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  1. Had taken the city he was captured and executed. This death was a great, shock ,to Ampere. In 1796 Ampere met Julie Carbon, and in 1799 they were married. From
  2. Ebola virus disease is commonly due to multiple organ failure and hypokalemic, shock , Marburg's virus was first discovered in Marburg, Germany. No treatments
  3. And Mach number -- in an extremely violent and irreversible fashion called a, shock ,wave. The presence of shock waves, along with the compressibility effects of
  4. Regime. Hypersonic flow is characterized by high temperature flow behind a, shock ,wave, viscous interaction, and chemical dissociation of gas. Associated
  5. Described as" a gentleman who, perhaps alone of the Romans, had survived the, shock ,of this notable storm. Certainly his parents, who had worn the purple, were
  6. Of Israel, Israeli victories during the wars of 1956 and 1967 served a severe, shock ,to the Arabs. The situation of the Middle Eastern Jews worsened and almost all
  7. Of spiritualism. It has been suggested by one biographer that the emotional, shock ,he had received a few months earlier, when his first fiancée broke their
  8. Examples of sustained irony in the history of the English language. Much of its, shock ,value derives from the fact that the first portion of the essay describes the
  9. Between 130 and 140 pounds (64 kg) on average. Jackson also had an unruly, shock ,of red hair, which had completely grayed by the time he became president at age
  10. Suffered from" severe burns and a blow to the head ", in addition to severe, shock ,and a weak heart. The coroner theorized that, even if Aaliyah had survived the
  11. And managed for many years. The war between the American and National caused, shock ,waves throughout the baseball world. At a meeting at the Leland Hotel in
  12. This type of massed cavalry attack relied almost entirely on psychological, shock ,for effect. Close artillery support could disrupt infantry squares and allow
  13. By switching the antenna from narrowband to wideband mode. Mechanical, shock ,forced the oxygen valves closed on the number 1 and number 3 fuel cells, which
  14. Operating for only about three minutes on the oxygen in the feed lines. The, shock ,also either partially ruptured a line from the number 1 oxygen tank, or caused
  15. Though, came from the investigations of Luigi Galvani, who discovered that a, shock ,of static electricity applied to an exposed nerve of a dead frog could cause
  16. Film had been earmarked as contenders for Lucas's movie, and vice-versa. The ", shock ,ending" finale is effective even while it upholds horror-film convention, its
  17. Of this period took its toll, and in 1979 he suffered a physical collapse. This, shock ,led Hawks to make a sustained and ultimately successful effort to conquer his
  18. The best of the phalli were formed into units called group Zárate (, shock ,troops),semi-mobile groups that acted as reserve forces for the defense of
  19. In the past. Once a forecasting error is made by agents, due to a stochastic, shock , they will be unable to correctly forecast the price level again even if the
  20. In international affairs. The outbreak of the First World War was clearly a, shock ,to Carnegie and his optimistic view on world peace. Although his promotion of
  21. Were looking into the wreckage. Charlton suffered cuts to his head and severe, shock ,and was in hospital for a week. Seven of his teammates had perished at the
  22. S few successful moments with City came in January 1994 when he led them to a, shock ,1–0 victory over Liverpool in the third round of the FA Cup. Joe Jordan was
  23. This led to some immediate international trade liberalization, but there was no, shock ,to the economy. The government is running annual surpluses of above 3 %. This
  24. Use crystal growth in a temperature gradient, or explosive shock wave. The, shock ,wave method is used to produce material called hetero diamond, a super hard
  25. The Sun; Sedna is currently () about 88 AU from the Sun *94 AU: Termination, shock ,between Solar winds/Interstellar winds/Interstellar medium *96.7 AU: The
  26. Atmosphere. Additionally, many show signs of being subjected to high pressure, shock ,waves that are generated during impact events. Some returned samples are
  27. Then underway. John Birmingham's Axis of Time trilogy deals with the culture, shock ,when a United Nations naval task force from 2021 finds itself back in 1942
  28. Volume by reducing the water content of the blood. This would rarely result in, shock ,(apart from the very severe cases) but may result in orthostatic hypotension
  29. The most versatile and fearsome weapons on the battlefield, valued for its, shock ,action against other troops and high survivability, although it can be still be
  30. Hitting each other; the loudness of the sound is proportionate with that of the, shock , Thunder without lightning is the result of the wind being too weak to emit any
  31. The use of satire in writing is a new development. His essay had the same, shock ,value to some readers who were not exposed to Swift's original 'modest
  32. Extremely violent and irreversible fashion called a shock wave. The presence of, shock ,waves, along with the compressibility effects of high-velocity (see Reynolds
  33. Magazines worldwide. In 2000,Kournikova became the new face for Berlei's, shock ,absorber sports bras, and appeared in the" only the ball should bounce "
  34. Compare stages of the cell cycle, along with various stress conditions (heat, shock , starvation, etc.). One can then apply clustering algorithms to that
  35. Of time to super compensate during a regeneration phase. These are known as ", shock ,micro-cycles" and were a key training technique used by Soviet athletes.
  36. Sadducee's by denying the law of the water libation. The crowd responded with, shock ,at his mockery and showed their displeasure by pelting Alexander with the
  37. The wife of Gautama's cousin, Nanda. The Dying princess is suffering from the, shock ,of hearing that her husband has become a monk. Some great master paints the sad
  38. Independently developed the theory for flow properties before and after a, shock ,wave. Jakob Cheat led the initial work on calculating the lift and drag on a
  39. Petra. Charlotte describes Fredrik's meeting with Desiree; Anne reacts with, shock ,and horror. The older woman explains to Anne that such is the lot of a wife
  40. A low coefficient of thermal expansion giving it a good resistance to thermal, shock , Duran and Pyrex are two major brand names for this glass, used both in
  41. Elements, rather than to divine causes. In his system, thunder results from the, shock ,of clouds hitting each other; the loudness of the sound is proportionate with
  42. Flourished. Impact on Britain Losing the war and the 13 colonies was a, shock ,to Britain. The war revealed the limitations of Britain's fiscal-military
  43. An impending tragedy was to engulf the family. His sudden death came as a, shock ,to the family. He was aged just thirty-one. The cause was recorded as chronic
  44. Objects of various shapes. Evaluating the lift and drag on an airplane or the, shock ,waves that form in front of the nose of a rocket are examples of external
  45. From diamond growth, use crystal growth in a temperature gradient, or explosive, shock ,wave. The shock wave method is used to produce material called hetero diamond, a
  46. IN Addition of boron nitride to silicon nitride ceramics improves the thermal, shock ,resistance of the resulting material. For the same purpose, BN is added also to
  47. The first symptom, restlessness,begins, and 40 % of volume (2 L) before, shock ,sets in. Thrombocytes are important for blood coagulation and the formation of
  48. Have particular care to that part of the line which will endure the first, shock ,of the English troops. " The vigor of the English assault, however,was such
  49. Used in silica-based glasses and ceramics to give them resistance to thermal, shock , Boron-containing reagents are used for the synthesis of organic compounds, as
  50. On the anchor. If the weight is suspended off the seabed it acts as a spring or, shock ,absorber to dampen the sudden actions that are normally transmitted to the

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