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  1. A dose of 500 milligrams of S-adenosyl-methionine (Same, an amino acid, naturally ,formed in the body) given together with a large dose of aspirin (1300
  2. Introduced to South Africa have become an enormous problem, due to their, naturally ,aggressive propagation. The pods of Acacia militia (under the name of Deneb
  3. Was found in three out of four. Natural occurrence Astatine is the rarest, naturally ,occurring element among those that do not belong to the transuranium elements
  4. Configuration Electrons form notional shells around the nucleus. These are, naturally ,in a ground state but can be excited by the absorption of energy from light (
  5. To a less toxic form of arsenic through a process of methylation. Other, naturally ,occurring pathways of exposure include volcanic ash, weathering of
  6. One of his greatest passions is hunting, and although Aphrodite is not, naturally ,a hunter, she takes up the sport just so she can be with Adonis. They spend
  7. Is roughly as abundant as zinc and rather more common than copper. It occurs, naturally ,in the minerals Lucite, pollucite,carnal lite, zinnwaldite, and lepidolite.
  8. Antisemitism us" in the pamphlet, the coining of the latter word followed, naturally ,from the word" Semitism ", and indicated either opposition to the Jews as a
  9. Ginsberg it was an open, ecstatic expression of thoughts and feelings that were, naturally ,poetic. He believed strongly that traditional formalist considerations were
  10. Neutron number N, and hence different atomic mass, are known as isotopes. Most, naturally ,occurring elements exist as a mixture of isotopes, and the average atomic mass
  11. Which is an RNA copy of one of the organism's genes. Twenty-two amino acids are, naturally ,incorporated into polypeptides and are called proteinogenic or natural amino
  12. Proponents point out that private systems of justice and defense already exist, naturally ,forming where the market is allowed to compensate for the failure of the state:
  13. With bitumen as syn bit. Bitumen is still the preferred geological term for, naturally ,occurring deposits of the solid or semi-solid form of petroleum. Bituminous
  14. Sequences to form a vast variety of proteins. Twenty-two amino acids are, naturally ,incorporated into polypeptides and are called proteinogenic or standard amino
  15. N\, is the set of natural numbers’S\, is the successor function and 0\, is, naturally , interpreted as the number 0. Euclidean geometry Probably the oldest, and most
  16. Which were to be recorded),as well as general domestic labor. The object, naturally , was for students to devote themselves to the Great Work of discovering and
  17. Sfallō)," to make fall ". Note that in French, the term asphalt is used for, naturally ,occurring bitumen-soaked limestone deposits, and for specialized manufactured
  18. As its central theme and it is a monument to Platonic romanticism. The palace, naturally , was named after Achilles: McMillan (Αχίλλειον). This elegant structure
  19. Which it is so closely chemically associated. Francium Francium-223,the only, naturally ,occurring isotope of francium, is the result of the alpha decay of actinium-227
  20. Helium. The interior of Saturn may include frozen crystals of ammonia. It is, naturally ,found on Deimos and Phobos - the two moons of Mars. Since its interstellar
  21. Polis, city,pl. Acropoleis). For purposes of defense, early people, naturally ,chose elevated ground to build a new settlement, frequently a hill with
  22. Natural production Positrons are produced naturally in β+ decays of, naturally ,occurring radioactive isotopes (for example,potassium-40) and in
  23. This is especially important in processes such as deep-drawing. Wood is a, naturally ,anisotropic material. Its properties vary widely when measured with the growth
  24. The largest natural contributor to public radiation dose is radon,a, naturally ,occurring, radioactive gas found in soil and rock. If the gas is inhaled, some
  25. Might be possible to use magnetic scoops to collect the antimatter that occurs, naturally ,in the Van Allen belt of the Earth, and ultimately, the belts of gas giants
  26. With atomic numbers greater than 92—only plutonium and neptunium occur, naturally ,on Earth. Name poston1998/> name cz97_10_522/> Transgenic elements
  27. For alternate histories involve a multiverse, the " many world" theory would, naturally ,involve many worlds, in fact a continually exploding array of universes. In
  28. Events in colliding super clusters. Natural production Positrons are produced, naturally ,in β+ decays of naturally occurring radioactive isotopes (for example
  29. Specific mechanism, since total human exposure to the element in the form of, naturally ,occurring clay in soil and dust is enormously large over a lifetime. Scientific
  30. Although Dirac did not himself use the term antimatter, its use follows on, naturally ,enough from antielectrons, antiprotons,etc. A complete periodic table of
  31. The molecules of its cells, including DNA and ATP. Bacteria from Mono Lake,a, naturally ,arsenic-rich site in California, were cultured in an environment high in
  32. Hydrogen-2 (deuterium),lithium-6,boron-10 and nitrogen-14. Also, only four, naturally ,occurring, radioactive odd-odd nuclides have a half-life over a billion years:
  33. Like cesium fluoride and sodium chloride. Physics Potassium and rubidium are, naturally ,weakly radioactive as they have naturally occurring radioisotopes (and) and
  34. Lanka and converted the King, the Queen and their people to Buddhism. They were, naturally ,not handling state affairs after him. In his old age, he seems to have come
  35. Can also be produced by radioactive decay, but this mechanism can occur both, naturally ,and artificially. Positrons were reported in November 2008 to have
  36. Meditation literature, this effect is described as something which arises, naturally ,and should be turned toward and mindfully explored in order to gain insight
  37. Electron is the positively charged antielectron, or positron, which is produced, naturally ,in certain types of radioactive decay. The laws of nature are very nearly
  38. Of high-arsenic groundwater. Is suspected of containing high levels of, naturally ,occurring arsenic, but has not been a public health problem owing to the use of
  39. But we will also maintain, with Turing... that any procedure which could ", naturally ," be called effective, can in fact be realized by a (simple) machine.
  40. Embargo against Regard was the pretext for the Peloponnesian War, Aristophanes, naturally , concludes that this whole mess happened because of" three cunts ". It can be
  41. Is a measure commonly used for testing the quantity of Ammonium ions, derived, naturally , from ammonia, and returned to ammonia via organic processes, in water or waste
  42. As many of these compounds are being phased out. Arsenic poisoning from, naturally ,occurring arsenic compounds in drinking water remains a problem in many parts
  43. Of the blocks of 2,6,10,and 14 elements in the periodic table arises, naturally ,from the total number of electrons which occupy a complete set of s, p,d and f
  44. The level of ordinary dialogue (typically iambic).: Anapestic rhythms are, naturally ,jaunty (as in many limericks) and trochaic meter is suited to rapid delivery
  45. Physics Potassium and rubidium are naturally weakly radioactive as they have, naturally ,occurring radioisotopes (and) and francium's only naturally occurring
  46. Elements such as sulfur, oxygen or nitrogen. Except glycine, naturally ,occurring amino acids are chiral and almost invariably occur in the, for
  47. Data structures like stacks to solve the given problems. Some problems are, naturally ,suited for one implementation or the other. For example, towers of Hanoi is
  48. As they have naturally occurring radioisotopes (and) and francium's only, naturally ,occurring isotope () is also radioactive with a half-life of only 22.0 minutes
  49. With electrons, producing pairs of gamma rays. Antiparticles are produced, naturally ,in beta decay, and in the interaction of cosmic rays in the Earth's atmosphere
  50. Stable isotope) and 26Al (radioactive isotope,t1/2 = 7.2×105 y) occur, naturally , 27Al has a natural abundance above 99.9 %. 26Al is produced from argon in the

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