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  1. Something of the pragmatics of language use. Thus, what started as an effort to, translate ,between languages evolved into an entire discipline devoted to understanding
  2. First 116 pages. After the loss, Smith recorded that he had lost the ability to, translate , and that Moroni had taken back the plates to be returned only after Smith
  3. He prefaced with an introduction explaining why he thought it's necessary to, translate ,works such as this one from Latin into English. Although he described his
  4. The machine may need to understand how an ocean makes one feel to accurately, translate ,a specific metaphor in the text. It must also model the authors' goals
  5. Derivatives as“ age” or“ age-during ”. Other English versions most often, translate ,them to indicate eternity, being translate d as eternal, everlasting,forever
  6. Of the Humber who could understand their divine services in English, or even, translate ,a single letter from Latin into English: and I suppose that there were not many
  7. The subdivision of computational linguistics dealing with having computers, translate ,between languages. Some areas of research that are studied by
  8. Published in 1905. There was great demand for a German edition, but,instead of, translate ,it, he decided to rewrite it. The result were two volumes (J. S. Bach),which
  9. Refers to a sandbar or tidal ford across a river's mouth. The name would thus, translate ,literally as" ( river)mouth of the sandbar" or" ( river)mouth of the ford ".
  10. System. Another major flaw of the controllers was that the design did not, translate ,into a linear acceleration from the center through the arc of the stick travel.
  11. And intensity of a series of pulses define color information. These pulses can, translate ,into pixels on the computer screen. The Apple II display provided two pixels
  12. Executable program. The name" compiler" is primarily used for programs that, translate ,source code from a high-level programming language to a lower level language (
  13. De Geneva in October 1842. Babbage asked the Countess of Lovelace to, translate ,Menabrea's paper into English, subsequently requesting that she augment the
  14. The Nice an declaration that the Son was" begotten, not made" were inclined to, translate ,קנה in Prov. 8:22 as" begot me" in order to argue that God and Christ were
  15. Translators are members of the LDS Church who are employed by the church and, translate ,the text from the original English. Each manuscript is reviewed many times
  16. Swedish terminology makes no distinction between city and town; both concepts, translate ,to the single word" star ", but sometimes town can be rendered" smashed ".
  17. As an angel, revealing the location of the book to Smith and instructing him to, translate ,and disseminate it as evidence of the restoration of Christ's true church in
  18. With archived data),many computer programs have been developed to, translate ,data between encoding schemes. Some of these are cited below. Cross-platform: *
  19. His library in order to buy bread. He continued to write original work and to, translate , but after about the middle of 1918 it became almost impossible to publish. The
  20. Evolved. It was used by Saints Cyril and Methods and their disciples to, translate ,the Bible and other liturgical literature from Greek into Slavic. *Middle
  21. Singular (he/she/it). The phrase" you buy the newspapers for me" would, translate ,as::: The auxiliary verb is composed as di-zki-da-zue and means 'you pl. (do)
  22. The differing sounds the incoming telegraph signals produced and learned to, translate ,signals by ear, without having to write them down and within a year was
  23. But what about a simulation or execution of the real thing? The programmer must, translate ,the algorithm into a language that the simulator/computer/computer can
  24. And intensity of a series of pulses define color information. These pulses can, translate ,into pixels on the computer screen. The Apple II display provided two pixels
  25. With human-level comprehension and production of natural languages. In order to, translate ,one language into another, it was observed that one had to understand the
  26. And made contribution to the modern metric system. Lavoisier also worked to, translate ,the archaic and technical language of chemistry into something that could be
  27. Assembly language and carefully examine in this form, but very difficult to, translate ,into a higher-level language. Tools such as the Interactive Disassembled make
  28. Or even the kind of reasoning done by expert systems. Machine translation To, translate ,accurately, a machine must be able to understand the text. It must be able to
  29. Initial visit, in 1827,he was allowed to take the plates and was directed to, translate ,them into English. Smith's first published description of the plates said the
  30. Bahá'í teachings state that the attributes which are applied to God are used to, translate ,Godliness into human terms and also to help individuals concentrate on their
  31. The same character code as if the control key was not held down. Other systems, translate ,these keys into control characters when the control key is held down. The
  32. Condoms have a breakage rate of 2.3 % and a slippage rate of 1.3 % which" may, translate ,into a high risk for individuals who are very sexually active. " With proper
  33. Efforts in the United States in the 1950s to use computers to automatically, translate ,texts from foreign languages, particularly Russian scientific journals, into
  34. Peter in Devon. This became known as the Prayer Book Rebellion. Proposals to, translate ,the Prayer Book into Cornish were suppressed and in total 4,000 people were
  35. Written over a century before the time of Jesus),the word Christ was used to, translate ,into Greek the Hebrew Messiah (messiah),meaning" anointed. " Christos in
  36. master’s degree in Islamic Philosophy. Rabbi was one of the first Afghans to, translate ,the works of Say yid But into Farsi (Persian). In the spring of 1974,the
  37. Mystery. The term is derived from the Latin word sacramentum, which was used to, translate ,the Greek word for mystery. Views concerning both what rites are sacramental
  38. Syntax, but each support different macros that could make them difficult to, translate ,to each other. The basics are all the same, but the advanced features will
  39. While others are text calls. In either variation, communication assistants, translate ,between the signed/typed words of a consumer and the spoken words of others. In
  40. This process of using Arabic roots, notably in Turkish and Persian, to, translate , foreign concepts continued right until the 18th and 19th century, when large
  41. He met Dorothy Busy, who was his friend for over thirty years and who would, translate ,many of his works into English. In the 1920s,Gide became an inspiration for
  42. Was as much through his publishing as his own writing. Tucker was the first to, translate ,into English Proudhon's What is Property? And Max Stirner's The Ego and Its
  43. Are distributed only in machine code form, and machine code is usually easy to, translate ,into assembly language and carefully examine in this form, but very difficult
  44. The final split with Sartre. The dour reception depressed him, and he began to, translate ,plays. Camus's first significant contribution to philosophy was his idea of
  45. In any of its forms; for example, the sentence" the movie was good" could, translate ,into E-Prime as" I liked the movie ", thereby distinguishing opinion from fact
  46. Cartesian language from Andalusia, which John T. Koch has been able to readily, translate , is being accepted by a growing number of philologists and other linguists as
  47. Which, ideally,are portable. A utility program called an assembler is used to, translate ,assembly language statements into the target computer's machine code. The
  48. Signals * Word decoding, the use of phonics to decipher print patterns and, translate ,them into the sounds of language Codes and acronyms and abbreviations
  49. In memory (Gil gal sounds like Ballot, I have removed, but is more likely to, translate ,as circle of standing stones). The conquest begins in Canaan with Jericho
  50. To use the Septuagint translations of the Old Testament and had no need to, translate ,the New Testament. The earliest Latin translation was the Old Latin text, or

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