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  1. Of raw materials. The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline (BTC) became, operational ,in May 2006 and extends more than 1,774 kilometers through the territories of
  2. At a single site. Such system was developed since 1992,is expected to become, operational ,in 2010 and capable of intercepting small number of incoming ICBMs. First
  3. A gassing facility by tearing out the inside and bricking up the walls. It was, operational ,by March 1942. A second brick cottage," The Little White House," was
  4. Or faster),at a speed determined mostly by the frequency response of the, operational ,amplifiers and other computing elements. In the history of electronic analog
  5. Trained in the Azerbaijan Air Force School and then developing their skills in, operational ,units. Azerbaijan has an experience exchange with Turkey, Ukraine,the United
  6. In the past, these governments dictated airfares, route networks, and other, operational ,requirements for each airline. Since deregulation, airlines have been largely
  7. Not reliable enough and abandoned in favor of nuclear-armed ABMs. The first, operational ,ICBM ABM system was the Soviet A-35 anti-ballistic missile system, designed to
  8. Utilized the nuclear-tipped LIM-49A Spartan and Sprint missiles, in the short, operational ,period of 1975/1976,was a second counter-ICBMs system in the world. Safeguard
  9. Molten cryolite with calcium fluoride and then reduced to the pure metal. The, operational ,temperature of the reduction cells is around. Cryolite is found as a mineral in
  10. Of antiprotons. Recent data released by CERN states that, when fully, operational , their facilities are capable of producing antiprotons per minute. Assuming a
  11. Simple nor inexpensive. The electrical equivalent can be constructed with a few, operational ,amplifiers (Op amps) and some passive linear components; all measurements can
  12. Defence force, and is divided into four units: **Flotilla - the flotilla is the, operational ,part of the Coast Guard, and consists of 3 vessels. Former Deployments * In
  13. Tbilisi, Georgia to Mahan, Turkey (the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline) became, operational ,in 2006. The pipeline is expected to generate as much as $160 billion in
  14. From the 1860s artillery was forced into a series of rapid technological and, operational ,changes, accelerating through the 1870s and thereafter. The first effective
  15. And some duplicated the technical fire control teams in a battery to give, operational ,resilience and tactical flexibility. Computers reduced the number of men needed
  16. Rabbi. According to Human Rights Watch: Gulbuddin Hekmatyar received, operational , financial and military support from Pakistan. Afghanistan expert Amino Baikal
  17. Is a dual-purpose test and interception facility in Alaska, and in 2006 was, operational ,with a few interceptor missiles. The Alaska site provides more protection
  18. These tactical missions are in the context of the command authority:, operational ,command, operational control, tactical command or tactical control. In NATO
  19. Payloads (bombs, air-to-ground missiles). Currently, only Russia possesses an, operational ,carrier of this type, with India and China each preparing a similar carrier. *
  20. With the hazards. It took about an hour for the ICS structure to become fully, operational , Firefighters from Fort Mayer and Reagan National Airport arrived within minutes
  21. The constitutional status of the Georgian language. *1981 – STS-1 – The first, operational ,space shuttle, Columbia (OV-102) completes its first test flight. *1986 – In
  22. From a sabot round, which would later be the basis of Project HARP. The first, operational ,ABM system – Moscow The first real and successful ABM hit-to-kill test was
  23. The higher voltage. The temperature sensor could not read above the highest, operational ,temperature of the heater, which was approximately. This was not normally a
  24. Russian natural gas reaches Armenia via a pipeline through Georgia. The only, operational ,rail link into Armenia is from Georgia. During Soviet times,Armenia's rail
  25. Missions are in the context of the command authority: operational command, operational ,control, tactical command or tactical control. In NATO direct support generally
  26. Of the materials present in the air and water near Groom" can reveal military, operational ,capabilities or the nature and scope of classified operations. " The Ninth
  27. And infection control. Victoria is the only state of Australia with an, operational ,registration board. Currently, acupuncturists in New South Wales are bound by
  28. Electronic analog computers contain anywhere from a few to a hundred or more, operational ,amplifiers (" op amps" ), named because they perform mathematical operations.
  29. Basic theater anti-ballistic missile capabilities. MIM-23 Hawk missile is not, operational ,in the U. S. service since 2002,but is used by many other countries. Soon
  30. A gun in a turret. The M36 Jackson GMC possessed the only American-origin, operational ,gun that could rival the vaunted 88 mm German ordnance, the 90 mm M3 gun, and
  31. Were also constructed that spring. By June 1943 all four crematoria were, operational , Most of the victims were killed during the period afterwards. Name "
  32. Known as National Missile Defense – NMD) system has recently reached initial, operational ,capability. Instead of using an explosive charge, it launches a kinetic
  33. Programmers all use the notion of art in their respective fields, and give it, operational ,definitions that vary considerably. Furthermore, it is clear that even the
  34. Class STAR aircraft carrier. Launched in 1985 as Tbilisi, renamed and, operational ,from 1995.; Spain (2) * Principe de Asturias (R11): 17,200 ton STOVL
  35. By Chief of Staff General Saran Ghanian, the General Staff is responsible for, operational ,command of the Armenian Military and its three major branches. *Colonel-General
  36. System uses RIM-161 Standard missile SM-3. MIM-23 Hawk missile is not currently, operational ,in the U. S. These systems, as opposed to US GMD system, are not capable of
  37. Company, USA c. 1960. It was programmed using patch cords that connected nine, operational ,amplifiers and other components * General Electric also marketed an "
  38. Also stretching through the territory of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, became, operational , at the end of 2006 and offers additional gas supplies to the European market
  39. Overpaid most of its top level managers, eventually led to its financial and, operational ,collapse in 1997. The company went into administration and was later declared a
  40. Threats up to 70 kilometers in all-weather situations. It was declared, operational ,and initially deployed on March 27, 2011 near Beersheba. On April 7,2011,the
  41. They were relatively cheap and reliable, and became the standard fitted fuse in, operational ,ammunition stocks in some western armies. The early versions were often limited
  42. Critical consumables. To keep the LM life support and communication systems, operational ,until re-entry, the LM was powered down to the lowest levels possible. Limited
  43. Design, using Galosh interceptors (SH-01,also known as ABM-1). It became, operational ,in 1971 and was deployed at four sites around Moscow. A-35 was upgraded during
  44. Haggard is an expert influence peddler who is, however,incapable of making, operational ,decisions on his own. He relies on his sister, Dagny Haggard, to actually run
  45. Current tactical systems Many short-range tactical ABM systems are currently, operational , and three are most known: the U. S. Army Patriot, U. S. Navy Aegis combat
  46. These characteristics limit analog computers. Some of these limits include the, operational ,amplifier offset, finite gain, and frequency response, noise floor
  47. York, it might take China many years to develop the technology, training,and, operational ,capability necessary for an effective carrier. As of 10 August 2011,China is
  48. Of the militants. By early 2002,al-Qaeda had been dealt a serious blow to its, operational ,capacity, and the Afghan invasion appeared an initial success. Nevertheless, a
  49. Tested the aircraft with functional check flights and L. O. verification,the, operational ,airplanes were then transferred to the 4450th TG at Tooth. South of Rachel.
  50. Or" the Container ". The facility is not a conventional airbase, as frontline, operational ,units are not normally deployed there. It instead appears to be used for highly

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