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  1. Kim Carr, as " factional Dales" during a 2006 Australian Fabian Society, lunch ,in Sydney. Dales have been used in political cartoons to caricature: Tony Been
  2. The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force traditionally have curry every Friday for, lunch ,and many ships have their own unique recipes. The standard Japanese curry
  3. Victor Trumpet had scored 104 on a" bad wicket ", reaching his hundred before, lunch ,on the first day. England won the last Test at The Oval by one wicket. Chasing
  4. To afford the higher priced dining car meals. The news service also operated, lunch ,counters in medium-sized stations at key points (there were 19 of them east of
  5. Crowd of 50,179. Tickets had gone on sale on January 10 and sold out before, lunch , The Rockies won,9–2,with Andy Bones on the mound for the Diamondbacks, and
  6. Each group has left its mark on Albanian cuisine. The main meal of Albanians is, lunch , and it is usually accompanied by a salad of fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes
  7. If I had would've cooked the pie we could have could've had it for, lunch ,). This tends to be avoided in writing because it is often still considered
  8. Back" itself possibly can be dated to mid-1919,when Dübendorf was having, lunch ,with British general Sir Neil Malcolm. Malcolm asked Dübendorf why it was that
  9. Profit. American maintenance teams working in Zaire found that providing a free, lunch ,to the work force was a good, sometimes the only, technique to motivate
  10. Bring their own lunch food. It is common for white-collar workers to be given, lunch ,vouchers as part of their employee benefits. These can be used in most
  11. Kind is always served in cafés opening early in the day. Lunch Le December (, lunch ,) was once a two hour midday meal, but it has recently seen a trend towards
  12. Family. In large cities, a majority of working people and students eat their, lunch ,at a corporate or school cafeteria, which normally serve complete meals as
  13. Secure border,I'm not into the welfare state,I'm not into all those freebie, lunch ,programs. It just kind of demeans people. " He goes on to state, however,that
  14. A trend towards the one-hour lunch break. In some smaller towns, the two hour, lunch ,may still be customary. Sunday lunch es are often longer and are taken with the
  15. Secret negotiations At 1:00 pm EDT on October 26,John A. Scale of ABC News had, lunch ,with Aleksandr Coming at Fomin's request. Coming noted," War seems about to
  16. Jerome, of some gossip overheard by a waiter between British officers at, lunch ,at the 'King of Spain' inn in XenApp that the Prussians were to march over
  17. Cassava, fried banana, fried meat and fried cheese are very often eaten in, lunch ,and served in most typical restaurants. The national beverage is coffee and
  18. New ambassadors take place in the" 1844 Room ". Here to the Queen holds small, lunch ,parties, and often meetings of the Privy Council. Larger lunch parties often
  19. Holds small lunch parties, and often meetings of the Privy Council. Larger, lunch ,parties often take place in the curved and domed Music Room, or the State
  20. And Ronald E. Osborn. On January 20, 1970,the two men sat down for, lunch , With a red felt-tip pen, Osborn began to scrawl a Saint Andrew's cross
  21. Open sandwiches (" smørrebrød" ) – the traditional and best known Danish, lunch ,dish; however, most restaurants serve international dishes. Another local
  22. In a wealthy partner, Charles Welshman, the proprietor of a popular chain of, lunch ,counters who had previously owned the Chicago Whales of the short-lived Federal
  23. Who have come to Beijing in pursuit of Jade Fox. While the three are eating, lunch , Jade Fox fires a dart with a written message attached to it, challenging them
  24. 40,000. The dentist who had hired him to look after his office during his, lunch ,hour did the same when he found Danny using his drill to create designs in the
  25. To 20th century. A few are synonymously associated with Cantonese breakfast and, lunch ,., though these are also part of other cuisines. Slow-cooked soup Slow-cooked
  26. Or facial grimaces, and one hour of literary study; all this, moreover,before, lunch , After, half-an-hour would be devoted to musical theory, another to writing
  27. 50 guests to her home at noon on a Sunday. The party lasted an hour, until, lunch , was served at 1 pm. The site of this first cocktail party still stands. In 1924
  28. Made 334,reaching 309* at the end of the first day, including a century before, lunch , Brahman himself thought that his 254 in the preceding match, at Lord's, was a
  29. Is from Castilla Beach to Croquet Island, which has places to snorkel, have, lunch , a small zoo and a lighthouse. There is also an underwater statue of the Virgin
  30. A two hour midday meal, but it has recently seen a trend towards the one hour, lunch ,break. In some smaller towns, the two-hour lunch may still be customary. Sunday
  31. As described above; it is therefore not usual for students to bring their own, lunch ,food. It is common for white-collar workers to be given lunch vouchers as part
  32. Meal of the day. Most of the cities (excluding Buenos Aires) close for, lunch ,time. This is when most people return home to enjoy a large meal. Traditional
  33. And regional organizations. The largest is Food for Peace school, lunch ,program administered by Catholic Relief Services. Burning has been the site of
  34. 1960 – Four black students stage the first of the Greensboro sit-ins at a, lunch ,counter in Greensboro, North Carolina. *1965 – The Hamilton River in Labrador
  35. In Mendoza at the beginning of the 19th century. ) In most parts of Argentina, lunch ,is the biggest meal of the day. Most of the cities (excluding Buenos Aires)
  36. Dumas. Novelist Guy de Maupassant—who claimed to hate the tower—supposedly ate, lunch ,in the Tower's restaurant every day. When asked why, he answered that it was
  37. In the mornings," extended breakfast" on later flights (ham, salami,etc.), lunch , between 1130 and 1359,afternoon tea between 1400 and 1659 and dinner after
  38. Against Bangladesh in 1999. * He is one of six batsmen to make a century before, lunch , Man of the Match Awards Test Cricket One-Day International Cricket The Beagle
  39. The flag is the high table where the professors and college administration, lunch , Historically, the Upper Houses each had their own table. Gate sat in the
  40. Left unadjusted for factors such as race, gender,and free or reduced price, lunch ,program eligibility, private schools performed significantly better than public
  41. Of the renovations. After one of these briefings, Hitler invited Speer to, lunch , to the architect's great excitement. Hitler evinced considerable interest in
  42. Later nicknamed" Adrian ", quietly entered a Quizno's restaurant during the, lunch ,hours; it was later captured and released at a wildlife rehab center near
  43. For a freight, ::: in the fields while waiting for a truck, and at noon after, lunch ,.::: Towns are too distracting. He once remarked," my writing grows out of my
  44. A combination of the word done (prep school slang for" someone who is out to, lunch ,") and the surname of Charles Pillsbury,Trudeau's roommate at Yale
  45. Alan Ruth has described the inflationary universe as the" ultimate free, lunch ,": Other authors have argued that, since inflation is eternal, the probability
  46. Low Steps often become a popular gathering place for students to sunbathe, eat, lunch , or play Frisbee. Other campuses In April 2007,the University purchased more
  47. Painted his famous cans of Campbell's Soup, which he claimed to have had for, lunch ,for most of his life. The work sold for $10,000 at an auction on November 17
  48. Franck, and Max Refer systematically. It became his custom to play during the, lunch ,hour and on Sunday afternoons. Schweitzer's pedal piano was still in use at
  49. January 1952,Turing met Arnold Murray outside a cinema in Manchester. After a, lunch ,date, Turing invited Murray to spend the weekend with him at his house, an
  50. Any special occasion; whilst spicy curries are favorite dishes for dinner and, lunch , 'Rice and curry' refers to a range of Sri Lankan dishes. Other South Asian

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