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  1. Loudspeaker, or the light intensity of television pixels. (Contrast this with, frequency ,modulation, also commonly used for sound transmissions, in which the frequency
  2. About the Sun of a particle having infinitesimal mass, moving with an angular, frequency ,of radians per day, As the speed of light in meters per second (CSI) is fixed
  3. Frequency modulation, also commonly used for sound transmissions, in which the, frequency ,is varied; and phase modulation, often used in remote controls, in which the
  4. Red Teaming, and war gaming. Signals intelligence applies cryptanalysis and, frequency ,analysis to break codes and ciphers. Business intelligence applies theories of
  5. Such as:: c (t) = C\dot \sin (\omega_c t + \phi_c),\, where the radio, frequency ,(in Hz) is given by:: \omega_c / (2\pi). \, The constants C\, and \phi_c\
  6. Purpose built radio telescope and conducted the first sky survey in the radio, frequency , Prizes recognizing amateur astronomers * Amateur Achievement Award of
  7. Lines emitted from excited atoms fit the Bohr theory's demand that the, frequency ,of the spectral lines be proportional to a measure of the square of Z. To do
  8. A car. Depression is surprisingly rare in MND (around 5–20 %) relative to the, frequency ,with which it is found in other, less severe, neurological disorders e.g. ~50
  9. Electrically, the property most commonly used is voltage followed closely by, frequency , current, and charge. Any information may be conveyed by an analog signal;
  10. Of cesium. The participating institutions each broadcast, in real time,a, frequency ,signal with time codes, which is their estimate of TAI. Time codes are usually
  11. SPL),and is measured on a logarithmic scale in decibels. Wave propagation:, frequency ,Physicists and acoustic engineers tend to discuss sound pressure levels in
  12. Used to make lasers, which can emit a coherent beam of light energy in a narrow, frequency ,band. Valence and bonding behavior The outermost
  13. Respectively, while letting the word" acoustic" refer to the entire, frequency ,range without limit. History of acoustics Early research in acoustics In the
  14. Within that bin:: H (x_k)=\franc where h (x_k) and H (x_k) represent the, frequency ,and the relative frequency at bin x_k and A= \sum_^ h (x_k) \, \Delta x_k is
  15. The amplitude of a sinusoidal voltage waveform by the source information, frequency ,modulation changes the frequency . Other techniques, such as changing the phase
  16. Are converted to voltages with a digital to analog converter, typically at a, frequency ,less than the desired RF output frequency . The analog signal must then be
  17. A string. Higher energy states are then similar to harmonics of the fundamental, frequency , The electrons are never in a single point location, although the probability
  18. Possible energy an electron can take is therefore analogous to the fundamental, frequency ,of a wave on a string. Higher energy states are then similar to harmonics of
  19. Both the positive and negative side bands are shifted up to the carrier, frequency , Thus, double-sideband AM (DSB-AM) is spectrally inefficient, meaning that
  20. Next stage, the scientists asked the participants some questions about type and, frequency ,of their altruistic or helping behaviors. They then analyzed the responses to
  21. Trigonometry is not sufficient. But if the top trace of Figure 2 depicts the, frequency ,spectrum, of m (t),then the bottom trace depicts the modulated carrier. It
  22. The measurement of Compton scattering. Einstein concluded that each wave of, frequency ,f is associated with a collection of photons with energy hf each, where h is
  23. DSBSC and DSBRC signals need their carrier to be regenerated (by a beat, frequency ,oscillator, for instance) to be demodulated using conventional techniques.
  24. The Amazing Spider-Man the company's sole Spider-Man title, increasing its, frequency ,of publication to three issues monthly, and inaugurating the series with a
  25. And sophistication through the use of electronics and computing. The ultrasonic, frequency ,range enabled wholly new kinds of application in medicine and industry. New
  26. omega’m t + \phi). \, Thus,the message might be just a simple audio tone of, frequency ,: \omega’m / (2\pi). \, It is generally assumed that \omega’m \ll \omega_c\
  27. That traits such as bravery and intelligence might still affect the relative, frequency ,of worlds in which better or worse outcomes occurred (even if the total number
  28. Canyon can be significant barriers for human communities, likely reducing the, frequency ,of contact with other groups. Current opinion holds that the closer cultural
  29. Amplitude modulation produces a signal with power concentrated at the carrier, frequency ,and in two adjacent side bands. Each side band is equal in bandwidth to that of
  30. An instrument is a graphical display of the time varying pressure level and, frequency ,profiles which give a specific acoustic signal its defining character.
  31. To the Greek world as an oracular deity in the archaic period, and the, frequency ,of Theodoric names such as Apollodorus or Apollonian and cities named
  32. Researchers concluded that the engines vibrated at a frequency similar to the, frequency ,at which the spacecraft itself vibrated, causing a resonance effect that
  33. Voltage waveform by the source information, frequency modulation changes the, frequency , Other techniques, such as changing the phase of the base signal also work.
  34. Representatives, and MSFC researchers concluded that the engines vibrated at a, frequency ,similar to the frequency at which the spacecraft itself vibrated, causing a
  35. Surface, to 1 for perfect reflection of a white surface. Albedo depends on the, frequency ,of the radiation. When quoted unqualified, it usually refers to some
  36. Where h (x_k) and H (x_k) represent the frequency and the relative, frequency ,at bin x_k and A= \sum_^ h (x_k) \, \Delta x_k is the total area of the
  37. Above and below the audible range, it became conventional to identify these, frequency ,ranges as" ultrasonic" and" infrasonic" respectively, while letting the
  38. Basically of its original (2-sided) spectrum shifted up to the carrier, frequency , Figure 2 is a result of computing the Fourier transform of: A + m (t)\dot
  39. Jump to a state between orbitals. The result is that only photons of a specific, frequency ,will be absorbed by the atom. This creates a line in the spectrum, known as an
  40. Due to male harassment of pregnant mares or forced copulation, although the, frequency ,in the wild has been questioned. Male gray languor monkeys may attack females
  41. A series of movable anoxic targets inside an x-ray tube. The square root of the, frequency ,of these photons (x-rays) increased from one target to the next in a linear
  42. The conservation of mass are often expressed in time harmonic form (at fixed, frequency ,). In that case, the pressures and the velocity are assumed to be time harmonic
  43. Applications such as ultrasonography and cartography rely on the ultrasonic, frequency ,range. On the other end of the spectrum, the lowest frequencies are known as
  44. Its amplitude modulated by an audio waveform before being transmitted. In the, frequency ,domain, amplitude modulation produces a signal with power concentrated at the
  45. To analog converter, typically at a frequency less than the desired RF output, frequency , The analog signal must then be shifted and linearly amplified to the desired
  46. Quantized states for each oscillator. Einstein was aware that getting the, frequency ,of the actual oscillations would be different, but he nevertheless proposed
  47. That the existence of any sort of wave packet implies uncertainty in the wave, frequency ,and wavelength, since a spread of frequencies is needed to create the packet
  48. The analog signal must then be shifted and linearly amplified to the desired, frequency ,and power level. Linear amplification must be used to prevent modulation
  49. Time, and then presented in more meaningful forms such as octave bands or time, frequency ,plots. Both these popular methods are used to analyze sound and better
  50. And a narrow component in between that represents the energy at the carrier, frequency , We need only be concerned with the positive frequencies. The negative ones are

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