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  1. Was tested on mice and proved to be effective against leukemia, lymphoma, breast , ovarian, neuroblastoma and prostate cancers. The medium half-life of 227Ac (
  2. Had a career as an author, anthropologist,and prominent In 1955,Maria died of, breast ,cancer. In 1956, he married Laura Archers (1911–2007),also an author. She
  3. Formed to investigate the occurrences found that the rate of occurrence for, breast ,cancer rate at the offices was eleven times higher than elsewhere – since the
  4. Inhibitor, one of a class of drugs used to treat cancer, in particular, breast ,cancer * Articulation index, a method of measuring hearing loss * Artificial
  5. Tissues, is taken from the patient's abdomen and transplanted onto the, breast ,site. Both TRAM and DIED/STEP use the abdominal tissue between the umbilicus
  6. Breast ", connected with an etiological tradition that Amazons had their right, breast ,cut off or burnt out, so they would be able to use a bow more freely and throw
  7. Of Clinical Oncology has suggested aspirin may reduce the risk of death from, breast ,cancer. While the information has been well-circulated by the media, official
  8. Cross on seven places: the forehead, the nostrils, the cheeks, the lips,the, breast , the palms of both hands, and the back of the hands. After the last anointing
  9. Which mandated health care payer coverage for, breast ,and nipple reconstruction, contralateral procedures to achieve symmetry, and
  10. On quality of life improvements and psychosocial benefits associated with, breast ,reconstruction served as the stimulus in the United States for the 1998 Women
  11. Abortion – breast cancer hypothesis, a posited connection between, breast ,cancer and abortion * ATP-binding cassette transporter, a transmembrane protein
  12. Small breast s without an implant. **Abdominal flaps The abdominal flap for, breast ,reconstruction is the TRAM flap (Transverse Rectus Abdominis Cutaneous flap
  13. Suppuration, surgical excision is required but not incision. Uncommonly, breast ,and gluteal abscess can occur due to haematogenous and lymphangiomatous spread.
  14. Edge to the wings, and both morphs often have plain underparts, lacking the, breast ,band frequently seen in B. b. but. Forest Buzzard The Forest Buzzard, B. (b.
  15. Her cult image depicted the" Lady of Ephesus" adorned with multiple rounded, breast ,like protuberances on her chest. They had been traditionally interpreted as
  16. Increase intraocular pressure. Amphetamine has been shown to pass through into, breast ,milk. Because of this, mothers taking amphetamine are advised to avoid
  17. Bills in their back feathers, although others place their beaks among their, breast ,feathers. Many birds rest on one leg, while some may pull up their legs into
  18. Full steel plate harness worn by later Medieval and Renaissance knights, and, breast , and backplates worn by heavy cavalry in several European countries until the
  19. Of Assyrian, Armenian and Iranian origin. Andre Agassi's mother, Betty,is a, breast ,cancer survivor. He has three older siblings – Rita, Philip and Tami. Mike
  20. A functional group in chemistry. Breast reconstruction is the rebuilding of a, breast , usually in women. It involves using autologous tissue or prosthetic material
  21. Element after another was discarded to save weight for foot soldiers. Back and, breast ,plates continued to be used throughout the entire period of the 18th century
  22. Through national health care programs. Techniques There are many methods for, breast ,reconstruction. The two most common are: *Tissue Expander - Breast implants
  23. Furthermore, aluminium increases estrogen-related gene expression in human, breast ,cancer cells cultured in the laboratory. The estrogen-like effects of these
  24. Patients because they result in an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck),and allow the, breast ,to be reconstructed with one's own tissues instead of a foreign implant. TRAM
  25. For the funeral. Andre's other sister, Tami,like their mother, Betty,is a, breast ,cancer survivor. Long-time trainer Gil Reyes has been called one of Agassi's
  26. Slipped, the arrow glanced aside, and he received the assassin's dagger in his, breast , Alp Asian died four days later from this wound on 25 November 1072 in his
  27. Cause breast cancer. The concept of a causal link between induced abortion and, breast ,cancer is currently promoted primarily by pro-life groups. Some factors in a
  28. Using autologous tissue or prosthetic material to construct a natural-looking, breast , Often this includes the reformation of a natural-looking areola and nipple.
  29. And priestesses (hierodulae) of this goddess; and that the removal of the, breast ,corresponded with the self-mutilation of the god Attic and the gall, Roman
  30. In the early years of low velocity firearms, full suits of armor, or, breast , plates actually stopped bullets fired from a modest distance. Crossbow bolts
  31. Medicine),a mnemonic for" Airway, Breathing,Circulation" * Abortion –, breast ,cancer hypothesis, a posited connection between breast cancer and abortion *
  32. Tissue to reconstruct large breast s. These procedures are preferred by some, breast ,cancer patients because they result in an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck),and
  33. Purports to improve both functional and aesthetic outcomes of implant-expander, breast ,reconstruction. **In a process that can take weeks to months, saline solution
  34. Greeks, amazon was given a popular etymology as from Amazon," without, breast ,", connected with an etiological tradition that Amazons had their right breast
  35. Heart ". 2 Contains the Photovoltaic singularize suffix -/NV/:" one, breast ,". 3 Compare Bake 4 This is in the Urchin language. In modern Manchu
  36. Chests, called chest guards or patrons. The Amazon myth is that they had one, breast ,removed to solve this problem. Roger Assam mentions one archer, presumably
  37. The individual runs the same risks and complications as those who use them for, breast ,augmentation but has higher rates of capsular contracture (tightening or
  38. 60 % for esophageal cancer, while the reductions in pancreas, stomach,brain, breast ,and ovarian cancers were difficult to quantify because there were not enough
  39. Concerns that the aluminum in antiperspirants may increase the risk of, breast ,cancer, and aluminum has controversially been implicated as a factor in
  40. All concluded on the basis of existing evidence that abortion does not cause, breast ,cancer. The concept of a causal link between induced abortion and breast cancer
  41. Groin. Another advantage of plate was that a lance rest could be fitted to the, breast ,plate. The small skull cap evolved into a bigger true helmet, the bassinet, as
  42. As comedy, drama,national news, sport and entertainment. A high incidence of, breast ,cancer in female staff working at the ABC's offices in Brisbane led to the
  43. Hypothesis Some studies have suggested an association between abortion and, breast ,cancer. Proponents of a causal link between the two suggest that the
  44. Can be employed without significant loss of function. It can be moved into the, breast ,defect while still attached to its blood supply under the arm pit (maxilla). A
  45. Narrow strip of cloth with metal plaques. They wore a necklace that reached the, breast ,called a" Ramsay" or" Shikoku," usually made from glass balls. Some glass
  46. Of a causal link between the two suggest that the interruption of normal, breast ,development during pregnancy leaves immature cells that are more cancer-prone
  47. A bronze instrument constructed for this very purpose and apply it to the right, breast ,and cauterize it, so that its growth is arrested, and all its strength and bulk
  48. The removal of body parts other than the limbs,e.g. after amputation of the, breast , extraction of a tooth (phantom tooth pain) or removal of an eye (phantom
  49. The search for feminine physique at bodybuilding competitions, compensative, breast ,augmentation has been an increasingly popular procedure among female
  50. Including non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, colorectal cancer, head and neck cancer and, breast ,cancer. Some immune deficiencies, such as X-linked agammaglobulinemia and

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