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  1. Or Trans-Canada Highway in Canada in 1963 established ribbon development, truck ,stops, and industrial corridors along through ways. Evolution The Federal
  2. Truck in which they had moved to California. Although when asked what kind of, truck ,it is, Jethro said 'I think it's a State ', it is actually based on a 1921
  3. Day, so that in a drought a month of water can be delivered inexpensively via, truck , Self-delivery is often possible by installing fabric water tanks that fit the
  4. That a watermelon cannot successfully occupy the same space as an oncoming, truck ,; we know that if we tried to repeat the experiment with our own body, we would
  5. In Kerrville, Middleton,Lawrence town, and Dig by. Michelin has an important, truck ,tire manufacturing plant in Waterville and the Department of National Defense
  6. Unemployment compensation, and limited values of your equity in a home, car,or, truck , household goods and appliances, trade tools, and books are protected. However
  7. Often possible by installing fabric water tanks that fit the bed of a pick-up, truck , It can be convenient to use the cistern as a heat sink or trap for a heat pump
  8. Of a caterpillar tracked vehicle. Railway A bogie in the UK, or a wheel, truck , or simply truck in North America, is a structure underneath a train to which
  9. Have found their way into South African English, such as 'Jackie' (" pickup, truck ,"),'brain' (" barbecue" ),'Artie' (" tangerine" ),'talkies' ( AE
  10. Mongol invasions. 1993 World Trade Center bombing In 1993,Ramzi Yousef used a, truck ,bomb to attack the World Trade Center in New York City. The attack was intended
  11. Or truck manufacturers. Early buses were merely a bus body fitted to a, truck ,chassis. This body+chassis approach has continued with modern specialist
  12. Opera Recording. " Roles Synopsis Act 1, Scene 1: A desolate no-man’s land A, truck ,breaks down. Three fugitives from justice get out: Fatty the Bookkeeper
  13. Of Executive Order 12564,which initiated mandatory random drug testing of all, truck ,drivers and employees of other DOT-regulated industries. Although
  14. Produced by the time of the armistice in 1943. Other nations tended to work on, truck ,chassis. Starting in 1941,the British developed the" en Porter" method of
  15. Grew out of carriage coach building, and later out of automobile or, truck ,manufacturers. Early buses were merely a bus body fitted to a truck chassis.
  16. For learner drivers, provisional/probationary drivers (regardless of age), truck , and bus drivers, driving instructors and DUI drivers in all other states) *
  17. Assault rifle. He was not recognized at first, and simply thrown into a pick-up, truck ,along with other prisoners by the Pakistani forces, until a senior FBI agent
  18. Facility includes two tanks, one tank capable of handling two barges and five, truck ,off-loading simultaneously. There is also a general cargo dock with access to
  19. La Cochineal, a mini-car made in France in 1951 * GM Atlas engine, a family of, truck ,engines from General Motors * Atlas, a van made by the Standard Motor Company (
  20. Including the Nationwide Series, and Camping World Truck Series (a pickup, truck ,racing series). The series conduct races across the entire continental United
  21. Uses the Jacobs bogie. Historic In the past,many types of bogie (", truck ,") have been used under tramcars,e.g. " Brill "," Peck ham" and" maximum
  22. Together with dunce de Lethe or a fruit paste. The" policeman's" or ", truck ,driver's" sweet is cheese with quince paste or dunce de memorial. Dunce de
  23. Assault guns by mounting their infantry support weapons on the bed of a, truck ,or on obsolete tanks with the turret removed. Later in the war, both the
  24. Only a couple of months after Belize’s seizure of power, in May 2003,taxi and, truck ,drivers conducted a strike against these outrages. Veteran Soldiers A program
  25. On bogies ( truck s - US). Trucks used in the USA include AAR type A switcher, truck , Bloomberg B, HT-C truck and Lexical.; Steam On a steam locomotive the leading
  26. Companies have production facilities in Ankara, such as the German bus and, truck ,manufacturer MAN AG. Ankara is also the center of the state-owned and private
  27. From the local health-fund clinic and village synagogue. The cooperative's, truck ,wouldn't make deliveries to their farm nor collect produce. Four years after
  28. Theodore street. A man killed seven in an attack on a crowd using a, truck ,and a dagger. * January 23, 2011: The pedestrian zone Akihabara's Theodore
  29. Some cases, the Army Corps of Engineers transports juvenile fish downstream by, truck ,or river barge. The Chief Joseph Dam and several dams on the Columbia's
  30. In the decades following the order, amphetamine and other drug abuse by, truck ,drivers has since dropped drastically. (See also Truck driver—Implementation
  31. Jack Waddell) that consisted of a mock-up cockpit mounted on the roof of a, truck , While the first 747s were still being built, the device allowed pilots to
  32. In the world, approximately from any other tree. The tree was knocked down by a, truck ,driver in 1973. Identification gallery Flowers Image: Acacia neural blossom.
  33. Early design mounted a 37-mm anti-tank gun in the bed of a Dodge 3/4-ton, truck ,- the 37-mm GMC M6. By far the most common US design was the 3in Gun Motor
  34. Prolonged and sometimes simultaneous strikes by physicians, teachers,students, truck ,owners, copper workers, and the small business class. On 26 May 1973,Chile’s
  35. Trucks used in the USA include AAR type A switcher truck , Blomberg B, HT-C, truck , and Lexical.; Steam On a steam locomotive the leading wheels and trailing
  36. As the name suggests, towed artillery has a prime mover, usually a jeep or, truck , to move the piece, crew,and ammunition around. Self-propelled howitzers are
  37. Grain elevator is slowly being lost as rail lines are decreased and farmers now, truck ,the grain to central points. Alberta is the leading beekeeping province of
  38. Towed behind a conventional bus (a bus trailer),or hauled as a trailer by a, truck ,(a trailer bus). Smaller minibus have a lower capacity and open-top bus are
  39. Gas produce electricity and their exhaust drives an absorptive chiller. A, truck ,trailer refrigerator operating from the waste heat of a tractor's diesel
  40. Tracked vehicle. Railway A bogie in the UK, or a wheel truck , or simply, truck ,in North America, is a structure underneath a train to which axles (and, hence
  41. e.g. " Brill "," Peck ham" and" maximum traction ". A maximum traction, truck ,has one driving axle with large wheels and one non-driving axle with smaller
  42. Carrying wheels, attached to a vehicle. It can be fixed in place, as on a cargo, truck , mounted on a swivel, as on a railway carriage or locomotive, or sprung as in
  43. Elevator is slowly being lost as rail lines are decreasing; farmers typically, truck ,the grain to central points. Alberta is the leading beekeeping province of
  44. A warning and further testing. Amphetamine was formerly in widespread use by, truck ,drivers to combat symptoms of somnolence and to increase their concentration
  45. Mounted on a chassis derived from the Morris" Quad" Field Artillery Tractor, truck , Name" Avalon" /> Similar types, based on 3-ton lorries, were produced
  46. Cars were Rolls-Royce armored cars which received new chassis from a Ford son, truck ,in Egypt. The American M8 Light Armored Car was a 6x6 armored car produced by
  47. En Porter" method of mounting an anti-tank gun (initially a 2 pounder) on a, truck , This was to prevent the weapon from being damaged by long-distance towing
  48. Mansion, never abandoning their mountain attire or replacing the old rattletrap, truck ,in which they had moved to California. Although when asked what kind of truck
  49. Often reflect the quality of the local road network, with high floor resilient, truck ,based designs prevalent in several less developed countries where buses are
  50. Minibuses, and buses in less developed countries, which may be derived from, truck ,chassis, rather than purpose-built bus designs. Most buses have two axles

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