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  1. Stop cells from cycling and causes apoptosis activation by blocking growth and, survival ,signaling further upstream. Finally, adding p53-MDM2 complexes displaces p53
  2. Are reported to have a bitter and unpleasant taste, they are more useful for, survival ,purposes. The wood of certain alder species is often used to smoke various food
  3. Successive generations of" solutions ". Thus, they emulate reproduction and ", survival ,of the fittest ". In genetic programming, this approach is extended to
  4. In the human body at about 0.14 %. *Potassium is also an essential element for, survival ,as its cation, K+, is essential for nerve and heart function. Potassium is
  5. Erosion of Christianity, the growth of cultural relativism, an awareness of the, survival ,of the primitive in modern life, and the replacement of, all of which are
  6. Describing a meta-ethical theory that based morality in the needs of" man's, survival ,qua man ". She condemned ethical altruism as incompatible with the requirements
  7. Necessary for the successful completion of this journey. From the belief in the, survival ,of the dead arose the practice of offering food, lighting fires, etc., at the
  8. Bark of the trees. Psyche did so and Aphrodite was even more outraged at her, survival ,and success. Finally, Aphrodite claimed that the stress of caring for her son
  9. The difference between the sexes, and their separate roles in the struggle for, survival ,and reproduction, anticipates some of the claims that were later ventured by
  10. On the aristocracy, the upper class, and in particular samurai, to ensure their, survival ,... Kurosawa defended himself against this charge in his interview with me. 'I
  11. Not widely used by commercial interpreters, they exemplify the language's best, survival ,mechanism: not specifying the order of scalar operations or the exact contents
  12. Type for a long time, is probably because nature gives preference in, survival ,of a type which has long been adopted by the climatic conditions and also due to
  13. Occupied by Albion suffered less devastation and had a relatively robust, survival ,rate for towns, whereas the occupation of territory by autonomous military
  14. On what will become a year-long journey of hardship, cannibalism,and, survival , *1849 – Hungary declares itself independent of Austria with Lajos Kossuth as
  15. Name is used as a polemical label, there has been no historically continuous, survival ,of Arianism into the modern era. Arianism resurfaces after the Reformation
  16. Relied on slave trade, commerce in raw materials, and exchange of goods for, survival , The African slave trade provided many black slaves to Europeans
  17. Indirectly lead to the activation of transcription factors involved in cell, survival ,and inflammatory responses. The link between TNF and apoptosis shows why an
  18. Cleanup and prevention programs. Over-fishing by poachers is threatening the, survival ,of Caspian sturgeon stocks, the source of most of the world's supply of caviar
  19. Darwinist concept of the" survival of the fittest ", under the name of ", survival ,of the nicest"—not to be confused with the biological concept of Darwin's
  20. A collective farm. Later, Solzhenitsyn recalled that his mother had fought for, survival ,and that they had to keep his father's background in the old Imperial Army a
  21. Interact with the 14-3-3 scaffold, resulting in BCL dissociation and thus cell, survival , AKT also activates Ink, which leads to NFL activation and cell survival .
  22. Tasks such as lipid and heme biosynthesis, and it appears to be necessary for, survival , Plastids are generally considered sharing a common origin with the
  23. Of the human brain, must be materialistic, but he still believed in the, survival ,of the spirit after death. University and work on computability After Seaborne
  24. Longbow proved its worth for the first time in Continental warfare. Decline and, survival ,of archery The development of firearms rendered bows obsolete in warfare.
  25. To find food, the lack of training of young recruits (meaning less chances of, survival ,), and the overarching role of random chance in the lives and deaths of the
  26. Well beyond those officially classified as poor, have to adopt a variety of, survival ,strategies. At the same time, in urban areas social inequality is most evident
  27. Inheriting phobias would have restrictive and debilitating effects upon, survival , rather than being an aid. For some communities such as in Papua New Guinea and
  28. It crushed her attendant who was outside by the helm. News of Agrippina's, survival ,reached Nero, so he sent three assassins to stab her. He then tried to crush her
  29. Of Aristophanes' plays during the 4th and 5th centuries AD, resulting in their, survival ,today. Aristophanes was very conscious of literary fashions and traditions and
  30. Scenario. Without the LM, the accident would certainly have been fatal. Crew, survival ,and return journey The damage to the Service Module made safe return from a
  31. Petosiris's Circle' is a magical prognosticating device for predicting the, survival ,of a patient. Footnotes Alexander Selkirk (1676 – 13 December 1721) was a
  32. To, or separate from it. In such societies, ritual is considered essential for, survival , as it wins the favor of the spirits of one's source of food, shelter,and
  33. Some of the most frigid extremes on the planet. Among its adaptations for cold, survival ,are its deep, thick fur, a system of countercurrent heat exchange in the
  34. Population in the United States increased by the formation of families and, survival ,of children throughout the South. As the demand for slave labor in the Upper
  35. Ideologically opposed to the sociological social Darwinist concept of the ", survival ,of the fittest ", under the name of" survival of the nicest"—not to be
  36. To bring in film from exterior cameras and conduct an experiment on microbial, survival , The splashdown point was just south of the equator in the Pacific Ocean at 0
  37. Works to block specific campuses. Finally, the AKT protein kinase promotes cell, survival ,through two pathways. AKT phosphorylates and inhibits Ba's (a Bcl-2 family
  38. That express high affinity antibodies on their surface will receive a strong, survival ,signal during interactions with other cells, whereas those with low affinity
  39. Ununpentium has not been discovered as of. *Sodium is an essential element for, survival ,as its cation, Na+, is important for nerve function. Sodium is present in the
  40. Audio and noise control industries. Hearing is one of the most crucial means of, survival ,in the animal world, and speech is one of the most distinctive characteristics
  41. The spacesuits, navigation in the Lunar Roving Vehicle, field geology training, survival ,training, splashdown and recovery training, and equipment/hardware training.
  42. A supporting role throughout its history, and shares much of the credit for its, survival ,and development. Many individuals who have made significant contributions to
  43. Academic writers during the scientific Enlightenment attempted, for the sake of, survival , to separate and divorce the" new" chemistry from the" old" practices of
  44. Linked to the rainfall cycles and the river levels, which increases chances of, survival ,for their offspring. Differences from crocodiles Alligators differ from
  45. That the fall of Constantinople in 1453 had threatened the importance and, survival ,of Greek scholarship, but publications such as those by the Aldine Press
  46. Arachnophobes may possess a slight advantage over non-arachnophobes in terms of, survival , However, this theory is undermined by the disproportional fear of spiders in
  47. State control over the land, labor,and resources that were essential to the, survival ,and growth of ancient Egyptian civilization. Of the Two Lands. Old Kingdom
  48. Fruiting body in which some cells sacrifice themselves to promote the, survival ,of other cells in the fruiting body. Social behavior and altruism share many
  49. Colonial period When the colonists came to America, their initial attempts at, survival ,included planting crops familiar to them from back home in England. In the same
  50. And this has been proven by the experience of war – the only likely method of, survival ,is withdrawal from the killing zone" the way you came in ". All other routes

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