Free English Phonetics and Pronunciation tools

These tools help you leverage your learning of phonetics and phonology, get more confident while speaking, improve your accent, train all English sounds, recognize minimal pairs sounds, hear all IPA sounds, a free English accent test. All completely free, no sign-up required.

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  1. (FREE) English Accent Speaking test with Voice and Video

    Take a Pronunciation Test | Fluent American Accent Training

    Take the English Speaking Test practice

  2. The best interactive tool to the IPA chart sounds

    Listen to all International Phonetics Alphabet sounds, learn their subtle differences

    Listen to the IPA sounds

  3. American English IPA chart

    Listen the American English sounds with the interactive phonics panel

    Listen to the American English IPA sounds

  4. Free English voice accent and pronunciation test

    Get a score that informs your speaking skills

    Find your english accent origin and its rate it

  5. To Phonetics Transcription (IPA) and American Pronunciation voice

    Online converter of English text to IPA phonetic transcription

    Get the IPA symbols of any English word and hear its pronunciation

  6. Contrasting Sounds or Minimal Pairs Examples

    Minimal pairs are an outstanding resource for english learning, linguist and for speech therapy

    Get for Free The Most Complete List of English Minimal Pairs

  7. English pronunciation checker online

    To check your pronunciation. Press the 'Record' button and say the phrase (a text box and 'Record' button). After you have spelled the word correctly, a 'speaking test' for the word will appear.

    Start the online english voice test

  8. The [MOST] complete Glossary of Linguistic Terms

    The meaning of " linguistics " is the science of studying the structure, transition, lineage, distribution, and interrelationships of human language.

    Check here the basic terms and concepts in linguistics