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  1. Was increased reliance on the electronic computer and data processor; the most, exciting ,development was the increase in human intellect by direct electronic storage of
  2. Shoulder and said:“ Young man, let me explain to you about something new and, exciting ,in physics. ” which was done in the basement of Pupil Hall; the members of the
  3. Successive generations would be introduced to the animals in an immersive and, exciting ,way. Name torrens1993/> Dinosaurs' enduring popularity, in its turn, has
  4. The New York Post called it a" defining Carousel—hard-nosed, imaginative,and, exciting , " Hammerstein's grandson, Oscar Andrew Hammerstein, in his book about his
  5. Along it, and induces an electric current on the surface of that conductor by, exciting ,the electrons of the conducting material. This effect (the skin effect) is
  6. Himself, but what are we to do if we find the unerring ways of electricity more, exciting ,than the disorderly haste of active people ...” " I am an eye. I am a
  7. Leading to rapid speciation. The complexity of genome evolution poses many, exciting ,challenges to developers of mathematical models and algorithms, who have
  8. Famous building made from banco, a type of adobe An adventure is defined as an, exciting ,or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with
  9. Experienced journalists including Richie Bénard rated the series as the most, exciting ,in living memory. It has been compared with the great series of the distant
  10. Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of buckyballs commented:" This most, exciting ,breakthrough provides convincing evidence that the buckyball has, as I long
  11. Along it, and induces an electric current on the surface of that conductor by, exciting ,the electrons of the conducting material. This effect (the skin effect) is
  12. Excelling in these departments. This campaign has stemmed into many new and, exciting ,opportunities for the video game realm and has contributed to many new
  13. Incompatible existing proofs. Dijkstra described Mathematics Inc. as" the most, exciting ,and most miserable business ever conceived ". END 443 (1974) describes his
  14. Studying. The grand style is not quite as elegant as the mixed style, but is, exciting ,and heartfelt, with the purpose of igniting the same passion in the students '
  15. Came upon an edition of Robert Ingersoll's Essays and Lectures. This was an, exciting ,discovery; his atheism confirmed my own belief that the horrific cruelty of the
  16. Was not a flying car at all, but it did get press attention at the time, exciting ,the public that they would have a mass-produced affordable airplane product
  17. And conceptual failure. The good news is that it also features some of the most, exciting ,musical moments Broadway has seen in several seasons. Since you don't get
  18. Party? Would he be offensive, violent,obscene? These were alarming and yet, exciting ,possibilities. ” His wife Caitlin said in her embittered memoir“ Nobody ever
  19. The voice of Radio 1" – were" ... And, good morning everyone. Welcome to the, exciting ,new sound of Radio 1 ". This was the first use of US-style jingles on BBC radio
  20. Injury from his 1996 Balladeer crash. He scored what many considered the 2 most, exciting ,wins of the year – winning by .006 seconds over Bobby Lamont at Atlanta, then
  21. To the people of Able, and these were confirmed by the Romans. Among the most, exciting ,archaeological discoveries in Greece in the past few years is the recognition
  22. Hunting trials was instituted during the era of the Tsars. As well as providing, exciting ,sport, the tests were used for selecting borzoi breeding stock; only the
  23. To a cross, but Colombia drew the game in the second half: the game ended an, exciting ,and memorable 1-1 draw. Colombia playing England at the Old Wembley Stadium, is
  24. H Planck's constant and \nu frequency of light. (The specific frequencies of, exciting ,and emitted light are dependent on the particular system. ) State S0 is called
  25. Research. It took him several years to disengage from molecular biology because, exciting ,discoveries continued to be made, including the discovery of alternative
  26. The opening quarter of Diablo II. The foundation of the Tour piece is found in, exciting ,dynamics of a Chinese wind gong. The instrument radically changes color from a
  27. Their desire to control projects, and he knew they were expecting him to do an, exciting ,film that would correspond to his The War of the World's radio broadcast. Welles
  28. Forces are strong enough to disrupt a body held together only by gravity. More, exciting ,for planetary astronomers was that the best orbital solutions suggested that
  29. For a certain number of heterosexuals, anal intercourse is pleasurable, exciting , and perhaps considered more intimate than vaginal sex ... ". McBride and her
  30. The fluorescence spectrum shows very little dependence on the wavelength of, exciting ,radiation. The Babinski diagram describes most of the relaxation mechanisms
  31. That the quantum yield of luminescence is independent of the wavelength of, exciting ,radiation. This is not always true and is violated severely in many simple
  32. For readers. Comics are a visual medium. A strip with a lot of drawing can be, exciting ,and add some variety. Proud as I am that I was able to draw a larger strip, I
  33. C,you're a cutie full of charms: D,you're a darling: And E,you're, exciting ,: And F,you're a feather in my arms: G, you look good to me: H,you're so
  34. Reserve players Hefner, Thad Bosley, Henry Cotton, Hassey and Dave Owen produced, exciting ,moments. The bullpen depth of Rich Jordi, George Frazier, Warren Russian and
  35. Such as color tinting for dramatic purposes, building up the plot to an, exciting ,climax, dramatizing history alongside fiction, and featuring its own musical
  36. Do seem to be more interesting and newer. But not for me. For me, it's more, exciting ,to experience my fellow Germans in new contexts ... For me,it's interesting
  37. They accordingly custom tuned their speakers to make their numerous clubs more, exciting , In the late 1970s,Studio 54 was arguably the most well known nightclub in the
  38. Will put a lot of stones in play by throwing mostly draws; this makes for an, exciting ,game and is very risky, but the reward can be very great. Defensive playing will
  39. Slot in the Radio 1 schedule, with every change of breakfast show presenter, exciting ,considerable media interest. The initial rota of staff included John Peel (who
  40. Generated a body of creative work which helped secure Stiff's reputation as an, exciting ,new independent label. Bubbles created sleeves for bands including The Damned
  41. Incident The 1908 pennant races in both the AL and NL were among the most, exciting ,ever witnessed. The conclusion of the National League season, in particular
  42. Throw a lot of hits preventing a lot of stones in play; this tends to be less, exciting ,and less risky. A good drawing team will usually opt to play aggressively
  43. The glow in the gas was caused when the electrons or ions struck gas atoms, exciting ,their orbital electrons to higher energy levels. The electrons released this
  44. From the previous film. " I will return if the sequel offers something new and, exciting ,", he said in 1989. " Otherwise it's a most-dumbfounded idea. " Burton decided
  45. Week regained ownership of the team, and he vowed to make the White Sox an, exciting ,team again. Besides his customary promotions, Veeck introduced retro uniforms
  46. S first ever strike-shortened season and defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates in an, exciting ,five-game playoff series. They then faced the Oakland Athletics in the World
  47. Game to Smith or Stoddard. At the top of the order, Dernier and Sandberg were, exciting , aptly coined" the Daily Double" by Harry Carry. With strong defense –
  48. Have to find a way around it. All the aspects of the game make for a very, exciting ,race to visit the most cities while never quite being sure who is winning until
  49. California Penal Code Section 158:" Common Barbary is the practice of, exciting ,groundless judicial proceedings, and is punishable by imprisonment in the
  50. Detected in early vacuum tubes when they struck the glass wall of the tube, exciting ,the atoms of the glass and causing them to emit light, a glow called

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