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  1. Of automimicry). The" false head" effect is further reinforced by the bugs ', habit ,of walking backwards when it detects movement nearby,to misdirect
  2. Randell Johns claimed that until the mid-1850s,Aboriginal people made a ", habit ,of visiting the place annually and retracing the outlines of the figure of the
  3. The purpose which had brought him to Subrace, and had given him the monk's, habit , By his advice Benedict became a hermit and for three years, unknown to men
  4. Debauched sensory appreciation" describes how the of a circumstance encourages, habit ,design as a person adapts to circumstances or builds skills. Once trained and
  5. Roots),and temperature and water lead to cool and warm season growth, habit , These findings help explain the categories used in Hold ridge’s
  6. Had the power of admitting their own monks and vesting them with the religious, habit , The power of the abbot was paternal but absolute, limited,however, by the
  7. Unless contracted otherwise. In 1892,he said" In times past ... it was my, habit ,to talk glibly of the right of man to land. It was a bad habit , and I long ago
  8. Her community. The abbess also traditionally adds a pectoral cross to her, habit ,as a symbol of office. Abbesses are, like abbots, major superiors according to
  9. Nine brigadiers wounded, and one killed – testament to their courage and their, habit ,of leading from the front. Overall Guyot's Guard heavy cavalry division lost
  10. Until she is put off them by the events of Hallowe'en Party. She also has a, habit ,of constantly changing her hairstyle, and in every appearance by her much is
  11. It was my habit to talk glibly of the right of man to land. It was a bad, habit , and I long ago sloughed it off. Man's only right to land is his might over it
  12. Piece of paper. " After he won the bet, he promptly resumed his amphetamine, habit , In music Many songs have been written about amphetamine, for example in the
  13. Hurst who uncharacteristically squandered the chance. West Germany, who had a, habit ,of coming back from behind, eventually scored twice – a back header from We
  14. Theological of Thomas Aquinas, which bases animal classification as much on, habit ,as anatomy. This is similar to the Church's classification of the capybara
  15. To the abbot primate, rather than to the local bishop. The abbot wears the same, habit ,as his fellow monks, though by tradition he adds to it a pectoral cross.
  16. As Culture in Israel, who circumcised his own son 50 years before" because of, habit , because it was a custom, it is a custom of the Jews ", says of circumcision: "
  17. She-bears. A myth explaining this servitude relates that a bear had formed the, habit ,of regularly visiting the town of Brandon, and the people there fed it, so that
  18. Innocent X in 1650. Nuns The Nuns of St Ambrose (Ambrosia Sisters) wore a, habit ,of the same color as the Brothers of St Ambrose, conformed to their
  19. Her flute whose magic music turns men into beasts. The Indian Circe had the, habit ,of eating the animals into which she transformed men. Hesiod's Theology
  20. Is able to select freely from free variant allophones, based on personal, habit ,or preference. Allot one A tonic allophone is sometimes called an allot one, for
  21. Manuscript ... Naked Lunch appeared and Burroughs disappeared. He kicked his, habit ,with apomorphine and flew off to London to see Dr Dent, who had first turned
  22. Were bound to give themselves away … " After solving a case Poirot has the, habit ,of collecting all people involved into a single room and explaining to them the
  23. And to their editors. His knowledge in reading newspapers stems from a, habit ,from his childhood. He also would go on to publish three books on travel. One
  24. Avoided by all, as is a serpent, through misfortune of place, or through bad, habit ,that impels them, on which account they have so transformed their nature, the
  25. That" the only worthy religion in the world is an examined religion. " A, habit ,religion, such as that originally practiced by Job, is never enough. One has to
  26. Much more likely to marry abroad as a part of aristocratic alliance building. A, habit ,of one group in society was thus codified as a law for the whole citizen body
  27. However, more vital propositions, such as Hume's argument for the role of, habit ,in a theory of knowledge, are retained. This book has proven highly influential
  28. Of experience had provided him with not only an interest in design, but also a, habit ,of being familiar with and knowledgeable about the materials that his later
  29. Is the" turn-over-rate" of central bank governors. If a government is in the, habit ,of appointing and replacing the governor frequently, it clearly has the
  30. Hybrids often produce flowers in a fuller circle rather than a" side facing ", habit ,like the" old-fashioned" pink. The hybrids are able to adapt to year round
  31. Beliefs in outcomes. This effect may be understood as another case of custom or, habit ,taking experience and using it to predict the future. (Hume 1974:346-348
  32. Or effort to replace a dysfunctional cognitive-affective-behavioral process or, habit ,with a more reasonable and adaptive one. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is
  33. Of the winning 'decay algorithm' sponsored by Bruce. Neologisms Sterling has a, habit ,of coining neologisms to describe things which he believes will be common in
  34. Of its own, the index by factual connection to its object, and the symbol by a, habit ,or rule for its interpret ant. III. Theme, dicisign, argument (also called
  35. Locally, creating a total breakdown of safety design features. This 'bad safety, habit ,' carried over into real battle practices. There was a further difference in
  36. May only be combated through the non-philosophical adherence to custom or, habit , He ends the section with his own reservations towards Cartesian and Lockean
  37. many things. A physical characteristic (like being tall or big),a, habit ,(like smiling or drinking too much),place of birth, a particular skill, an
  38. Or monthly (in preference to the daily offices),by priests attired in choir, habit , or more regular clothes, rather than Eucharistic vestments. Ceremony may be in
  39. Instances. In this way, people know of necessity through rigorous custom or, habit , and not from any immediate knowledge of the powers of the will. (Hume
  40. In silk, and adopting sumptuous attire. Some even laid aside the monastic, habit ,altogether, and assumed a secular dress. With the increase of wealth and power
  41. Performance of charitable deeds, even when not entirely disinterested; for the, habit ,of right-doing will finally make the intention pure" ( Pelagic 50b). *"Man
  42. Was the real author but was forbidden to claim authorship because of his bad, habit ,of disparaging others. The Nehemiah Memorial, chapters 1-7 and 11-13,may have
  43. Or a TV monitor. This was done to help 1930s audiences, who were out of the, habit ,of watching silent films, adjust to not hearing dialogue. Modern Times was the
  44. Hume, we assume that experience tells us something about the world because of, habit ,or custom, which human nature forces us to take seriously. This is also
  45. Order they took the name" Frat res Anti Ambrosia ad Nexus" and adopted a, habit ,consisting of a brown tunic, scapular,and hood. The brethren elected a
  46. A singular object, an actual event or fact, a " Second "; and the design is a, habit , a rule, a representational relation, a " Third ". II. Icon, index,symbol:
  47. Of the Austin canons or Black canons (so called from the color of their, habit ,) present few distinctive peculiarities. This order had its first seat in
  48. Armadillos (mainly Days) make common roadkill due to their, habit ,of jumping to about fender height when startled (such as by an oncoming car).
  49. Catholic Church and Cardinal, wearing the traditional eastern bishop's, habit ,and the now abolished cardinal's Galeão. ) In previous times, at the
  50. For celibacy" Baba also asserted that" The value of celibacy lies in the, habit ,of restraint and the sense of detachment and independence which it gives" and

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