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  1. Criticism Adobe has been criticized for its pricing practices, with, retail , prices being as much as twice as high in non-US countries as in the US. In June
  2. Wednesday – flea market; 4th Thursday of the month a farmer' market; Friday –, retail ,market; Saturday – retail market (also in the town hall car park); 3rd Sunday
  3. Student versions AutoCAD is licensed at a significant discount over commercial, retail ,pricing to qualifying students and teachers, with a 36-month license available.
  4. Surpassing manufacturing in SA as the largest employer since 2006–07. The, retail ,trade is the second-largest employer in SA (2009–10),with 91,900 jobs, and
  5. 500 represented a return to Commodore's roots by being sold in the same mass, retail ,outlets as the Commodore 64 - to which it was a spiritual successor - as
  6. Architectural firms focus on certain project types (for example, health care, retail , public housing),technological expertise or project delivery methods. Some
  7. Monitor, or on a regular TV set by way of a separate RF modulator. The original, retail ,price of the computer was (with of RAM) and (with the maximum of RAM). To
  8. Floppy disk drive. It was introduced in May 1985 in the UK. Initial suggested, retail ,prices for the CPC664 were GBP339.00/DM1198.00 with a green screen and
  9. And train other people to become IBO's. Each IBO may earn income both from the, retail ,markup on any products they sell personally, plus a performance bonus based on
  10. For the Arts: The Center includes galleries, art classes, art studios, and, retail , shop. They sponsor the local street fair, The Octagon Arts Festival. Also have
  11. Like Amway, Avon,and Mary Kay continued to operate through a network of, retail ,stores promoted by an independent sales force. China introduced new direct
  12. According to a report in Bloomberg Businessweek in April 2010,Amway had 237, retail , shops in China,160,000 direct sales agents, and US$3 billion in revenue.
  13. Began shipping in September with a base configuration of 256 KB of RAM at the, retail ,price of 1,295 USD. An analog RGB monitor was available for around 300 USD
  14. In 2010. The town's shopping center is called the Arrington Mondale Center. A, retail ,park near the town center, Eastgate Retail Park, has stores such as Home
  15. Entered into arrangements to publish certain licensed titles and reduced the, retail ,price for its Jaguar console unit. Atari attributes the poor performance of
  16. Hall Various markets are held in the Market Hall, for example: Tuesdays –, retail ,market, which also stretches into the town hall car park and temporarily the
  17. Devices' appeal was that desktop connectivity was not included in the basic, retail ,package, a problem that was later solved with 2. X Newton devices - these were
  18. Which will be located west from Algiers. This complex will include several, retail ,zones, meeting places, and residential zones composed of apartments and villas
  19. Spring 1985 to the press and developers and then in early July 1985 for general, retail ,sales, saving the company. * Jack Trammel chose to include the Hebrew alphabet
  20. Top 5 most expensive shopping streets in Europe, and the tenth most expensive, retail ,street in the world. Nearby, the renovated Army Fund building in Panepistimiou
  21. 5000 AGP series mentioned in the catalyst software have never been observed at, retail ,outlets. Many problems have been observed with the AMD Catalyst 11.2 - 11.6 AGP
  22. And making exaggerated income claims "; the company was ordered to stop, retail ,price fixing and allocating customers among distributors and was prohibited
  23. Union Square, reached completion in late September/early October 2009. Major, retail ,parks away from the city center include the Berry den Retail Park, the
  24. Cassette tape deck. It was introduced in June 1984 in the UK. Initial suggested, retail ,prices for the CPC464 were GBP249.00/DM899.00 with a green screen and
  25. Web browser; and iOS, a mobile operating system., the company operates 317, retail , stores in ten countries, and an online store where hardware and software
  26. By the Australian government, in addition to some revenue received from its, retail ,outlets. In the 2006–07 federal budget, the ABC received A$823 million of
  27. Notably the St Nicholas & On Accord and the Trinity Shopping Center. A new, retail ,
  28. Was struck between Delegates and retail er Game to bring the Jaguar to Game's, retail ,outlets. The machine was initially sold for £29.99 brand new and the software
  29. S clothing is sold. Most of the malls and leading brands have there Authorized, retail ,outlets at Jaipur Road, Vaishali Nagar, India Motor Circle. The city has best
  30. Ex-convict. 2000s Brooks received positive reviews for his portrayal of a dying, retail ,store owner who befriends disillusioned teen Lee lee Babinski in My First Mister
  31. An author's contract may specify, for example, that they will earn 10 % of the, retail ,price of each book sold. Some contracts specify a scale of royalties payable (
  32. In-store advertising: In-store advertising is any advertisement placed in a, retail ,store. It includes placement of a product in visible locations in a store, such
  33. Transform the city of Algiers and its surroundings by equipping them with a, retail ,area, and restoration and leisure facilities. The first project will
  34. In Europe and replaced the CPC664 in the CPC model line-up. Initial suggested, retail ,prices for the CPC6128 were USD699.00/GBP299.00/DM1598.00 with a green screen
  35. Consumer insurance underwriting. The brokerage unit Aon Risk Services provides, retail ,property/casualty, liability,and other insurance products for groups and
  36. Public beta testers. They were able to incorporate many suggestions into the, retail ,version. Alien Crossfire A month after Sacs February 1999 release, the Fir axis
  37. BTU/h (~2.9 kW) portable a/c with a standard feature set may sell for $300, retail , versus the same capacity/featured window a/c unit at $150–$200, and they are
  38. Grew rapidly over the next 25 years, with 14 stores by 1901,expanded from, retail ,into manufacturing baseball equipment and is still a going concern. In 1900
  39. The 6128plus were introduced to the public in September 1990. Initial suggested, retail ,prices were FRF1990 with a green screen and FRF2990 with a color monitor for
  40. Most commonly prescribed The most commonly prescribed antidepressants in the US, retail ,market in 2007 were: The most commonly prescribed antidepressant in Germany is
  41. Thursday of the month a farmer' market; Friday – retail market; Saturday –, retail ,market (also in the town hall car park); 3rd Sunday of the month – antique
  42. Monitor. Following the introduction of the CPC6128 in late 1985,suggested, retail ,prices for the CPC464 were cut by GBP50.00/DM100.00. In 1990,the 464plus
  43. With several large modern academic buildings intermingled with commercial and, retail ,office buildings. In addition to the new buildings, the campus included the
  44. Year. The company makes an image processing and display platform used in many, retail ,sites on the web. In July, Adobe released Sound booth. This product was not
  45. CD drive, and the Tagline (a simple two-console networking device) reached, retail ,shelves. A voice modem and VR headset (with infrared head-tracking) existed
  46. 1998,but doubled its employee base with purchases including Spain's largest, retail ,insurance broker, Gil y Carvajal, and the formation of Aon Korea, the first
  47. Monitor, or on a regular TV set by way of a separate RF modulator. The original, retail ,price of the computer was US$1298 (with 4 KB of RAM) and US$2638 (with the
  48. The European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction reports the typical, retail ,price of diluted amphetamine in Europe varied between €3 and €15 ($4 to $21.55
  49. One in which most people work in services such as healthcare, government,or, retail , Primary industries are also of great importance, however. Employment in
  50. Who separately provide for the generation, transmission,distribution and, retail ,sales of gas and electricity. Some major companies are: Energy, which

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