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  1. Acted as commander in chief, yet even so it proved a far more formidable, opponent ,than the old and was only defeated after a desperate struggle involving
  2. Morita Yeshiva once remarked that one" must be willing to receive 99 % of an, opponent ,'s attack and stare death in the face" in order to execute techniques without
  3. Like his teacher, wrote a work on Homer. As a rhetorician, he was a determined, opponent ,of Socrates and his school. He is generally regarded as the author of the
  4. 16),in favor of Kasparov. Rivalry with Kasparov Karol remained a formidable, opponent ,(and the world #2) until the early 1990s. He fought Kasparov in three more
  5. Was the only system based on the protection of those rights. She was a fierce, opponent ,of all forms of collectivism and statism, including fascism, communism
  6. Though he ran as a Whig, many Democrats favored him over a more powerful Whig, opponent , Admitted to the bar in 1836,he moved to Springfield, Illinois,and began to
  7. Achieved its objectives, nor did any TD unit lose more vehicles than its German, opponent , Only a few shots were expected to be fired from any firing position. Strong
  8. Out factual but apparent character flaws or actions that are irrelevant to the, opponent ,'s argument. This tactic is logically fallacious because insults and negative
  9. All good or tending to all bad. Thus, if you can attribute a bad trait to your, opponent , others will tend to doubt the quality of their arguments, even if the bad
  10. Popular opponent s of Antaeus. A Qumran document sheds further light on another, opponent ,of Antaeus. The scroll 4Q390 was written by an adversary of Antaeus seeking
  11. Movement are also aware of this, and argue that, as long as they have a common, opponent , they should march together - even if they don't share exactly the same
  12. The elector palatine, Frederick V, and the Princess Elizabeth, and a firm, opponent ,of the projected marriage of the Prince of Wales with the Infant of Spain.
  13. And retain his title, but wound up losing, thus surrendering the title to his, opponent , The final score was 11–13 (+3 −5 =16),in favor of Kasparov. Rivalry with
  14. He often used his hard slice serve in the deuce service box to send his, opponent ,off the court, followed by a shot to the opposite corner. Agassi's service
  15. Smoking. A popular, but probably apocryphal, story is that once when an, opponent ,laid a cigar on the table, he complained to the tournament arbiters," he is
  16. Prince of Novgorod and he also engaged his youngest son, Andrew with one of his, opponent ,'s daughter. In 1220,Andrew entrusted the government of Slavonic, Dalmatia and
  17. Admissible as evidence. If the affine is a party in the case, the affiant's, opponent ,may be successful in having the affidavit admitted as evidence, as statements
  18. Abuse or personal attacks) usually involves insulting or belittling one's, opponent ,in order to attack his claim or invalidate his argument, but can also involve
  19. War) and the Battle of Large. It includes depictions of Alexander III and his, opponent ,Aaron IV of Norway. * Alexander the Glorious (1965) by Jane Oliver. The
  20. Of Gorgias and taught at Athens at the same time as Socrates, whose rival and, opponent ,he was. We possess two declamations under his name: On Sophists, directed
  21. 14). In 1978,Karpov's first title defense was against Kirchner,the, opponent ,he had defeated in the 1973–75 Candidates' cycle; the match was played at
  22. Antivenins' return, including mention of his valor in slaying a Goliath-like, opponent ,(frag. 350),and he proudly describes the military hardware that adorned
  23. Logographos) but this was not advertised in court (except as something your, opponent ,had to resort to),and even politically prominent litigants made some show of
  24. Hans Memling, Flemish painter (b. c. 1430) *1519 – Johann Tetzel, German, opponent , of the Reformation (b. 1465) *1563 – Bartolomé de Escobedo, Spanish composer
  25. Greatest skill, a vivid activity which made him for long the most formidable, opponent ,of Napoleon. On the battlefield, it is probably fair to say, Charles was
  26. And Lincoln instructed his backers to vote for Lyman Trumbull, who defeated, opponent ,Joel Aldrich Matheson. The Whigs had been irreparably split by the
  27. Conservative, Prussian intellectuals interpreted Aristophanes as a satirical, opponent ,of social reform. The avant-garde stage-director Carlos Noun directed a
  28. The objective of the game is to score points by passing the ball through the, opponent ,'s goal. The main way to score points is by kicking the ball between the two
  29. The rites) in bringing us back to what is essential about humanity. His, opponent ,Moi, however,argued that music and fine arts were classist and wasteful
  30. Tactic is logically fallacious because insults and negative facts about the, opponent ,'s personal character have nothing to do with the logical merits of the
  31. Soon changed his mind: Camus publicly reversed himself and became a lifelong, opponent ,of capital punishment. Camus played as goalkeeper for Racing Universities
  32. Secretary Robert McNamara referred to it as Sentinel. McNamara, a private ABM, opponent ,because of cost and feasibility (see cost-exchange ratio),claimed that
  33. A winner and hit a conservative shot to minimize his errors, and to make his, opponent ,run more. Agassi's serve was never the strength of his game, but it improved
  34. Republican side with Brutus and Cassius, who could easily ally with a political, opponent ,of Octavian if not appeased, also required land. There were as many as eighteen
  35. Play aimed at achieving one's own goals by preventing realization of the, opponent ,'s plans. Notable in his" system" were concepts such as overprotection of
  36. Body to obstruct opponent s. Dangerous physical contact (such as pushing an, opponent ,in the back),interference when marking and deliberately slowing the play are
  37. To prove that there was no agreement to arbitrate, effectively requiring the, opponent ,of arbitration to prove a negative. The United States Court of Appeals for the
  38. Hatch but Andrew denied to give assistance to him because the child prince's, opponent , Prince Volodymyr III Igorevych had bribed him. Nevertheless, in the same year
  39. A stone or group of stones is imminently in danger of being taken by one's, opponent , In Japanese, atari is the nominalized form of Atari (verb),meaning" to hit
  40. Triton is, without involving Dallas. Likewise, Pallas may be Athena's father or, opponent , without involving Triton. On this topic, Walter Burke rt says" she is the
  41. Ancient Athens seems to represent the" perfect society" and Atlantis its, opponent , representing the very antithesis of the" perfect" traits described in the
  42. Of Cameron, lived in Allen from 1891 until 1896. * Georg Elder (1903–1945), opponent , of Nazism, worked in 1923 as an apprentice carpenter in Allen. * Werner
  43. Of victory .... I would choose the latter without thinking twice. If the, opponent ,offers keen play I don't object; but in such cases I get less satisfaction
  44. Britain. Second invasion of Italy Alaric became the friend and ally of his late, opponent , Silicon. By 407,the estrangement between the eastern and western courts had
  45. Arena where it faces frequent controversy as well. *The ACLU has been a vocal, opponent ,of the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001,the PATRIOT 2 Act of 2003,and associated
  46. Supports everyone's opinion. However, the opposite can also be true - An, opponent ,can turn a positive statement into a bad one, if the speaker uses ambiguity (
  47. 3 −2 =19,moving on to challenge Fischer for the world title. Fischer's, opponent ,in 1975? Though a world championship match between Karol and Fischer was
  48. To the issue. However, neither of these cases specify whether the, opponent ,to the arbitration has the burden of proof, like in Missouri. Proceedings
  49. S personal character have nothing to do with the logical merits of the, opponent ,'s arguments or assertions. Examples: *" You can't believe John when he says
  50. Presidential election: then-Vice President George H. W. Bush noted that his, opponent ,Michael Davis had described himself as a" card-carrying member of the ACLU "

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