Free English Phonetics and Pronunciation tools

These tools help you leverage your learning of phonetics and phonology, get more confident while speaking, improve your accent, train all English sounds, recognize minimal pairs sounds, hear all IPA sounds, a free English accent test. All completely free, no sign-up required.

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  1. (FREE) English Accent Speaking test with Voice and Video

    Take a Pronunciation Test | Fluent American Accent Training

    Take the English Speaking Test practice

  2. Automatic Pronunciation Feedback

    Improve foreign language pronunciation with this tool!
    Use speech recognition to check and correct pronunciation.

    Go and get your Feedback on American or British pronunciation

  3. The best interactive tool to the IPA chart sounds

    Listen to all International Phonetics Alphabet sounds, learn their subtle differences

    Listen to the IPA sounds

  4. American English IPA chart

    Listen the American English sounds with the interactive phonics panel

    Listen to the American English IPA sounds

  5. Free English voice accent and pronunciation test

    Get a score that informs your speaking skills

    Find your english accent origin and its rate it

  6. To Phonetics Transcription (IPA) and American Pronunciation voice

    Online converter of English text to IPA phonetic transcription

    Get the IPA symbols of any English word and hear its pronunciation

  7. Contrasting Sounds or Minimal Pairs Examples

    Minimal pairs are an outstanding resource for English learning, linguist and for speech therapy

    Get for Free The Most Complete List of English Minimal Pairs

  8. English pronunciation checker online

    To check your pronunciation. Press the 'Record' button and say the phrase (a text box and 'Record' button). After you have spelled the word correctly, a 'speaking test' for the word will appear.

    Start the online English voice test

  9. The [MOST] complete Glossary of Linguistic Terms

    The meaning of "linguistics" is the science of studying the structure, transition, lineage, distribution, and interrelationships of human language.

    Check here the basic terms and concepts in linguistics

  10. English sentence in a context generator

    Find different ways to use a word in a sentence with our sentence maker. Enter a word in the search bar and see a variety of sentences instantly.

    Try our sentence maker today! Improve your writing and expand your vocabulary with ease

  11. English Accent Coach with (Audio)

    Get access to a free English Accent Training App that helps you identify mispronunciations.

    I want to get my English Pronunciation Practice!

  12. English shadowing practice listen and repeat

    Free online dictation practice. Shadowing is a good way to work on your pronunciation, rhythm, and intonation

    Get to the English Shadowing Practice!

  13. Phonetic Transcription Dictionary

    Phonetic dictionaries often provide a key to help with this process. Above you can look up the word you want to know the pronunciation of and find the corresponding IPA symbols. You can then use these symbols to help with the correct pronunciation.

    Get to your free English Phonetic Spelling!

  14. Phonetic spelling for pronunciation

    Say goodbye to the days of uncertainty in pronunciation and hello to a seamless journey towards mastering the spoken word. With this tool, not only can you input any word, but you can also witness its accurate spelling while simultaneously hearing each distinct sound

    Access your tools for phonetic pronunciation of names and words.

Are you struggling with English pronunciation? Our English phonetics and pronunciation tool is here to help! With our user-friendly tool, you can improve your pronunciation and speak English like a native speaker.

Our tool is designed to help learners of all levels, whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner. We provide clear audio examples of English sounds, along with phonetic symbols and descriptions of how to produce each sound correctly.

With our English phonetics and pronunciation tool, you can:

  • Learn the correct pronunciation of English words
  • Practice your pronunciation with our audio examples
  • Improve your English speaking skills
  • Gain confidence in speaking English

Don't let poor pronunciation hold you back! Try our English phonetics and pronunciation tool today and start speaking English with confidence.

Learning English: A Guide to Improving Your Language Skills

English is a fascinating language, with its vast vocabulary, unique grammar rules, and complex pronunciation. Whether you're a native speaker or a non-native speaker, there is always something new to learn about the English language. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the essential resources and tools that can help you improve your English skills.

Firstly, let's start with the basics: English words, numbers, and letters. English has a diverse vocabulary, with over a million words in the language. Similarly, there are ten basic numbers in English, with additional numbers formed by combining them. English also has 26 letters in the alphabet, which are used to form words and communicate.

When it comes to learning English, it's crucial to focus on the right words and grammar structures. Some popular words that are essential to English learning include "vocabulary," "grammar," "sentence," "noun," and "verb." Additionally, English learners should practice their speaking skills by speaking English with native speakers or other students.

Finally, it's essential to have the right tools to help you learn English effectively. These tools can include online dictionaries, translation tools, and language exchange websites. Additionally, learners should focus on learning English verbs, which are crucial to constructing sentences and communicating effectively.

In conclusion, learning English requires dedication, practice, and access to the right resources and tools. With the help of quality English resources and apps, learners can improve their language skills and gain confidence in speaking English. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, there's always something new to learn about the English language.