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  1. His Ohio prison cell. On January 21, 1947,Capone had a stroke. He regained, consciousness ,and started to improve but contracted pneumonia on January 24. He suffered a
  2. That the soul is a substance, and claimed humans cannot doubt their own, consciousness , even in a situation that prevents all sensory data input. The thought
  3. The concept of Zeitgeist, the idea that society consisted of a collective, consciousness ,which moved in a distinct direction, dictating the actions of its members.
  4. Is absurd, for whatever is observed must ultimately be the content of our own, consciousness ,and, consequently,nonmaterial. Ian Barbour in his book Issues in Science and
  5. For a term of self-identification of their own choosing. With the political, consciousness ,that emerged from the political and social ferment of the late 1960s and early
  6. Recording the physical phenomena that accompany modifications of the affective, consciousness , Thus, it is found that the action of the heart is accelerated by pleasant, and
  7. Or killed themselves in the process, they would collapse and upon gaining, consciousness , would cite amnesia. Thus leading him to conclude amok is a type of “
  8. Belief, souls in the afterlife will continue to retain their individuality and, consciousness ,and will be able to recognize and communicate spiritually with other souls who
  9. Arabs feared the Persians with a deep, unreasoning fear which ran in the tribal, consciousness ,as a racial complex and was the result of centuries of Persian power and glory.
  10. Of the Quraish tribe rushed at Abu Bakr, and beat him mercilessly till he lost, consciousness , Following this incident Abu Bakr's mother converted to Islam. Abu Bakr was
  11. Sean Young) is an experimental replica who believes she is human; Rachael's, consciousness ,has been enhanced with extra memories, to provide an" emotional cushion ". As
  12. Closed explanatory or causal loop:" perhaps only universes with a capacity for, consciousness ,can exist. " This is Wheeler's Participatory Anthropic Principle (PAP). #The
  13. Transversal cosmopolitanism),a new mode of activist knowledge (accommodate, consciousness ,), and a new format of solidarity, interactive solidarity. The term "
  14. With the figures for the driving forces of differentiation (emergence of, consciousness ,and opposites),Helios God-the-Sun, and the Devil. Plaster Crowley Abraham is
  15. As the different" orders of abstraction," and formulations such as ", consciousness ,of abstracting. " It is often said that Korzybski opposed the use of the verb "
  16. Adds, a matter of answering" before other peoples, but to oneself, to one's, consciousness , and before God. " Writing of Solzhenitsyn's novel, August 1914 in the New
  17. Independent Albanian state was declared. The formation of an Albanian national, consciousness ,dates to the latter 19th century and is part of the larger phenomenon of rise
  18. That shines ever so brightly in all things living and nonliving as their inner, consciousness ,(impeller). Depictions In Hindu scriptures, Agni is depicted with two or
  19. In nature one form of life must always prey upon another. However, human, consciousness , holds an awareness of, and sympathy for, the will of other beings to live. An
  20. S philosophy: ... with regard to race, a naive version of the evolution of, consciousness , a theory foundational to both Steiner's anthroposophy and Waldorf education
  21. Be found, he argues, in the form of unaddressed fears - a product of mind and, consciousness , rather than a biological imbalance; and a problem which he argues is more
  22. And the structure of the objective world is precisely mirrored in our own, consciousness , We therefore have no reason to doubt that the objective world, too,is "
  23. Kind of event with the patient still unconscious the chances that he will gain, consciousness ,get smaller ". On 23 July 2006,a hospital spokesman announced that Sharon's
  24. The material often pointedly resonating as stark allegory of phenomenal, consciousness ,and the human condition. Camus included a dim-witted character misreading The
  25. And refined during this period have profoundly influenced lifestyles and social, consciousness ,up to the present day in East Asian countries. The intellectual society of this
  26. Of monopsychism, that concludes that individual existence is illusory, and our, consciousness ,continues existing after death in other conscious beings. Positions regarding
  27. Of the mounted skeleton, which cemented the name Brontosaurus in the public, consciousness , Elmer Riggs had published a paper in the 1903 edition of Geological Series of
  28. Owes more to him than to any writer except Paul. Ambrose's intense episcopal, consciousness ,furthered the growing doctrine of the Church and its sacerdotal ministry, while
  29. Mathematics and science. He called this awareness, this goal of his system,", consciousness ,of abstracting ". His system included modifying the way we consider the world
  30. That Platonic universals did not have a separate existence outside of man's, consciousness , Abelard also systematized the analysis of philosophical contradictions. Robert
  31. Sir. Drama Brahmaputra). With him, he achieved high levels of meditative, consciousness , and was again asked to succeed his teacher. But, once more, he was not
  32. Body, similar to other physical objects only known as phenomena. Yet our, consciousness ,is not commensurate with our body. Most of us possess the power of voluntary
  33. United Nations in 1954:" The Conference, recognising the need of arousing mass, consciousness ,of the aesthetic, physical and economic value of trees, recommends a World
  34. Who do not commit suicide or are killed typically black out and upon regaining, consciousness , claim amnesia. The western world was made known of amok upon reading the
  35. Theology differs on whether the intermediate state is unconscious sleep or, consciousness , whether the ultimate punishment of the wicked is annihilation or eternal
  36. Of ayahuasca. When used for its medicinal purposes ayahuasca affects the human, consciousness ,for less than six hours beginning half an hour after consumption, and peaking
  37. True philosophy must start from the most immediate and comprehensive fact of, consciousness , and this may be formulated as follows: 'I am life which wills to live, and I
  38. Know this even if we do not understand the physics involved. We know that our, consciousness ,inhabits a physical body, similar to other physical objects only known as
  39. A child's mind which assumes that all events are the product of intention or, consciousness , Piaget explains this with a cognitive inability to distinguish the external
  40. A concrete form that can be easily grasped, thereby fulfilling a need of human, consciousness , As a writer, the art form Rand focused on most closely was literature, where
  41. And that he is in a persistent vegetative state with slim chances of regaining, consciousness , On 13 April 2007,it was reported that Sharon's condition had slightly
  42. Intentionality, memory,and language as these phenomena are experienced within, consciousness ,and time anticipated and inspired the insights of modern phenomenology and
  43. Another earthly life in the physical world, acquiring a superior grade of, consciousness ,and altruism by means of successive reincarnations. This succession leads
  44. In Hartford, Connecticut. *1865 – Abraham Lincoln dies without regaining, consciousness ,after being shot the previous evening by actor John Wilkes Booth. *1892 – The
  45. While steroids seem more effective in treating impairments of cognition, consciousness ,and rigor. The latter effect may be due to either protective effects of fever
  46. Published in 1950 to test a machine's capability to demonstrate intelligence (, consciousness ,). Layer wrote two books on the philosopher Bertrand Russell, Russell and Moore:
  47. Whether one accepts Steiner's interpretation of a science that extends the, consciousness ,and capacity of human beings to experience their inner spiritual world. " Sven
  48. Human intelligence and artificial intelligence? Can a machine have a mind and, consciousness , A few of the most influential answers to these questions are given below.
  49. Belorussian SSR, the term" Belorussian" was embraced as part of a national, consciousness , In the Polish-held Western Belarus," Belorussian" became commonly used in
  50. And Desire ’, Karl Marx, ( German Ideology 1845),says:" It depends not on, consciousness , but on being; not on thought, but on life; it depends on the individual's

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