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  1. High to that point),while drawing a league-leading 117 walks. This early, stretch ,included his 500th home run hit on April 17 against Terry Adams of the Los
  2. See Brussels Metro) were built on that route. A little further out,a, stretch ,numbered R22 leads from Zaventem to Saint-Job. International relations Twin
  3. Square; it is one of the largest department stores in the world. One famous, stretch ,near Times Square, where Broadway crosses Seventh Avenue in midtown Manhattan
  4. Points of their lives. Legacy File: Berlin_Wall_ (13-8-2006). JPG|Remaining, stretch ,of the Wall near Ostbahnhof in Friedrichshain called East Side Gallery, August
  5. Herschel Highway" after a Springfield, Missouri area Neo-Nazi group cleaned the, stretch ,of highway as part of an" Adopt-A-Highway" plan. Heschel's daughter
  6. Through evaporation. Climatic zones vary with latitude; the warmest zones, stretch ,across the Atlantic north of the equator. The coldest zones are in high
  7. Apollo 8 respectively had allowed calibration to, and. Except for that final, stretch , the mission went exactly as a landing would have gone, both in space and on
  8. Of Approach is a literary work of outstanding universal significance by any, stretch ,of the imagination" In 2008,the Campaign Group Chairman, Councillor Jim
  9. Any rapid increase in size of the breasts can result in the appearance of, stretch ,marks. It is typical for a number of other changes to occur during pregnancy:
  10. Landing gear, and strengthened wing structure. The proposed 767-400X,a second, stretch ,of the aircraft, offered a 12 percent capacity increase over the 767-300,and
  11. Singing along with" Take Me Out to the Ball Game" during the seventh-inning, stretch , In November 1946,a visit to French Hospital in New York revealed Ruth had a
  12. League champions PSV, the team didn't lose in the next 28 matches, including a, stretch ,of 11 matches in which the opposing teams did not score a single goal. Three
  13. Denizens International Airport to the city of Corinth, and is expected to, stretch ,to by 2010. Attire Metro (lines 2 & 3) and Proastiakós (line 4). Buses
  14. Then to clinch the sixth seed in the AFC playoffs. The biggest win during that, stretch ,came in Week 16 with a 33–24 humbling of the Dallas Cowboys in the final game
  15. Fortifying its positions. Greece had also allowed the Bulgarians to control the, stretch ,of the Thessaloniki-Constantinople railroad that lay in Greek-occupied
  16. Kendall Istanbul Turkey. JPG|620 historic waterfront houses, stretch ,along the coasts of the Bosporus, such as the Yale of Kıbrıslı Mehmed Min
  17. Style is deliberately obscurantist so that“ good people may for that reason, stretch ,their mind even more, whereas empty minds that are lost through carelessness
  18. Post a 101–61 record for their third-straight AL East title. Also, during this, stretch ,three players were named rookies of the year: Al Bombay (1973); Eddie Murray
  19. Places only the" first" wall is marked, except near Potsdamer Platz where the, stretch ,of both walls is marked, giving visitors an impression of the dimension of the
  20. S Master Plan of 1948,was originally planned to be the downtown Boston, stretch ,of Interstate 95,and was signed as such; a bypass road called the Inner Belt (
  21. Entered service with Continental Airlines in 2000. The type features a, stretch ,over the 767-300 for a total length of. The wingspan is also increased by
  22. Way of the Danube River. This system includes the entire Danubian Plateau and a, stretch ,of land running forty-eight to eighty kilometers inland from the coastline. The
  23. An experiment in which he set up two objects along a six-mile (10 km), stretch , of canal. Both objects were at the same height above the water, and he mounted
  24. In Manchester, the city where he worked towards the end of his life. In 1994,a, stretch ,of the A6010 road (the Manchester city intermediate ring road) was named Alan
  25. Starting the season 42–28 (.600),the Orioles finished the season with a, stretch ,of 32–60 (.348),ending at 74–88 (.457). Only the Kansas City Royals (.346
  26. Then the classic racecourses of England, and were often no more than a straight, stretch ,of road or flat piece of open land. When matched against a Thoroughbred, local
  27. Were quickly destroyed. At the end of the first day, the Americans held their, stretch ,of landing beaches, but little else. Their biggest push in the south moved
  28. Shipping in the western Mediterranean Sea. Their stronghold was along the, stretch ,of northern Africa known as the Barbary Coast (a medieval term for the Maghreb
  29. 1973 and 1974. Each time, they would lose to Oakland in the ALCS. During this, stretch , the Orioles began to phase out their veteran infield by replacing Davey
  30. 1810–1876) wrote anthems influenced by contemporary oratorio which could, stretch ,to several movements and last twenty minutes or longer. Later in the same
  31. Without scoring an offensive touchdown but still managed 2 wins during that, stretch , The team regrouped and won each of their last seven games, finishing 12–4. The
  32. Injury that shelved him for much of the second half of the season. Down the, stretch , outfielder Manny Ramirez — playing in the final year of his eight year
  33. Firing slit to assault the beaches. Similar positions were crafted along the, stretch ,of landing beaches. The Japanese covered the beaches with thousands of
  34. It a monopoly on the fur trade in what was then known as Rupert's Land, a vast, stretch ,of territory that would later make up a large proportion of Canada. Forts and
  35. Camp has suggested another possibility, and a thorough examination of a, stretch ,of Wailing Street between St. Albany,Boudica's last known location, and the
  36. Play John Denver's" Thank God I'm a Country Boy" during the seventh inning, stretch , In the July 5,2007, edition of Baltimore's weekly sports publication Press
  37. Broadway is the English literal translation of the Dutch name, Breede WEG. A, stretch ,of Broadway is famous as the heart of the American theater industry. History
  38. It continues to offer one of the last flag stop routes in the country. A, stretch ,of about of track along an area north of Talkeetna remains inaccessible by road
  39. Firms. In 2006,former Mayor Franklin set in motion a plan to make the 14-block, stretch , of Peachtree Street in Midtown Atlanta (nicknamed" Midtown Mile" ) a
  40. Between 42nd and 53rd Streets, and encompassing Times Square. In 1880,a, stretch ,of Broadway between Union Square and Madison Square was illuminated in 1880 by
  41. More than US$5 billion to develop, Boeing offered the more modest 747X and 747X, stretch , derivatives in 2000 as alternatives to the Airbus A3XX. However, the 747X
  42. Line, making room for Polish and Russian settlers. Poland gained a vast, stretch ,of the southern shore, Russia gained another access to the Baltic with the
  43. And Wolsey near Campina Grande, Paraíba. The Japanese Okinawa and Amati Islands, stretch ,across the antipodes of Santa Catarina State in the south of Brazil, while
  44. Point, or that an imperfectly drawn line with an arrow on the end was meant to, stretch ,off to infinity. He often made items from materials he brought home from the
  45. Earned a machinist's certification, and knew how to use the press brake, stretch ,press, and other tools and equipment used in the sheet metal trade. Academia
  46. Scotia) stands out, and beyond these live the Gets (Gothic) for a long, stretch ,all the way to Burka. " (IV 14) Having described Västergötland and Sara
  47. On highway construction within the MA-128 corridor, except for a short, stretch ,of Interstate 93. In 1974 the remainder of the Master Plan was canceled
  48. With the newly built Naval Air Station. With the advent of World War II, a vast, stretch ,of the marshy area southwest of the Alameda Mole was filled and the Naval Air
  49. Country, and at its embassies abroad, demanding that Chile return to Bolivia a, stretch ,of seacoast that the country lost in 1884 after the end of the War of the
  50. Foxx's single season Red Sox home run record by hitting 54 homers. Down the, stretch , the Red Sox wilted under the pressure of mounting injuries and poor

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