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  1. Gained a preliminary victory when the navy under the command of Agrippa, successfully ,ferried troops across the Adriatic Sea. While Agrippa cut off Antony and
  2. Of Saris and proceeded down the Ionian coast. At Halicarnassus, Alexander, successfully , waged the first of many sieges, eventually forcing his opponents, the mercenary
  3. Court applied the wrong legal standard. In some rare cases, an appellant may, successfully ,argue that the law under which the lower decision was rendered was
  4. Moon, Richard Griffiths, Gunnar Edilson and Andrew Miles. The expedition, successfully ,showed that wheeled transport on the continent is not only possible but also
  5. Programmable, being designed only to solve systems of linear equations. It was, successfully ,tested in 1942. However, its intermediate result storage mechanism, a paper
  6. Allowing Quarter to be crowned year-end World No. 1. Agassi opened 2001 by, successfully ,defending his Australian Open title with a straight-sets final win over Arnaud
  7. National Laboratory. Antihydrogen atoms In 1995,CERN announced that it had, successfully ,brought into existence nine antihydrogen atoms by implementing the
  8. A runway. On September 11, 2008,a United States Air Force C-17 Globe master III, successfully ,completed the first landing in Antarctica using night-vision goggles at Pegasus
  9. And the Duran Empire Airways Total, seen as Afghanistan's George Washington, successfully ,rebelled against the Persian Safavid's in 1709. He overthrew and killed Grain
  10. The rest of the Australian states were established with the Murray River being, successfully ,navigated in 1853 by Francis Ca dell, an Adelaide resident. South Australia
  11. Was necessary to have a crew member serving as navigator so that the crew could, successfully ,return to Earth in case of communication loss with Mission Control. Lovell
  12. U. S. cheered. Lincoln resolved the issue by releasing the two men and war was, successfully ,averted with Britain. Lincoln's foreign policy approach had been initially
  13. Considerable popular and scientific attention. Carrel's experiment was never, successfully ,replicated, and in the 1960s Leonard Hay flick and Paul Muirhead proposed that
  14. CBT) and short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy (STPP) can be used to, successfully ,treat GAD with positive effects lasting 12 months after treatment. There are
  15. When Poirot is being assessed by other characters, showing that he has, successfully ,passed himself off as a charlatan or fraud. All these techniques help Poirot
  16. Personnel received bonuses worth tens of thousands of dollars if they could, successfully ,dissuade or" save" half of the people who called to cancel service. For
  17. Astronomy. Work of scientific merit is possible, however,and many amateurs, successfully ,contribute to the knowledge base of professional astronomers. Astronomy is
  18. Experience. Indeed, Aristotle warns that the content of a science cannot be, successfully ,communicated, if the learner is in doubt about the truth of the postulates. The
  19. To end the fighting and the meetings produced no results. On April 1,Grant, successfully ,outflanked Lee's forces in the Battle of Five Forks and nearly encircled
  20. And his real name is never revealed),Operation Sea lion succeeds and the Nazis, successfully ,conquer Britain, sparking a Cold War between the Allied Powers and Germany.
  21. Lost a case that had proceeded to a final trial stage. The Bell company lawyers, successfully ,fought off myriad lawsuits generated initially around the challenges by Elisha
  22. On the grounds that the company had changed its original train route. Lincoln, successfully ,argued that the railroad company was not bound by its original charter in
  23. Number of animals an area of land can support without long-term damage, were, successfully , defeated due to large food company pressure. Environmental impact Agriculture
  24. Shares some of an object's properties. We understand that a watermelon cannot, successfully ,occupy the same space as an oncoming truck; we know that if we tried to repeat
  25. The charismatic leader needed to keep the country together and Nazi Germany, successfully ,conquers Great Britain via Operation Sea lion. Germany later conquers the rest
  26. Experimental measurements of the speed of sound in air were carried out, successfully ,between 1630 and 1680 by a number of investigators, prominently Presence.
  27. Of Hugh Blair of Morgue, as detailed in a 1747 court case in which his brother, successfully ,petitioned to annul Blair's marriage to gain Blair's inheritance. The Wild
  28. Is often applied in the context of ANOVA in order to assess the probability of, successfully ,rejecting the null hypothesis if we assume a certain ANOVA design, effect size
  29. In Doyle v Colby (Ironmongers) Ltd 1969 2 QB 158,the claimant appealed (, successfully ,) on the basis that, although he won in the court below, the lower court had
  30. Surgeons who treated the president felt that such veins were too large to be, successfully ,reconnected. This left a deep impression on Carrel, and he set about developing
  31. By the Austro-Hungarian Navy, is launched. *1917 – World War I: Canadian forces, successfully ,complete the taking of Limy Ridge from the Germans. *1927 – April 12 Incident:
  32. Vandals),but ceased to be the mainstream belief by the 8th century, as it was, successfully ,crushed through a series of military and political conquests, culminating in
  33. Rams and rolling siege towers, overran the military centers of Ra tiara and, successfully ,besieged Narcissus (modern Is). Advancing along the Nisan River, the Huns
  34. By extreme application and hard work he completed his studies, successfully ,at the end of 1911. His medical degree dissertation was another work on the
  35. To support the existing government in that country. Since 1998,Angola has, successfully ,worked with the UN Security Council to impose and carry out sanctions on UNITS.
  36. In the west. The western province of Heart was invaded by the Persians but was, successfully ,fought off by Fate Khan, brother of Dost Mohammad Khan. The Sikhs, under
  37. But later recaptured by France and restored to the Dutch Republic. France, successfully ,conquered the Turks and Pieces archipelago. At the Battle of the Saints in
  38. Mechanism, one atom is usually much smaller than the other, and so cannot, successfully ,replace an atom in the crystals of the base metal. The smaller atoms become
  39. And rivalries between commanders, did not work in conjunction. Although Howe, successfully ,captured Philadelphia, the northern army was lost in a disastrous surrender at
  40. Motivation for the other three directors was to make it easier for Kurosawa to, successfully ,complete a film, and therefore find his way back into the business. The first
  41. Of Umhall were the O’Dallas, recorded in the area in 814 AD when they, successfully ,repelled an onslaught by the Vikings in Clew Bay. The Anglo/Norman invasion of
  42. After their marriage, Crowley actually fell in love with her and set about to, successfully ,prove his affections. Gerald Kelly was a good friend of W. Somerset Maugham
  43. Method, AppletGuard was used to observe and control any applet in a browser, successfully , Alternate history or alternative history is a genre
  44. Aluminium. Further, Pierre Bertie discovered aluminum in bauxite ore and, successfully ,extracted it. Frenchman Henri Étienne Sainte-Claire Seville improved Wöhler's
  45. Drama Night of January 16th,first produced in Hollywood in 1934 and then, successfully ,reopened on Broadway in 1935. Each night the" jury" was selected from members
  46. Retake Trenton but was first repulsed and then outmaneuvered by Washington, who, successfully , attacked the British rearguard at Princeton on January 3,1777. Washington then
  47. He completed his license de philosophies (BA) in 1935; in May 1936,he, successfully ,presented his thesis on Platinum, Néo-Platonisme et Sense Chretien (
  48. In the war effort. McClellan's letter incensed Radical Republicans, who, successfully , pressured Lincoln to appoint John Pope, a Republican, as head of the new Army
  49. 1983,Fatso started recording sessions for a solo album, as Frida had, successfully ,released her album Something's Going On some months earlier. Slaves and
  50. Modulation—initially called" adulatory currents"—was the first method to, successfully ,produce quality audio over telephone lines. Beginning with Reginald Descended

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