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  1. Identical properties in all directions. It can be defined as a difference, when, measured , along different axes, in a material's physical or mechanical properties (
  2. Lagoons, and 114,400 m² of dry land. While they have a total of shoreline, measured ,along the outer edge of the reef, there are no ports or harbors, only offshore
  3. Any information may be conveyed by an analog signal; often such a signal is a, measured ,response to changes in physical phenomena, such as sound, light,temperature
  4. Wendelin's figure. The solar parallax is related to the Earth–Sun distance as, measured ,in Earth radii by: A =. The smaller the solar parallax, the greater the
  5. Measuring length) and the subtrahend can become the new r (the length to be, measured ,); in other words the" sense" of the subtraction reverses. Testing the Euclid
  6. To an accurate and reliable value for the radius of the Earth, which had been, measured ,by their colleague Jean Picard in 1669 as 3,269 thousand noises. Another
  7. Volume of a solid (a three-dimensional concept). The area of a shape can be, measured ,by comparing the shape to squares of a fixed size. In the International System
  8. Not involve quantization of information into digital format. The concept being, measured ,over the circuit, whether sound, light,pressure, temperature,or an exceeded
  9. Errors cancelling each other out. Jean Richer and Giovanni Domenico Cassini, measured ,the parallax of Mars between Paris and Cayenne in French Guiana when Mars was
  10. The rolling or heeling of a ship) giving an up-down movement of the wing tips, measured ,by the roll or bank angle. *Pitch is a rotation about the sideways horizontal
  11. A sign are positive angles if measured anticlockwise, and negative angles if, measured ,clockwise, from a given line. If no line is specified, it can be assumed to be
  12. Example,wood's strength and hardness will be different for the same sample if, measured ,in differing orientation. Microfabrication Anisotropic etching techniques (
  13. More accurately than previously, with a precision of 15–35 arc sec. Taxi Alvin, measured ,the right ascension of the stars at the Istanbul observatory of Taxi Alvin
  14. Then their straight-chain homologies. This propensity to premature ignition is, measured ,by the octane rating of the fuel, where 2,2,4-trimethylpentane (isobutane)
  15. Was full of distinct cultures, rather than societies whose evolution could be, measured ,by how much or how little" civilization" they had. He believed that each
  16. Then in other parts of the country. Daily average highs for July have been, measured ,at NEA Filadelfeia weather station, but other parts of the city may be even
  17. Properties from those of the component elements. Alloy constituents are usually, measured ,by mass. Theory Alloying a metal is done by combining it with one or more other
  18. Particles than in the water present in the soil pores; an even higher ratio was, measured ,in loam soils. Americium is produced mostly artificially in small quantities
  19. And the possible exception to francium, whose physical properties have not been, measured ,because it exists only in small quantities due to its high radioactivity. Below
  20. Are long lines of anapests, trochees or iambs (where each line is ideally, measured ,in four diodes or pairs of feet),used in various situations within each play
  21. Of any single nation in the world, after surpassing the Soviet Union (, measured ,in net material product) in 1986 and Germany in 1968. (NB: A number of
  22. And Briefly. Schiphol was, in 2006,the third-busiest airport in the world, measured ,by international passengers. Cycling Amsterdam is one of the most
  23. National Laboratory have performed experiments that have identified and, measured ,elementary reactions that involve astatine; however, chemical research into
  24. Because it does not specify the frame of reference in which time is to be, measured , but has proved practical for the calculation of Epimenides: a fuller
  25. And rules. In logic, the time that an algorithm requires to complete cannot be, measured , as it is not apparently related with our customary physical dimension. From
  26. Deadline for beginning an appeal can often be very short: traditionally, it is, measured ,in days, not months. This can vary from country to country, as well as within a
  27. Of the Earth and Venus from the Sun, the solar parallax α (which cannot be, measured ,directly). Jeremiah Horrors had attempted to produce an estimate based on his
  28. Of the gravitational constant G and the solar mass ME. Neither G nor ME can be, measured ,to high accuracy in SI units, but the value of their product is known very
  29. Lines be proportional to a measure of the square of Z. To do this, Moseley, measured , the wavelengths of the innermost photon transitions (K and L lines) produced
  30. Warm but rarely hot. The average daily high in August is, and or higher is only, measured ,on average on 3 days, placing Amsterdam in AHS Heat Zone 2. Days with
  31. Front. *1934 – The strongest surface wind gust in the world at 231 mph, is, measured , on the summit of Mount Washington, New Hampshire. *1934 – The U. S. Auto-Lite
  32. Hemisphere summer when compared to the" planetary second" ( conventionally, measured ,in barometric dynamical time, TDB). This is because the distance between the
  33. Gases, responsible for 18 % of the world's greenhouse gas emissions as, measured ,in CO2 equivalents. By comparison, all transportation emits 13.5 % of the CO2.
  34. Of the effects of general relativity. In particular, time intervals, measured ,on the surface of the Earth (terrestrial time, TT ) are not constant when
  35. The angle is the" amount of rotation" that separates the two rays, and can be, measured ,by considering the length of circular arc swept out when one ray is rotated
  36. Of these disturbances is called the sound pressure level (SPL),and is, measured ,on a logarithmic scale in decibels. Wave propagation: frequency Physicists and
  37. Is considered as positive. Therefore, angles given a sign are positive angles if, measured ,anticlockwise, and negative angles if measured clockwise, from a given line. If
  38. Wood is a naturally anisotropic material. Its properties vary widely when, measured ,with the growth grain or against it. For example,wood's strength and hardness
  39. A dimensionless fraction, it may also be expressed as a percentage, and is, measured ,on a scale from zero for no reflecting power of a perfectly black surface, to 1
  40. Of which is an adsorbed atom, providing a tunneling-current density that can be, measured , Scanning one atom (taken as the tip) as it moves past the other (the sample
  41. Of the San Francisco Bay. There is a size minimum of seven inches (178 mm), measured , across the shell and a quantity limit of three per day and 24 per year. A
  42. Optical distortions from its atmosphere. Operated from 1989 to 1993,Hipparcos, measured ,large and small angles on the sky with much greater precision than any previous
  43. This old sexagesimal subunit is that many angles common in simple geometry are, measured ,as a whole number of degrees. Fractions of a degree may be written in normal
  44. It is at this point that the notion of simulation enters ". When speed is being, measured , the instruction set matters. For example, the subprogram in Euclid's
  45. Largest nominal GDP of all continents, after Europe, but the largest when, measured ,in purchasing power parity. As of 2010,the largest economies in Asia are the
  46. The sideways horizontal axis giving an up-down movement of the aircraft nose, measured ,by the angle of attack. *Yaw is a rotation about the vertical axis giving a
  47. To the plane in which the rays of the angle lie. In navigation, bearings are, measured ,from north, increasing clockwise, so a bearing of 45 degrees is north-east.
  48. S orbit, and other factors, this figure was approximately correct. He then, measured ,the apparent sizes of the Sun and the Moon and concluded that the apparent
  49. Earth, each intersecting one of the stars. The angle between those lines can be, measured , and is the angular separation between the two stars. Astronomers also measure
  50. The anticlockwise angle from C to B, where the direction in which the angle is, measured ,determines its sign (see Positive and negative angles). However, in many

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