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  1. Can be automatically routed and processed by computers. For example a target, acquisition ,element can send a message with target details which is automatically routed
  2. Stake in ArmRosGazprom. The transaction will also help finance ArmRosGazprom's, acquisition ,of the Radar electricity generating plant’s fifth power bloc (Hrazdan-5)
  3. Arms plan. The main functions in the field artillery system are: *Target, acquisition ,: detect, identify and deduce the location of targets; *Control: authority to
  4. Systems and/or information must be reviewed and certified by NSA prior to their, acquisition ,and use. " AES has 10 rounds for 128-bit keys,12 rounds for 192-bit keys, and
  5. And constraints to support their combined arms commander's plans. Target, acquisition ,can take many forms, it is usually observation in real time but may be the
  6. 5,2010,Hewitt Associates announced that it acquired Senior Educators Ltd. The, acquisition ,offers companies a new way to address retiree medical insurance commitments. On
  7. Is used for everything from navigational aids, Search and Rescue, and target, acquisition , ESM/WAS Electronic support measures and defensive aids are used extensively to
  8. Intercepts occurred during 1999. Brilliant Pebbles' concept Approved for, acquisition ,by the Pentagon during 1991 but never realized, Brilliant Pebbles was a
  9. The company name entirely to Atari Interactive in 2003. Following IESA's, acquisition ,of Hasbro Interactive, Infogrames, Inc. intermittently published Atari branded
  10. Between Facial, Pico, São Jorge and Terceira during the summer months. With this, acquisition ,the Autonomous government of the Azores controlled 88 % of the capital, with 12
  11. Commercial platform The first AMD server/workstation platform after ATI, acquisition ,is scheduled to be released on 2009 timeframe. Code named Giordano,AMD's first
  12. Inspired to try to convert their people. More practical matters, such as the, acquisition ,of new provinces acknowledging the primacy of the papacy, and a desire to
  13. And to merge with InnoGames. On October 11, 2008,InnoGames completed its, acquisition ,of Atari Inc., making it a wholly owned subsidiary. NAMC Banzai has purchased
  14. Also been an artillery responsibility. Survey is also essential for some target, acquisition ,devices. Traditional survey methods of measurement and calculation have been
  15. Company and allowed them to continue to acquire power and influence after their, acquisition ,of Bengal in 1757. However, fear of another Afghan invasion was to haunt
  16. Equates to a 10 % ROI). Thus, if a publicly traded company specializes in the, acquisition ,of privately held companies, from a per-share perspective there is a gain with
  17. Changed its name to Atari Inc. On October 11, 2008,InnoGames completed its, acquisition ,of Atari, Inc., making it a wholly owned subsidiary. History Atari Inc. (
  18. Having understanding," and of helping the student to remain humble with his, acquisition ,of knowledge. Another radical idea which Augustine introduced is the idea of
  19. The Woodward Stone, all now in the Museum of Scotland. The last and principal, acquisition ,was that of Outfield (afterwards named Huntlyburn),purchased in 1817. The
  20. In 1331. The Hohenzollern's made Attach the seat of their dynasty until their, acquisition ,of the Margravate of Brandenburg in 1415. However, after the 1440 death of
  21. Observer' ( for example, artillery observation team or other target, acquisition ,element) can order fire units to engage. In the latter case a battery
  22. Company OK S. A., makers of 3D collaboration software, was acquired. This, acquisition ,added 3D technology and expertise to the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform.
  23. Exchange for $260 million in stock. On October 1,2008,NYSE Euronext completed, acquisition ,of the American Stock Exchange. Before the closing of the acquisition , NYSE
  24. Often lend (and securitize the loan) to the IT services company to cover the, acquisition ,cost of the IT installations. This can be at preferential rates, as the sole
  25. Firms of server chipsets for Operon processors. As the company completed the, acquisition ,of ATI Technologies in 2006,the firm gained the ATI design team for chipsets
  26. Recovered by British Loyalists in 1783. Gálvez' actions led to the Spanish, acquisition ,of East and West Florida in the peace settlement, denied the British the
  27. Completed acquisition of the American Stock Exchange. Before the closing of the, acquisition , NYSE Euronext announced that the Exchange would be integrated with the
  28. these is called submits NATU; (b) Gigantic acquisition , not by nature but by, acquisition ,or denization, being called a denizen, or rather denizen, because they are
  29. Purchased a 34 % stake in Atari Europe on May 14, 2009,paving the way for its, acquisition ,from InnoGames. Atari has had significant financial issues for several years
  30. He shows that the study of philosophy, useful in itself as a help toward the, acquisition ,of the knowledge of God, requires great caution, lest we be misled by the
  31. Fire may be directly by a forward observer or indirectly via some other target, acquisition ,system. NATO also recognizes several types of fire support for
  32. Different antibiotic resistance genes in integrals favors the concerted, acquisition ,of antibiotic resistance determinants. Some recent studies have shown that
  33. Should primarily focus on enjoyment. He noted that learning was not about the, acquisition ,of facts but the development of a reflective state of mind. Alcott's ideas as
  34. Backwards. They discussed it and the members of ABBA liked it. Following their, acquisition ,of the group's catalog, Polygram began using variations of the ABBA logo
  35. Eliminate British influences along the Mosquito Coast. Except for the French, acquisition ,of Tobago, sovereignty in the West Indies was returned to the status quo ante
  36. P. Aeruginosa isolates requires several genetic events that include, acquisition ,of different mutations and/or horizontal transfer of antibiotic resistance
  37. Code named Giordano,AMD's first multiprocessor server platform after ATI, acquisition ,consists of AMD SR5690 + SP5100 server chipsets, supporting 45 nm, codenamed
  38. Held companies, from a per-share perspective there is a gain with every, acquisition ,that falls within these guidelines. Exempli gratia, Berkshire-Hathaway. A hedge
  39. Of analysis. Artillery observation teams are the most common means of target, acquisition , However, air observers have been use since the beginning of indirect fire and
  40. 2011,AOL purchased The Huffington Post for $315 million. Shortly after the, acquisition ,was announced, Huffingtonpost. Com co-founder Arianna Huffington assumed the
  41. Became an argument for gaining new territories, where slavery could expand. The, acquisition ,of Texas as a slave state in 1845 along with territories won as a result of the
  42. Research has shown that the bacterial protein Lexa may play a key role in the, acquisition ,of bacterial mutations giving resistance to quinolones and rifampicin.
  43. Hayes, vice-President of Ford of Europe. Despite problems over the previous, acquisition ,of AC Cars, Hayes saw the potential of the brand and the discussion resulted in
  44. Provided a smaller and cheaper means of quick and accurate fixation for target, acquisition ,devices. *Specialized units with ground surveillance radars, unattended ground
  45. Defense Robert M. Gates announced that the U. S. Army has decided to terminate, acquisition ,of the SL AMRAAM as part of a budget-cutting effort. Operational history The
  46. Beginning of indirect fire and were quickly joined by air photography. Target, acquisition ,may also be by anyone that can get the information into the artillery system.
  47. Presence of venomous spiders led to the evolution of a fear of spiders or made, acquisition ,of a fear of spiders especially easy. Like all traits, there is variability in
  48. In their society were freed to devote themselves to projects other than food, acquisition , Historians and anthropologists have long argued that the development of
  49. Processors and their flash memory secondary markets. AMD announced the, acquisition ,of ATI Technologies on July 24, 2006. AMD paid $4.3 billion in cash and 58
  50. Or developmental dysphagia, which is a primary delay or failure in language, acquisition , An important difference between ACA and developmental childhood aphasia is

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