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  1. A Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures throughout the year and little, rain , concentrated in equinoctial periods. On average the temperature ranges between
  2. Fuzes can suffer premature detonation because of the moisture in heavy, rain ,clouds. This led to 'controlled variable time' ( CVT) after World War II.
  3. In the autumn or early spring in warm climates depending on the onset of, rain ,and eventually die down by late spring. The bulb is then dormant until late
  4. Ambivalence, has become a vision of horror. The battle is a vortex of swirling, rain ,and mud ... The ultimate fusion of social identity emerges as an expression of
  5. Belongs to the ages. " Lincoln's flag-enfolded body was then escorted in the, rain ,to the White House by bareheaded Union officers, while the city's church bells
  6. To more than annually, with the higher levels in the north. Nearly 95 % of the, rain ,falls in the winter. Rainfall in the upland mountain ranges is heavier.
  7. Is per year. September and October are the wettest months due to torrential, rain ,caused by the cold drop, which can reach over 200 mm in a single 24-hour period
  8. Look of the action scenes in that film, particularly the final battle in the, rain , Says Stephen Prince:" He can use the telephoto lenses to get under the horses
  9. Because they usually meet at the point where the ter rain rises, the heaviest, rain ,falls in the central uplands. Vertical currents initiated when the
  10. Often get the remnants of a tropical system which dumps tremendous amounts of, rain ,in a short time and often spawns smaller tornadoes. History The first European
  11. Ended in stalemate and the Third Test at Old Trafford never started due to, rain , Australia then scraped home by five wickets inside three days in a low-scoring
  12. Light does not imply an absolute frame of reference, as when one moves in the, rain , The speed of the rain perceived in a running car is increased as it hits the
  13. Western slopes of the mountain ranges before reaching the province, casting a, rain ,shadow over much of Alberta. The northerly location and isolation from the
  14. An absolute frame of reference, as when one moves in the rain . The speed of the, rain ,perceived in a running car is increased as it hits the windshield more heavily.
  15. Winds from the Gulf of Mexico and mild winters. On average, Austin receives of, rain ,per year, with most of the precipitation in the spring, and a secondary maximum
  16. Orchards produced neither wine nor syrup, : The gathered clouds did not, rain , the magnum did not grow.: At that time, one shekel's worth of oil was only
  17. Material monism. When air condenses it becomes visible, as mist and then, rain ,and other forms of precipitation, and as the condensed air cools Anemones
  18. Supported a population of 100,000 people. The Native Americans of the Amazon, rain ,forest may have used Terra Greta to make the land suitable for the large scale
  19. Was quite faulty because the ignited powder could easily be extinguished by, rain ,and an excess amount of charge could cause the guns to burst. The flintlock
  20. To very hot in the summer with absolutely no rain all year. Maybe 1 or 2 mm of, rain ,every 5 years. Aswan is one of the driest inhabited places in the world; as of
  21. Such as agricultural shows, on grassy land, are vulnerable to continued heavy, rain ,waterlogging the ground, and making the cloud base too low for flying, forcing
  22. A boating outing Carroll had with the three girls and their family. It began to, rain ,and the group left for a nearby house. Carroll and the sisters got there first
  23. However, Allah was considered the creator of the world and the giver of, rain , The notion of the term may have been vague in the Mecca religion. Allah was
  24. Round their heads. There was a superstition that the worship of nāgas brings, rain , Even nowadays peasants consider snakes auspicious. Cave twenty-one, twenty
  25. At the Sydney Showground on 3 March before over 20,000 was marred by torrential, rain ,and Gangsta slipped on the wet stage during the concert. However, all four
  26. Moisture barrier during the seasons where the arid climate does produce, rain , Attributes Depending on the materials, adobe roofs can be inherently
  27. He believed were attracted to places where water is more abundant. He explained, rain ,as a product of the humidity pumped up from Earth by the sun. As the early
  28. Now the highest globally, nearly 50 % of China's cities are affected by acid, rain , and 20 of the world's 30 most polluted cities are located in the country.
  29. Some ancient cultures used lime-based cement for the plaster to protect against, rain ,damage. The brick’s thickness is preferred partially due to its thermal
  30. Last day's play, Australia were 113–2,needing only 64 more runs. But heavy, rain ,fell overnight and next morning the two slow left-arm bowlers, Peel and Johnny
  31. Valley of Boga) are among the wettest areas in Europe, receiving some of, rain ,annually. The seasonal variation is not quite as great in the coastal area. The
  32. Gets less snow, and is more apt to see ice storms, however,sleet and freezing, rain ,are expected throughout the state during the winter months, and can
  33. Small, and their valleys are less suitable for agriculture. Also, being in the, rain ,shadow of the Baltic Cordillera means that they receive a lesser volume of
  34. Mediterranean climate (Köppen climate classification CSA),where most of the, rain ,falls in the winter months. Of the Australian capital cities, Adelaide is the
  35. Ranges from mild in the winter to very hot in the summer with absolutely no, rain ,all year. Maybe 1 or 2 mm of rain every 5 years. Aswan is one of the driest
  36. Fleet at Latham as well as with Decca were arranged. But the torrential, rain ,and violence of the rivers caused immense hardship to the Mughal and the
  37. On the morning of Sunday,May 6,Aberdeen received of precipitation. This, rain ,flooded city streets, making many of them impassable for a short time, and
  38. For example, in water, earthy bodies sink while air bubbles rise up; in air, rain ,falls and flame rises. Outside all the other spheres, the heavenly, fifth
  39. Took the score to 49–0 at the end of the second day, a lead of 27. Heavy, rain ,fell overnight, and next day the pitch soon developed into a traditional sticky
  40. Is one of the driest inhabited places in the world; as of early 2001,the last, rain ,there was seven years earlier., the last rain fall was a thunderstorm on May 13
  41. Annual precipitation is. A large part of this precipitation falls as light, rain ,or brief showers. Cloudy and damp days are common during the cooler months of
  42. Home to the driest place in continental Europe, the Cab ode Data, with only of, rain ,per year. In general, as one goes from west to east, away from the Atlantic
  43. Due to the region's proximity to the seacoast. While the area gets less, rain ,than southeast Alaska, it gets more snow, and days tend to be clearer. On
  44. An Air China Boeing 767-200,flight CA129 crashes into a hillside during heavy, rain ,and fog near Susan, South Korea, killing 128. Births *1452 – Leonardo da Vinci
  45. As the native climate yielded more sun and heat than mass amounts of snow or, rain ,that would find use in precipitous roofs. Cement may be introduced to prevent
  46. Between Ajmer and Faridabad marks the watershed of the continent of India. The, rain ,which falls on the southeastern slopes d rain s into the Chamber, and so into the
  47. Often considered slang. * When an outdoor event is postponed or interrupted by, rain , it is rain ed off in the UK and rain ed out in the US. Miscellaneous grammatical
  48. The plant against water loss, prevent the leaching of important minerals by the, rain , and protect against bacteria, fungi,and harmful insects. The carbon chains in
  49. Off the New South Wales coast dumps a record 328 millimeters (13 inches) of, rain ,in a day on Sydney. *1988 – The Tompkins Square Park Police Riot in New York
  50. The warrior tradition. " It is also difficult not to notice the importance of, rain ,to Kurosawa:" Rain in Kurosawa’s films is never treated neutrally. When it

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