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We combine Artificial Intelligence with English phonetics and pronunciation course to help you focus on what matters to achieve an excellent accent.

Improve English pronunciation and speaking skills
Best automatic speech technologies for English speaking training

Do people ask you to keep repeating yourself?

You can lose the shame and fear of being judged when speaking in English! You deserve to go further with incredible pronunciation!

English Phonetics speeds up your english accent reduction process.

Instead of going through endless lessons, you start working on an actionable manner with real exercises

Speak English with confidence! Be praised for your pronunciation and accent! Have better experiences when traveling abroad! Never be ashamed of your English voice again!

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Real-time pronunciation assessment by our Artificial Intelligence

The English connects you to our modern artificial intelligence system. So your voice is analyzed by our robot teacher as much as you like.

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Artificial intelligence to help English learners' pronunciation
Speak clear english

Your English pronunciation is very important to be in the hands of amateurs!

We have years of English teaching experience. We know how hard it is to develop a clear pronunciation and loose your accent.

In this course, you will learn about English consonant and vowel sounds. You will practice difficult sounds, intonation and stress patterns. All of which makes your speech easier for others to understand.

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Assessing your accent before and after

With our method you really know how much you have improved.

Recognize your voice

Our system evaluates your voice and gives you a grade, demonstrating which phonemes you need to improve. Access it from anywhere, on any device.

Hands-on pronunciation training

Need help with the reports, or want to know how to fix your issues? We're here to help.

Shadowing exercise training

We map your lips movement to match the right rhythm. You actually speak in English and receive the correction on the spot.

Have all your voice statistics

We check your score for each phoneme and track progress in real time

Train your listening with real English voices

Listen to spoken English, recognize similar sounds, such as in / beat / and / bit /


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