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  1. Which prohibited the FCC type acceptance and sale of any receiver which could, tune ,the frequency ranges occupied by analog AMPS cellular services. Though the
  2. Be sung in common meter, of which the majority of their repertoire consists. A, tune ,named" Arlington" accompanied Newton's verses as much as" New Britain" for
  3. Wolf (Class of 1861) in 1860,who named it" Old Brown" and set it to the, tune ,of" Araby's Daughter" ( which was later known as" The Old Oaken Bucket" ).
  4. The relative abundances of light elements, and it is virtually impossible to ", tune ," the Big Bang to produce much more or less than 20–30 % helium. Indeed there
  5. Powerful (usually military) radars, hand tools made of beryllium are used to, tune ,the highly magnetic electrons, magnetrons,traveling wave tubes, etc., that are
  6. Been inspired to write her poem, Ward too was inspired to compose his tune . The, tune ,came to him while he was on a ferryboat trip from Coney Island back to his home
  7. That used by Mozart for his piano variations, Ah,vows diarize, maman. " This, tune ,is more commonly recognizable as" Twinkle, Twinkle,Little Star ". Lyrics: (
  8. Style. Just as in the film, Stewie, as Mozart, plays a painfully simplistic, tune ,while hunched with a brutish facial expression, ending with audible flatulence.
  9. Bates had been inspired to write her poem, Ward too was inspired to compose his, tune , The tune came to him while he was on a ferryboat trip from Coney Island back
  10. For the Prime Minister Golf Whitley stated that the Government regarded the, tune ,primarily as the national anthem. In January 1976 the Fraser government
  11. Effect of bringing the lowest register (which is typically quite sharp) into, tune , A notable piece that calls for the use of a low A bell is Carl Nielsen's Wind
  12. With words written in 1907 by Henry van Dyke, is sung to the" Ode to Joy ", tune ,and is included in many hymnals, although not in the original key of D major.
  13. Signed, the carilloner in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh,rang the bells in the, tune ,Why should I be so sad on my wedding day? There were also massive protests in
  14. Parry's composition was a unison song (that is, all voices sing the, tune ,– perhaps one of the things that make it so 'singable' by massed crowds) and
  15. Of promotion, Diabelli selected widely-accessible music such as famous opera, tune ,arrangements, dance music, or hundreds of the latest popular comic theater
  16. Wilt shall be the whole of the law ", and that people should learn to live in, tune ,with their" True Will ". Although this event would prove to be a cornerstone
  17. Recount his turn from a sinful life to one of piety and peace. " New Britain ", tune ,When originally used in Olney, it is unknown what music, if any, accompanied
  18. English football chants, supporters sing" One-Nil to the Arsenal" ( to the, tune ,of" Go West" ) and" Boring, Boring Arsenal ", which used to be a common
  19. Passage) * Emanuel Charier: España, two bassoons play a lively Spanish, tune , similar to the main theme * Giuseppe Verdi: La Donna È Mobile, from the opera
  20. Has used the theme from the song" Kept nee Goethe define" as its signature, tune , The international television service via satellite was launched since 1993 and
  21. Candidates and election agents) to a crowd through the town hall window. Theme, tune ,Howard Goodall's theme tune has the same melody throughout all the series, but
  22. Going to Chicago" and" Sent for You Yesterday ". A well-known big band blues, tune ,is Glenn Miller's" In the Mood ". In the 1940s,the jump blues style
  23. The Void, the British climber Joe Simpson was subsequently to find the catchy, tune ,of" Brown Girl in the Ring" haunting him in the final hours of his struggle
  24. Occurs in, and into, and,producing standard pronunciations such as for, tune , for Sri Lanka and for draw. The sound occurs in Australian English at the
  25. And both show elements of oral transmission, scholars can only speculate on the, tune ,'s origins. These guesses include a Scottish folk ballad as many of the new
  26. To hold and transport, and the addition of frets enabled bassists to play in, tune ,more easily. Around 100 of these instruments were made during this period.
  27. He asked fellow passenger friend Harry Martin for his shirt cuff to write the, tune ,on, thus perhaps to off the cuff analogy. He composed the tune for the old
  28. Make it more locally relevant. A widely published alternative hymn text for the, tune ,is Carl P. Daw's O day of peace that dimly shines of 1982. Performances The
  29. From others * Additionally, different accordion craftsmen and technicians may, tune ,the same registers in a slightly different manner, essentially " personalizing
  30. p. m. Pacific. The reasons given for the move were that more viewers would, tune ,in on Sundays, that Los Angeles rush-hour traffic jams could be avoided, and
  31. To write the tune on, thus perhaps to off the cuff analogy. He composed the, tune ,for the old hymn" O Mother Dear, Jerusalem ", retitling the work" Maternal ".
  32. Instrument. These" impossible notes" tend to sound very gravelly and out of, tune , but technically sound below the low B. Alternatively, lower notes can be
  33. The lyrics when we say that it touches so many people—or whether it's that, tune ,that everybody knows. " A prisoner interviewed by Myers explained his literal
  34. To a crowd through the town hall window. Theme tune Howard Goodall's theme, tune ,has the same melody throughout all the series, but is played in roughly the
  35. Needed. The first was a radio receiver, such as the Com PCR-1000,that could, tune ,into the Reverse Channel, which is the frequency that the phones transmit data
  36. Day in 1882,and he immediately wrote it down. He was so anxious to capture the, tune ,in his head, he asked fellow passenger friend Harry Martin for his shirt cuff
  37. Of" Beefeaters (On Parade) " by Johnny Dank worth,Blackburn's signature, tune ,carried over from pirate radio). The second single was" Massachusetts" by
  38. Has been associated with more than 20 melodies, but in 1835 it was joined to a, tune ,named" New Britain" to which it is most frequently sung today. Author Gilbert
  39. Viola or Mandela, but some players (particularly in Irish traditional music), tune , it DAE′ like an octave mandolin, which lets the banjoist duplicate fiddle and
  40. March 1916,and handing the manuscript to Davies with the comment," Here's a, tune ,for you, old chap. Do what you like with it ". Davies later recalled," We
  41. Are). Consequently, it is not sung in some churches in England. Parry's, tune ,is so well liked that the song is not only sung in many schools, especially
  42. Were typically published using the first line of the lyrics, or the name of the, tune ,such as" New Britain ". A publisher named Edwin Othello Excel gave the
  43. And 1913. Several existing pieces of music were adapted to the poem. A hymn, tune ,composed by Samuel A. Ward was generally considered the best music as early as
  44. Of the technology is application specific and is not limited. Manufacturers may, tune ,their implementations to the range needed to support individual use cases.
  45. The ongoing tension. At no point is the music entirely tonal, and while the, tune ,is seemingly jazzy and carefree, the tonalities betray an uneasiness about the
  46. Generally considered the best music as early as 1910 and is still the popular, tune ,today. Just as Bates had been inspired to write her poem, Ward too was inspired
  47. Previously published, but " Gallagher" and" St. Mary" had not. As neither, tune ,is attributed, and both show elements of oral transmission, scholars can only
  48. And athletic games are: the Acadia University alma mater set to the, tune ,of" Annie Lisle ". The lyrics are:: Far above the dykes of Fundy: And its
  49. In Europe; since opera is set in America, it is not surprising that the, tune ,and the beat have a jazz influence. The orchestration, also includes such
  50. To the Countess of Huntington’s Hymns (London,1808),where it is set to the, tune ," Hephzibah" by English composer John Jenkins Husband. Common meter hymns were

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