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  1. Minorities. The large majority of the population is ethnically Albanian. The, exact ,size of ethnic minorities is not known, as the last census that contained
  2. Groups. Because a systematic census has not been held in the nation in decades, exact ,figures about the size and composition of the various ethnic groups are
  3. Muscle atrophy, respiratory failure). Although there is no consensus as to the, exact ,mechanism by which mutated SOD1 causes the disease (in either mice or patients
  4. The cost of the highway appears to have breached €800 million, although the, exact ,cost for the total highway has yet to be confirmed by the government. Two
  5. Of sources relating to the formation of the early Taoist church make the, exact ,link between the apocryphal texts and the Taoist church unclear. United States
  6. Taoism is easily syncretized with Mahayana Buddhism for many Chinese, thus, exact , religious statistics is difficult to obtain and may be understated or
  7. But his argument was the difficulty of astrologers being able to determine the, exact ,effect of it. In essence, Avicenna did not refute astrology, but denied man’s
  8. It re-emerged from behind the Moon at 89 hours,28 minutes, and 39 seconds,the, exact ,time calculated. When voice contact was regained, Lovell announced," Please be
  9. Or non-deterministic: Deterministic algorithms solve the problem with, exact ,decision at every step of the algorithm whereas non-deterministic algorithms
  10. Calculate the right ascension and declination of the" epoch of date" to the, exact ,instant of observation. GoTo telescopes have become more
  11. Bushel" and the" Allgäuisches Wald horn" or" Matterhorn ". The alphorn's, exact ,origins remain indeterminate, and the ubiquity of horn-like signal instruments
  12. Agassiz, his stepmother, Seaside Studies in Natural History, a work at once, exact ,and stimulating, and in 1871 Marine Animals of Massachusetts Bay. Agassiz
  13. UTC is basically the atomic time synchronized to Earth's rotation by means of, exact ,observations. Asymmetry is an important step in the cosmic distance ladder
  14. Of territorially defined page (cantons) on the east bank of the Rhine. The, exact ,number and extent of these page is unclear and probably changed over time. Page
  15. Best survival mechanism: not specifying the order of scalar operations or the, exact ,contents of memory. As standardized, in 1983 by ANSI working group X3J10,APL
  16. Equilibrium with small amounts of net negative and net positive ions. At the, exact ,midpoint between the two PKA values, the trace amount of net negative and trace
  17. Practice retained his autocratic power. It took several years to determine the, exact ,framework by which a formally republican state could be led by a sole ruler;
  18. For victims or their families. In principle, it removes any doubt as to the, exact ,nature of the defendant's guilt in the matter. The term" allocation" is
  19. Hiking, biking or simply enjoying good food and nature. There is also an, exact ,replica of the house where Ataturk was born in 1881,in Thessaloniki, Greece.
  20. Organization of some sort which would have the authority to, in essence, exact ,a tax and re-allocate the resulting resources to a larger group of people. This
  21. Science is a broad multidisciplinary field that encompasses the parts of, exact , natural, economic and social sciences that are used in the practice and
  22. Equal in measure ". In many geometrical situations, angles that differ by an, exact ,multiple of a full circle are effectively equivalent (it makes no difference
  23. Population—a trend which is beginning to spread into rural areas as well. The, exact ,numbers of those fluent in Portuguese or who speak Portuguese as a first
  24. To another body, they can take the form of a predatory animal and even, exact ,revenge. Mythology A large part of mythology is based upon a belief in souls
  25. The use of heuristics. * Exact or approximate: While many algorithms reach an, exact ,solution, approximation algorithms seek an approximation that is close to the
  26. Described its associated wave packet. The new quantum mechanics did not give, exact ,results, but only the probabilities for the occurrence of a variety of possible
  27. The seasons. The demographer and theologian Genius attributes to Pythagoras the, exact ,measurement of the obliquity. Multiple worlds According to Simplicity
  28. Chinese communities, Mahayana Buddhism is easily syncretized with Taoism, thus, exact , religious statistics is difficult to obtain and may be understated or
  29. GOT 7. E2: Is the remainder 0?: EITHER (i) the last measure was, exact ,and the remainder in R is 0 programs can halt, OR (ii) the algorithm must
  30. Initiation. It also has an important role in maintaining neuronal polarity. The, exact ,position of the AIS along the axon differs between types of neuron and its
  31. Symbol FY). However,Feynman's approximation fails to predict the, exact ,critical value of Z due to the non-point-charge nature of the nucleus and very
  32. Was that the electron, as a wave packet, could not be considered to have an, exact ,location in its orbital. Max Born suggested that the electron's position
  33. Batch elder Greene, each worker in the mutualist system would receive" just and, exact ,pay for his work; services equivalent in cost being exchangeable for services
  34. Fellow-citizens on our own soil ". Lincoln demanded that Polk show Congress the, exact ,spot on which blood had been shed and prove that the spot was on American soil.
  35. Using an interesting example of a person ceasing to exist in one place while an, exact ,replica appears in another. If the replica had all the same experiences, traits
  36. People underestimate him. He admits as much::" It is true that I can speak the, exact , the idiomatic English. But, my friend, to speak the broken English is an
  37. Attributed to violation of the CP-symmetry relating matter to antimatter. The, exact ,mechanism of this violation during baryogenesis remains a mystery. Positrons
  38. It is, loosely speaking, the symmetry group of the object. Definition The, exact ,definition of an automorphism depends on the type of" mathematical object" in
  39. III) halves form hexagonal crystals with slight variation of the color and, exact ,structure between the halogens. So, chloride (AmCl3) is reddish and has a
  40. 15's flight plan to ensure it would not collide with Apollo 11,though its, exact ,mission was unknown. While moving within the cabin, Aldrin accidentally broke
  41. In November 1777. There were long debates on such issues as sovereignty,the, exact ,powers to be given the confederal government, whether to have a judiciary, and
  42. This politicized recording of their history that it is difficult to retrace the, exact ,origins of these objects. What is known is that these texts were most likely
  43. Presumably representing reduced cyanobacterial endosymbiosis. The, exact ,nature of the chloroplasts is different among the different lines of Algae
  44. Unit in terms of a fixed number of meters. As the speed of light has an, exact ,defined value in SI units and the Gaussian gravitational constant k is fixed in
  45. Language somewhere around the turn of the 3rd and the 2nd millennium BC (the, exact ,dating being a matter of debate). Akkad reached its political peak between the
  46. Achilles' relationship with Patrols is a key aspect of his myth. Its, exact ,nature has been a subject of dispute in both the classical period and modern
  47. Workers, but only one of these early writings has been deciphered and their, exact ,nature remains open to interpretation. Based on letter appearances and names
  48. River, buried the coffin under the riverbed, and then were killed to keep the, exact ,location a secret. His sons Ella (his appointed successor),Dengizich, and
  49. Who identify themselves as Ainu still live in this same region, though the, exact ,number of living Ainu is unknown. This is due to confusion over mixed heritages
  50. Language somewhere around the turn of the 3rd and the 2nd millennium BC (the, exact ,dating being a matter of debate),Poet - priestess Enheduanna Sumerian

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