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  1. Coloring is added to give eyes, particularly to the cornea, some depth . The, depth ,is accomplished by applying variable color shading. Generally, a mixture of a
  2. That employs dots that are spaced in a way to create variation in color and, depth ,in an attempt to paint images that were closer to the way people really see
  3. And efficient use of a language to convey meaning with immediacy and or, depth , Art is an act of expressing feelings, thoughts,and observations. There is an
  4. Ranges, as well as the times of high and low water, should be known. Enough, depth ,is needed so that low tide does not present obstacles to where the vessel might
  5. Of the Atlantic, with its adjacent seas, is; without them, it is. The greatest, depth , Milwaukee Deep with, is in the Puerto Rico Trench. The Atlantic's width
  6. Daughter products emit gamma-rays and neutrons which have a long penetration, depth , If consumed, americium is excreted within a few days and only 0.05 % is
  7. Precipitates to the bottom, so that its concentration first increases with, depth ,and then stays nearly constant. 231Pa decays to 227Ac; however, the
  8. Science. However, several scholars who have researched Wallace's views in, depth ,have emphasized that, for him, spiritualism was a matter of science and
  9. Necessary for determining scope, which is the ratio of length of cable to the, depth ,measured from the highest point (usually the anchor roller or bow chock) to
  10. History of peoples. *Glottochronology, which attempts to estimate the time, depth ,of a language family based on an assumed rate of change in languages. Related
  11. Develop an independent Mariology, his statements on Mary surpass in number and, depth ,those of other early writers. Even before the Council of Ephesus, he defended
  12. As with other modulation indices, in AM, this quantity, also called modulation, depth , indicates by how much the modulated variable varies around its 'original '
  13. Reason it is important to have a reliable and accurate method of measuring the, depth ,of water. A cable or rode is the rope, chain,or combination thereof used to
  14. A great rift valley also extends along the ridge over most of its length. The, depth ,of water at the apex of the ridge is less than in most places, the bottom of
  15. Discusses the origins of the song and the backgrounds of its authors in, depth , ISBN 1-58648-085-5. The book points out that the poem has the same meter as
  16. A location which is sufficiently protected; has suitable holding ground, enough, depth , at low tide and enough room for the boat to swing. The location to drop the
  17. And falls two months earlier than most of the rest of the Amazon. The average, depth ,of the Amazon between Manacapuru and Bids has been calculated as between. At
  18. i); end loop; end Example; Packages, Procedures and functions can nest to any, depth ,and each can also be the logical outermost block. Each package, procedure or
  19. Be done using purpose-built transducers to direct a narrow ultrasound beam to a, depth ,of 6–8 centimeters at acupuncture meridian points on the body. Alternatively
  20. Personal history and there is no evidence that Christie sketched it out in any, depth , It was also in this period that Poirot shot a man who was firing from a roof
  21. ABBA's eighth and final studio album, showed a songwriting maturity and, depth ,of feeling distinctly lacking from their earlier recordings but still placing
  22. Ten saw rivers, which discharge into Mobile Bay. Its width varies from, and its, depth ,from. Its length as measured by the United States Geological Survey is, and by
  23. Melt water provides stability and the critical depth is well below the mixing, depth , which allows for a positive net primary production. As the sea ice recedes
  24. Varies by 100 %. To avoid distortion in the A3E transmission mode, modulation, depth , greater than 100 % must be avoided. Practical transmitter systems will usually
  25. And is shared between Albania and Republic of Macedonia. It has a maximal, depth ,of 289 meters and a variety of unique flora and fauna can be found there
  26. Of Manacapuru is below sea level. In its lowermost section the Amazon's, depth ,averages, in some places as much as. The main river is navigable for large
  27. The system of the eastern rift-valley. Lakes of the broad type are of moderate, depth , the deepest sounding in Lake Victoria being under 50 fathoms (90 m). Besides
  28. Other specific types of non-associative structures that have been studied in, depth , They tend to come from some specific applications. Some of these arise in
  29. As Averroes, Avicenna and Alpharabius, all of whom wrote on Aristotle in great, depth , and frequently compared the teachings of Aristotle with those of the prophets
  30. Can wither away if one does not practice Islam long enough, hence the, depth ,of practicing Islam is good deeds. One may also acquire Basis and recite the
  31. And without them 323,600,000 cubic kilometers (77,640,000 cu mi). The average, depth ,of the Atlantic, with its adjacent seas, is; without them, it is. The greatest
  32. Coast of Canada *Romance Trench is located near the equator and reaches a, depth ,of about. Ocean sediments are composed of: *Vertiginous deposits with land
  33. Method of attaching the cable to the ship, charts,and a method of learning the, depth ,of the water. Vessels may carry a number of anchors: Bower Anchors (formerly
  34. To the theme at the end of the novel, after the epidemic is over, when the, depth ,of the feelings of exile and deprivation is clear from the overwhelming joy
  35. And many others as root causes of Man's inhumanity to man. To illustrate the, depth ,of an anthropological approach, one can take just one of these topics, such as
  36. Rope, or a combination of these. The ratio of the length of rode to the water, depth ,is known as the scope. Anchoring with sufficient scope and/or heavy chain rode
  37. Outflow. The dense Mediterranean water sinks below the Black Sea inflow to a, depth ,of, then flows through the Dardanelles Strait and into the Sea of Marmara at
  38. Additional 227Ac from the sea bottom. Thus, analysis of both 231Pa and 227Ac, depth , profiles allows modeling the mixing behavior. Precautions 227Ac is highly
  39. Area, and measures about longitudinally and latitudinal. The sea's maximum, depth ,is, east of Crete. The Aegean Islands are found within its waters, with the
  40. Gear, and a skilled mariner would not choose to anchor without them. The, depth ,of water is necessary for determining scope, which is the ratio of length of
  41. However, the concentration of the latter isotope does not follow the 231Pa, depth , profile,but instead increases toward the sea bottom. This occurs because of
  42. The slightest vibrations in the air and take refuge in the murky river's, depth , They eat many animals, almost all blind or low vision, with white color of the
  43. And celebrities, calling them superficial, facile and commercial, with no, depth ,or indication of the significance of the subjects. They also criticized his
  44. Engine, known as the Superior, which was able to lift 24 tons of rock from a, depth ,of 1,200 meters (4,000 ft). He also built a railroad and dredged a channel to
  45. Mostly in shallow marine waters, under; however some have been recorded to a, depth ,of. The various sorts of algae play significant roles in aquatic ecology.
  46. Cracking in the wall. The footing is dug and compressed once again. Footing, depth ,depends on the region and its ground frost level. The footing and stem wall are
  47. In locations such as Brazil, it has lost most of its value. Collectors look for, depth ,of color, possibly with red flashes if cut conventionally. The highest grade
  48. To follow. Coloring is added to give eyes, particularly to the cornea, some, depth , The depth is accomplished by applying variable color shading. Generally, a
  49. One, the Monad, Aion telcos (αἰών τέλεος" The Broadest Eon" ), Bythos (", depth ,or profundity ", Greek ), Proarkhe (" before the beginning ", Greek ), the
  50. Nutrients. As the ice melts, the melt water provides stability and the critical, depth ,is well below the mixing depth , which allows for a positive net primary

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