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  1. Unfamiliar with the area who would rely on the astronauts' descriptions to, interpret ,the findings. The decision to land at Hadley came in September 1970. The Site
  2. Doing business or by government agencies. It provides knowledge and skills to, interpret ,and use statistical techniques in a variety of business applications. A typical
  3. Of manipulating numbers this large, and many non-American readers may, interpret ,a billion as 1012 (even if they are young enough to have been taught otherwise
  4. The end of a line introduced unnecessary complexity and questions as to how to, interpret ,each character when encountered alone. To simplify matters, plain text files on
  5. Him that God intends to maintain his family line forever. Some Christians, interpret ,this as a prediction that Jesus Christ, as a descendant of David, was promised
  6. Friendship, but commentators from the classical period to today have tended to, interpret ,the relationship through the lens of their own cultures. Thus, in 5th-century
  7. Broadly speaking, there are two views on Bayesian probability that, interpret ,the 'state of knowledge' concept in different ways. For objectivity, the
  8. Great literary skill in his exposition of the laws, and was one of the first to, interpret ,the civil law by the history, languages and literature of antiquity, and to
  9. It in other ways. The devious politician hopes that each constituent will, interpret ,the statement in the most desirable way, and think the politician supports
  10. In popular theology This usage may confuse users of AME, who are likely to, interpret ,and even use" No fear! " As enthusiastic willingness to move forward.
  11. And Latin classics. He also printed dictionaries and grammars to help people, interpret ,the books. While scholars wanting to learn Greek used to employ learned Greeks
  12. Pressure levels in terms of frequencies, partly because this is how our ears, interpret ,sound. What we experience as" higher pitched" or" lower pitched" sounds are
  13. Molecular ion is usually weak. The fragmentation pattern can be difficult to, interpret , but, in the case of branched chain alkanes, the carbon chain is preferentially
  14. Probability. Broadly speaking, there are two views on Bayesian probability that, interpret ,the state of knowledge concept in different ways. According to the objectives
  15. Emotional facility, a well-developed imagination, and the ability to, interpret ,drama. Acting also often demands an ability to employ dialects, accents and
  16. As those of Herodotus (5th century BC). It was even considered heretical to, interpret ,the Bible literally at times. Original sin Augustine taught that Original sin
  17. Are often, but by no means always, protected by a legal body whose job it is to, interpret ,those constitutions and, where applicable, declare void executive and
  18. The nature of the damage, however,this information is often difficult to, interpret , In animal studies, most commonly involving rats, it is possible to use
  19. In the narrative as a whole. The prayer is a psalm of thanksgiving, serving to, interpret ,Jonah's swallowing by the fish as an act of Divine salvation. God has lifted
  20. Show apostles and deacons administering baptism. Ancient Christian churches, interpret ,this as indicating that baptism should be performed by the clergy except in
  21. Genealogy of Jesus at the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew. Many Christians, interpret ,Boat and Ruth as typical of Jesus and the Church. Ruth's famous words," For
  22. most contract law and the law of torts, and (b) court decisions that, interpret ,and decide the fine boundaries and distinctions in law promulgated by other
  23. Acts of discipline that turned Israel back to God. However, the people did not, interpret ,the acts this way, and the discipline turned into judgment for the people's
  24. Two papers he published in 1902–1903 (thermodynamics) attempted to, interpret ,atomic phenomena from a statistical point of view. These papers were the
  25. Of the scientific systems, and may lead to ambiguities,e.g. whether to, interpret ,sh as a single sound, as in gash, or a combination of two sounds, as in
  26. Of known words to make guesses as to what the user was writing, and could, interpret ,writing anywhere on the screen, whether hand-printed, in cursive, or a mix of
  27. And apostolic faith is revealed in Holy Scripture and the Catholic creeds and, interpret ,these in light of the Christian tradition of the historic church, scholarship
  28. Lack of aspiration. Icelandic and Faeroese have pre-aspirated; some scholars, interpret ,these as consonant clusters as well. Preaspirated stops also occur in some Sami
  29. And television advertisements. The purpose of semiotics is to study and, interpret ,the message being conveyed in advertisements. Logos and advertisements can be
  30. Though Honor may not have intended a proposal of marriage, Attila chose to, interpret ,her message as such. He accepted, asking for half of the western Empire as
  31. Activity) and echo or reflect a message, mood,or symbolism for the viewer to, interpret ,(art as experience). Artworks can be defined by purposeful, creative
  32. Profiles To use Bluetooth wireless technology, a device has to be able to, interpret ,certain Bluetooth profiles, which are definitions of possible applications and
  33. Prey included ornithopods, stegosaurids, and sauropods. Some paleontologists, interpret ,Allosaurus as having had cooperative social behavior, and hunting in packs
  34. III in 1957) to account for the differing worlds. Some science fiction writers, interpret ,the splitting of worlds to depend on human decision-making and free will, while
  35. 8 and 11 have been applied to the time of Antioch us Epiphanies. Historicists, interpret ,all four prophecies as extending from Daniel's time, past the present to a
  36. And ritual. One famous site where historical records have been used to, interpret ,sites is Chichen Itza. Rather than analyzing the site and seeing which targets
  37. Letters and numbers. Another person standing a great distance away can, interpret ,the flags and reproduce the words sent. Theory In information theory and
  38. Was thought at the time to be a descendant of the real Ban quo. Critics often, interpret ,Banquo's role in the play as being a foil to Macbeth, resisting evil where
  39. The Missouri) is possibly another example of this though some scholars, interpret ,it instead as a prayer for a safe voyage.: :Hither to me now from your isle of
  40. Return address with this address the program will first jump to 0x7C941EED, interpret , the opcode FF E4 as the JMP esp instruction, and will then jump to the top of
  41. The Prophecy of Seventy Weeks to be particularly compelling due to what they, interpret ,to be prophetic accuracy. According to some scholars, Dan. 12:2 is the earliest
  42. The surviving evidence is not complete enough to determine whether one should, interpret , with older scholars, that he wisely curtailed the activities of the Roman
  43. 0. Since x_i-X is the distance from a given number to the mean, one way to, interpret ,this property is as saying that the numbers to the left of the mean are
  44. For solving problems. Men prefer to have available and apparent cues to, interpret ,the message where females engage in more creative, associative,imagery-laced
  45. Relationship was commonly interpret ed as pederast. Contemporary readers may, interpret ,the two heroes either as relatives or close friends, as " war buddies ", as
  46. Through standards-compliant LDAP clients, but these systems usually do not, interpret ,many attributes associated with Windows components, such as Group Policy and
  47. J. Brachtendorf showed, Augustine used Ciceroni an Stoic concept of passions, to, interpret , St. Paul's doctrine of universal sin and redemption. The view that not only
  48. Developed it as a cylindrical system to predict seasonal shifts and to, interpret ,celestial cycles as signs of divine communications. Historically it was an
  49. Baptists argue that the Greek word originally meant" to immerse ". They, interpret ,some Biblical passages concerning baptism as requiring submersion of the body
  50. And Diddums the Blind, two other early Christian universalist. One could, interpret ,this passage as being another example of the mainstream Christian belief in a

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