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  1. Given a series of lectures in which he championed a pure form of Christian, doctrine ,and chastised his audience about their laxity. During the first stage of the
  2. Evangelical Anglicans ascribe to the Reformed emphasis on Sold FIDE in their, doctrine ,of justification (see Sydney Anglicanism. ) Still, other Anglicans adopt a
  3. Trinitarian forces in the Catholic Church. Trinitarianism remained the dominant, doctrine ,in all major branches of the Eastern and Western Church and later within
  4. Days during the year. The Roman Catholic celebration is associated with the, doctrine ,that the souls of the faithful who at death have not been cleansed from the
  5. Canon law, and embodying both a historic deposit of formal statements of, doctrine , and also framing the regular reading and proclamation of scripture. Sykes
  6. Recognition of the giving). The term altruism may also refer to an ethical, doctrine ,that claims that individuals are morally obliged to benefit others. Used in
  7. Troops on Armenian soil has been a key element of Armenia's national security, doctrine ,since Armenia gained independence in 1991. Russia stations an estimated 5,000
  8. Said that the non-slave-holding states were" proclaiming the debasing, doctrine ,of equality of all men, irrespective of race or color ", and that the African
  9. And that Anglicanism is like a" bridge" between the two strains. Sacramental, doctrine ,and practice In accord with its prevailing self-identity as a via media or "
  10. Church, many Anglicans unofficially have adopted the Augustinian" Just War ", doctrine , The Anglican Pacifist Fellowship remain highly active throughout the Anglican
  11. Beliefs and opinions" ) concludes Section VI with a refutation of the, doctrine ,of metempsychosis (reincarnation). While refuting reincarnation, the Stadia
  12. See Sydney Anglicanism). Guiding principles For 'High Church' Anglicans, doctrine ,is neither established by a magisterium, nor derived from the theology of an
  13. He clung to the Scholastic sciences and to Alchemy, in theory, practice and, doctrine , The decline of alchemy continued in the 18th century with the birth of modern
  14. Degree to which each of the Articles has remained influential varies. On the, doctrine ,of justification, for example, there is a wide range of beliefs within the
  15. Thus, three of the four" truths of the Buddha" correspond to Schopenhauer's, doctrine ,of the will. In Buddhism, however,while greed and lust are always unskillful
  16. Make man earn salvation through good works. Not all Christian sects accept this, doctrine , leading many controversies on grace and free will, and the idea of
  17. His metaphysics had an impact on the thought of Thomas Aquinas. Metaphysical, doctrine ,Early Islamic philosophy and Islamic metaphysics, imbued as it is with Islamic
  18. Grace, sanctification and salvation as expressed in the church's liturgy and, doctrine , Of the seven sacraments, all Anglicans recognize Baptism and the Eucharist as
  19. The Thirty-Nine Articles initially played a significant role in Anglican, doctrine ,and practice. Following the passing of the 1604 Canons, all Anglican clergy had
  20. Although he leaned left, politically,his strong criticisms of Communist, doctrine ,did not win him any friends in the Communist parties and eventually alienated
  21. Of the Catholic Church (in the Eastern sui juris churches or rites it is a, doctrine , though often without using the name" Purgatory" ); Anglicans of the
  22. Abatement may refer to: *Abatement of debts and legacies, a common law, doctrine ,of wills *Abatement in pleading, a legal defense to civil and criminal actions
  23. Fellowship remain highly active throughout the Anglican world. It rejects this, doctrine ,of" just war" and seeks to reform the Church by reintroducing the pacifism
  24. Anglicans, the 16th-century Reformed Thirty-Nine Articles form the basis of, doctrine , Specific Anglican Beliefs The Thirty-Nine Articles initially played a
  25. An assembly of bishops, the First Council of Nicaea, which condemned Arius ', doctrine ,and formulated the original Nicene Creed of 325. The Nicene Creed's central
  26. In theories of via media, that there is no distinctive body of Anglican, doctrine , other than those of the universal church; accusing this of being an excuse not
  27. Universal church; accusing this of being an excuse not to undertake systematic, doctrine ,at all. Contrariwise, Sykes notes a high degree of commonality in Anglican
  28. Intended him without defending him therefrom. " This was thought to favor the, doctrine ,of absolute non-resistance, and accordingly the convention parliament enacted
  29. Persuasion has tipped over into debates over conformity in certain areas of, doctrine , discipline, worship,and ethics. The most notable example has been the
  30. They emphasize the Book of Common Prayer as a key expression of Anglican, doctrine , The principle of looking to the prayer books as a guide to the parameters of
  31. Some other associated churches have a separate name. Each church has its own, doctrine ,and liturgy, based in most cases on that of the Church of England; and each
  32. Lord under whom the person in question held land. United Kingdom The English, doctrine , which was at one time adopted in the United States, asserted that allegiance
  33. Thing than bodily well-being. Comte was probably opposing this Thomistic, doctrine , which is present in some theological schools within Catholicism, in coining
  34. Catholic representatives declared that they had" substantial agreement on the, doctrine ,of the Eucharist" in the
  35. In the late 19th century. In its original and purist sense, opportunity cost, doctrine ,argues that the only cost relevant to the price of a product is the cost
  36. Ensign, Apr. 1986,36–38). This is similar to the Harrowing of Hell, doctrine ,of some mainstream Christian faiths. Both Spirit Prison and Paradise are
  37. To Arius which are in opposition to mainstream Trinitarian Histological, doctrine , as determined by the first two Ecumenical Councils and currently maintained by
  38. Northern Democratic leader Stephen A. Douglas' Freeport Doctrine. This, doctrine ,was an argument for thwarting the Died Scott decision that, along with Douglas
  39. The Thirty-Nine Articles are the historic defining statements of Anglicanism, doctrine , Other articles and creeds The confession of faith of Westminster is one of
  40. Argue that the plague is a punishment for sin, but how does he reconcile that, doctrine ,with the death of a child? The child in question is Jacques Othón, and Panel
  41. Services were private, with being" the first man to expound and formulate the, doctrine ,now known as Anarchism. " The first to describe himself as an anarchist was
  42. Over the others. In any case, it must be a pleasure to me to see my, doctrine ,in such close agreement with a religion that the majority of men on earth hold
  43. Intellectual advance has had to begin with an attack on some Aristotelian, doctrine ,". Russell also refers to Aristotle's ethics as" repulsive ", and calls his
  44. The law of belief" ). Within the prayer books are the fundamentals of Anglican, doctrine ,: The Apostles' and Nicene Creeds, the Athabaskan Creed (rarely recited today
  45. It condemned the grosser Arian blasphemies, but set forth an equally heretical, doctrine ,in the proposition that the Son was in all things similar to the Father, but
  46. More or less, the Roman Catholic view of the Real Presence, as expressed in the, doctrine ,of transubstantiation, seeing the Eucharist as a liturgical representation of
  47. Then a French colony). He refused to attend a committee to inquire into his, doctrine , but met each committee member personally and was at last accepted. By concerts
  48. Nonobservance of old customs by kings. Opportunity cost The opportunity cost, doctrine ,was first explicitly formulated by the Austrian economist Friedrich von Waiter
  49. One of the usual and recognized means of colonial expansion. United States The, doctrine ,that no man can cast off his native allegiance without the consent of his
  50. Nor by appeal to one founding theologian, nor by an extra-credal summary of, doctrine ,(such as the Westminster Confession of the Presbyterian Church). Instead

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