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  1. The Anglican" Holy Living" school, and the Remonstrant Hugo Grotius. Current, landscape ,Advocates of both Arminianism and Calvinism find a home in many Protestants
  2. The terms architect and architecture are also used in the disciplines of, landscape ,architecture, naval architecture and often information technology (for example
  3. While some of the highest points in Denmark are close to the city, the general, landscape ,is typically hilly, interspersed with forests and meadows; the city itself is
  4. The early 19th century, are terms describing the features of the North American, landscape ,; for instance, run,branch, fork,received new meanings that were unknown in
  5. Technology, such as integrated pest management, waste treatment technologies, landscape ,architecture, genomics,and agricultural philosophy fields that include
  6. Flora, and remnants from Alberta's past when dinosaurs roamed the then lush, landscape , Climate Alberta has a dry continental climate with warm summers and cold
  7. Charlotte Gray,Bell's work ranged" unfettered across the scientific, landscape ," and he often went to bed voraciously reading the Encyclopædia Britannica
  8. Resulted in his descendants extending the house and adapting the garden and, landscape ,to cope with the huge numbers that visited. These early adaptations are
  9. Of the Caribbean region, Aruba has a dry climate and an arid, cactus-strewn, landscape , This climate has helped tourism as visitors to the island can reliably expect
  10. Southeast portion of the state, the Grand Prairie consists of a more undulating, landscape , Both are fertile agricultural areas. The Delta region is bisected by an
  11. Known for his work in children's fantasy. His work is firmly rooted in the, landscape , history and folklore of his native county of Cheshire. Born into a working
  12. Growth. Over several decades, the Ancient Pueblo culture spread across the, landscape , Ancient Pueblo culture has been divided into three main areas or branches
  13. The Baroque,",1999 *http://www.getty.edu/art/collections/objects/o453.html A, landscape ,pen-and-ink drawing by Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi, c 1650,to which Asgard
  14. I is mimosa. Ornamental species of acacia are also used by homeowners and, landscape ,architects for home security. The sharp thorns of some species deter
  15. Used ISU as the basis for her novel Moo * Ken Smith, architect; ISU graduate in, landscape ,architecture * George W. Snyder, statistician; founder of first academic
  16. Laid out the largely unimproved land to form an extended wooded agricultural, landscape , that remains uniquely adapted to its Tweed side setting. Historic Scotland has
  17. Latin was spoken in the Roman army but had almost no impact on the linguistic, landscape , In addition to the formal, literary dialects of Aramaic based on Hasmonaean
  18. Designed them using local stone in a way that integrates them closely into the, landscape , His structures echo natural forms, with columns like tree trunks supporting
  19. The foot of the Swabian Jura to the south and south-east and close to the hilly, landscape ,of the Endanger Merge to the north. In terms of natural regions, the west of
  20. May even be partly constitutive of what makes our judgment a judgment that the, landscape ,is sublime. Likewise, aesthetic judgments may be culturally conditioned to some
  21. 1901 – Edmond Audrey, French composer (b. 1842) *1903 – Hans Guide, Norwegian, landscape , painter (b. 1825) *1909 – Mayan Law Bhangra, Indian Revolutionary (b. 1883)
  22. Partially embodied in our physical reactions. Seeing a sublime view of a, landscape ,may give us a reaction of awe, which might manifest physically as an increased
  23. On the Huron River in a productive agricultural and fruit-growing region. The, landscape ,of Ann Arbor consists of hills and valleys, with the terrain becoming steeper
  24. The coast to the Tell Atlas is fertile. South of the Tell Atlas is a steppe, landscape , which ends with the Saharan Atlas; further south, there is the Sahara desert.
  25. Uniquely adapted to its Tweed side setting. Historic Scotland has classified the, landscape ,and gardens created by Scott as of outstanding aesthetic, scenic and
  26. The basin remained an untended former food gathering and planned agricultural, landscape ,occupied by the indigenous peoples who survived the arrival of European
  27. English philosopher (b. 1838) *1903 – Frederick Law Olmsted, American, landscape , architect (b. 1822) *1933 – Helen Dunbar, American actress (b. 1863) *1947
  28. Krupp, German industrialist (d. 1887) *1822 – Frederick Law Olmsted, American, landscape , architect (d. 1903) *1826 – George Hull Ward, American general (d. 1863)
  29. Variation across space. Polo's travels took him across such a diverse human, landscape ,and his accounts of the peoples he met as he journeyed were so detailed that
  30. Newton OS 2.1 or higher can be used with the screen turned horizontally (", landscape ,") as well as vertically (" portrait" ). A change of a setting rotates the
  31. Lakes and rivers, thick forests and fertile soil. The Arkansas Delta is a flat, landscape ,of rich alluvial soils formed by repeated flooding of the adjacent Mississippi.
  32. And probably served as central places for ceremonial journeys across the, landscape , Sparse concentrations of ceramic fragments along the North Road have been
  33. Death metal and trip hop. Genres in painting include still life and pastoral, landscape , A particular work of art may bend or combine genres but each genre has a
  34. On to national government agendas. Virtually alone on the Australian political, landscape , Janet Powell consistently attacked both the government and opposition which
  35. The Morris Garden and the impressive kitchen garden. Much of the gardens and, landscape ,remain as they were in the time of Sir Walter, with some modest additions and
  36. In the early 1900s and some of his most famous paintings are of the dramatic, landscape ,of the island. Not long after arriving, he threw his return train ticket into
  37. States, the leading Romantic movement was the Hudson River School of dramatic, landscape ,painting. Obvious successors of Romanticism include the Pre-Raphaelite
  38. Use of the park as pleasure gardens and seem relatively inconspicuous in the, landscape ,when one considers the flamboyance of other buildings designed by Saudi. The
  39. With a café for 3,000 sitting people integrated) surrounded by extensive, landscape ,(with parking mainly underground and the rest centralized in a parking
  40. Of Scott, of international significance. Scott wrote on tree planting and, landscape ,gardening and kept detailed records of his landscaping at Abbotsford, all of
  41. Steep-walled canyons, and sculpted windows and bridges out of the sandstone, landscape , In areas where resistant strata (sedimentary rock layers),such as sandstone
  42. Or so) has been contentious and in many cases is not as sympathetic to the, landscape ,as the earlier style of whitewashed raised gable cottages. Because of generous
  43. House – Snout house – Snow shed – Social condenser – Soffit – Soft, landscape ,materials – Sondergotik – Sony Building – Sound trap – South African Council
  44. Of Siberian anticyclone, and Central Asian anticyclone. Azerbaijan's diverse, landscape ,affects the ways air masses enter the country. Both the absolute minimum
  45. Chill Outdoor Education Center. Chill Island's rugged, landscape ,and the surrounding ocean offers one of the most perfect locations for outdoor
  46. Used at the base of the wash aircraft, process rinse water tanks, and irrigates, landscape , That alone has saved almost $1 million since 2002. In addition to that
  47. Evolution of transportation. They are hotel-like and dominate the surrounding, landscape , having replaced all towns and cities, albeit preserving their names. *William
  48. Were built around the city, causing the unplanned and uncontrolled urban, landscape ,of Ankara, as not enough planned housing could be built fast enough. Although
  49. Half-timbering – Hall church – Hammer beam – Ham stone – Handing – Handing – Hard, landscape ,materials – Heating system – Heating – Herrengasse – Hairstyle – Hill fort –
  50. Which add significantly to the historical value of the Abbotsford Estate. His, landscape ,design at Abbotsford influenced many of his peers and neighbors, informing

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