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  1. Guard the country from external threats will have to wait, saying," To be very, frank ,with you, our capability as far as these aspects are concerned is a little
  2. This is my cat is name is Betty This is my dog is name is, frank ,This is my fish is name is George This is my goat is name is
  3. A practicing attorney. Nixon was reluctant to work on divorce cases, disliking, frank , sexual talk from women. In 1938,he opened up his own branch of Winger and
  4. Members, false starts, and background noise. Punk rock lyrics are typically, frank ,and confrontational; compared to the lyrics of other popular music genres, they
  5. Approach. After the so-called scar literature in fiction had paved the way for, frank ,discussion, Zhang Junzhao's One and Eight (1983) and Chen Kaige's Yellow
  6. Moved to Sent'Andrea as well. Reputation Pius II had a sincere, loving nature, frank ,and naïve even in his aberrations and defects. The leading trait of Pius II's
  7. Liechtenstein retains the ability to mint its own currency, the Liechtenstein, frank , which it does from time to time for commemorative or emergency purposes. The
  8. Was the first of many biographies about Charlotte to be published. Though, frank ,in places, Gaskell suppressed details of Charlotte's love for Hegel, a married
  9. And perceptively about the luminaries and themes of French culture. He was, frank ,with friends and enemies, rarely took the diplomatic approach and sometimes
  10. 1392). Boniface IX died in 1404 after a brief illness. Boniface IX was a, frank ,politician, strapped for cash like the other princes of Europe, as the costs of
  11. Being challenged to give the Salon a nude painting to display. His uniquely, frank ,depiction of a self-assured prostitute was accepted by the Paris Salon in 1865
  12. Ymddwyn y nail at y ll all moon yard colon. *Cornish: Pub den all YW genies, frank ,ha naval in Anita ha grow. Myth yes i endues fans reason ha copses hag y
  13. Other official language, was " Bellyache Frank ". Swiss franc and Liechtenstein, frank ,The Swiss franc (ISO code: CHF or 756),which appreciated significantly
  14. Plot, exciting action, hero vs. villains, spy plots, crisp dialogue and the, frank ,enjoyment of bourgeois luxury and fascinating technological gadgets. " Rothbard
  15. Performance by George C. Scott as the prosecutor. The film was sexually, frank ,for its time (some thought it sordid),and its provocative promotional
  16. Ki-84 (NATO code: Frank),Japanese WWII fighter aircraft In currency *Swiss, frank ,(or franc),the currency of Switzerland since 1850 *Liechtenstein frank , the
  17. To address the problems of self-destructive behavior (moral masochism) and, frank ,sexual masochism. Based on his experience with depressed and self-destructive
  18. Of a mild, inoffensive,relatively uncontroversial phrase for another more, frank ,expression that might offend or otherwise suggest something unpleasant to the
  19. Hence the word 'stamp' ), usually made from wood or cork, were often used to, frank ,the mail and confirm the payment of postage. The first adhesive postage stamp
  20. Of evil. That road goes down and down. The kind man drinks and turns cruel; the, frank ,man kills and lies about it. Many a man I've known started like you to be an
  21. From a ritual in honor of Dionysus, but in this case the plays were full of, frank ,obscenity, abuse,and insult. At Athens the comedies became an official part of
  22. Even read the source material. Following the screening, Dick and Scott had a, frank ,but cordial discussion of Blade Runner's themes and characters, and although
  23. Suicide drink,"" a swift kick in the butt" for one dollar, insurance,or ", frank ,appraisal of your looks" for fifty cents. In one strip, he sells" happiness "
  24. Noting his" pungent prose, sharp ear for dialogue, disarmingly laid-back, frank ,style, along with his passionately fierce denunciation of human stupidity and
  25. Frank (or franc),the currency of Switzerland since 1850 *Liechtenstein, frank , the currency of Liechtenstein since 1920 *Westphalian frank , currency of the
  26. Culture of the time. Many had an uninhibited, often irreverent style; their, frank ,depictions of nudity, sex,profanity, and politics had no parallel outside
  27. From what was visible, and in The Bridge (De Drug,1928),which showed a, frank ,admiration of engineering and also featured a number of" characters" but
  28. The omnipotence which he ascribed to his thoughts and feelings ... is a, frank ,acknowledgement of a relic of the old megalomania of infancy '. In some
  29. To the conformity of the Italian model, as well as dominate the picture with, frank ,colors. Paintings in Munich His rather atypical Battle of Issue (or of
  30. Her political convictions, and later recalled that at their first meeting:" a, frank ,and direct person, Litzi came out and asked me how much money I had. I replied
  31. The postage for the mailed item was prepaid by the use of a hand-stamp to, frank ,the mailed item, confirming payment of postage. Though this 'stamp' was
  32. On early French coins, or from the French franc, meaning " free" ( and ", frank ,"). The countries that use francs include Switzerland, Liechtenstein,and most
  33. Rahman as a man of middle height, with an exceedingly intelligent face and, frank ,and courteous manners, shrewd and able in conversation on the business in hand.
  34. Knack of seeing the illogic in familiar things. His conversation was droll and, frank , and Solon and the Athenians took to him as a sage and philosopher. His rough
  35. To another great tradition of aka: aka for expressing religious feeling. His, frank ,expression of his feeling found many admirers, then and now. In the cities, a
  36. Dancehall reggae and hip hop music and their debut LP Criminal Minded contained, frank ,descriptions of life in the South Bronx of the late 1980s thus setting the
  37. And the Spirit, and the apostle, belong severally to my God. Here, then,is my, frank ,avowal for anyone who cares to require it. (Tertullian, c.207) There were
  38. Seal of scholarly proof on it, that our mechanical and industrial age is one of, frank ,decadence" ( see China Miéville's introduction to" At the Mountains of
  39. Text: This is my cat is name is Betty This is my dog is name is, frank ,This is my fish is name is George This is my goat is name is
  40. Godfather. His friendship with the Concerts was of short duration; his, frank ,and practical nature reacted against the ambience of gossip, scandal,duplicity
  41. Klimt's primary subject was the female body, and his works are marked by a, frank ,eroticism—nowhere is this more apparent than in his numerous drawings in pencil
  42. Was represented by Francesco Chimerical, whose private instructions contain the, frank ,admission that the disorder of the Church was perhaps the fault of the Roman
  43. Liechtenstein frank , the currency of Liechtenstein since 1920 *Westphalian, frank , currency of the Kingdom of Westphalia between 1808 and 1813 In music * Frank (
  44. Play, sportsmanship-indeed every standard of private and public life-calls for, frank ,revision of the situation. Indeed, ordinary prudence makes it imperative. Let us
  45. Of poetic tradition, his glorification of alcoholic beverages (and, indeed, frank , celebration of drunkenness),his use of persona, the fantastic extremes of
  46. Gave the box set a" B+" rating and wrote," There are numerous fascinatingly, frank ,mini-docs here, including interviews with many Peaks participants; together
  47. In his first article, that Mynster's death permitted him—at last—to be, frank ,about his opinions. He later wrote that all his former output had been "
  48. The lease expires) *customary freehold, privileged copy hold or copy hold of, frank ,tenure; Places *places in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States: *Freehold
  49. Warhol's last film as director. The film was at the time scandalous for its, frank ,approach to a sexual encounter. For many years Viva refused to allow it to be
  50. As his spouse in his Who's Who entry. Subsequent gay writers saw his, frank ,talk about homosexuality as an opening to speak more openly and honestly about

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