spectrum. An early pioneer of radio astronomy was Wrote Refer, an amateur
  32. That Aaron yielded to the clamors of the people, and made a Golden Calf as a, visible ,image of the divinity who had delivered them from Egypt (Exodus 32:1-6). (It
  33. Which results from narrowing of 6s to 5d transition energy to the point that, visible ,light begins to be absorbed). See. In the Bohr Model, an n 1 electron has a
  34. Was a familiar landmark for motorists in the region for many years and was, visible ,from I-94 about 13 miles north of the Illinois state line, on the east side of
  35. Left, most of them integrated into more recent buildings, but some others still, visible , There are even five towers left, some of which are used for housing. There are
  36. A run-time library of array functions. Some speedup, sometimes dramatic, is, visible , but happens on account of the optimizations inherent in Microsoft's. Net
  37. Describes breaking open fertilized chicken eggs at intervals to observe when, visible ,organs were generated. He gave accurate descriptions of ruminants '
  38. From a wealthy villa are the only artifacts from this period that remain, visible , Though little is known of the layout of the town, modern knowledge of its
  39. It, and had to fish for a magnifying glass in his pocket to make the typing, visible ,to him. It was an agonizing moment. " On the other hand,Huxley's second wife
  40. His school of thought, practiced material monism. When air condenses it becomes, visible , as mist and then rain and other forms of precipitation, and as the condensed
  41. Tend to feel uneasy in any area they believe could harbor spiders or that has, visible ,signs of their presence, such as webs. If arachnophobia see a spider, they may
  42. Agate, Ellensburg blue agate, blue lace agate, plume agates, tube agate (with, visible ,flow channels),fortification agate (which exhibit little or no layered
  43. 2009,the sign is no longer there, although the supporting posts are still, visible , Driving north on I-94 a sign on the roof of the building nearest the freeway
  44. Almond flakes are added to many sweets (such as shan barf),and are usually, visible ,sticking to the outer surface. Almonds form the base of various drinks which
  45. With viewing the night sky when most celestial objects and events are, visible , but sometimes amateur astronomers also operate during the day for events such
  46. Is a variant of cutout animation in which the characters are backlit and only, visible ,as silhouettes. Examples include The Adventures of Prince Ahmed (Weimar
  47. The initial americium samples weighed a few micrograms; they were barely, visible ,and were identified by their radioactivity. The first substantial amounts of
  48. Representations rely on presenting scenes directly to the eye for their own, visible ,sake. They care for the schematic arrangements of bodies in space, but only as
  49. Was so successful it remained in use until the 1960s,with the workshop still, visible ,at HM Dockyard in Portsmouth, and still containing some original
  50. It usually refers to some appropriate average across the spectrum of, visible ,light. In general, the albedo depends on the directional distribution of

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