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  1. That anything planted grew well, the record in terms of sustained agricultural, productivity ,has been generally disappointing. High initial fertility after clearing and
  2. Marked a turning point in Cauchy's life, and a break in his mathematical, productivity , Cauchy, shaken by the fall of the government, and moved by a deep hatred of
  3. Insolation intensity also controls the extent of the photic zone. Subsurface, productivity ,is limited by nutrient availability, as the anoxic bottom waters act as a sink
  4. By certifications, service,and support options designed to encourage, productivity ,and security while reducing overall costs. " 2007 activities Parts remained
  5. Value-added sectors, the transfers have not resulted in sizeable increases in, productivity , 2010 saw a noticeable increase in the number of Iranian tourists visiting
  6. With helping to save at least $167 million a year by increasing economic, productivity ,and decreasing motor vehicle operating costs. That study did not look at
  7. Been supplanted by high-level languages, in the search for improved programming, productivity , Today, although assembly language is almost always handled and generated by
  8. Abiotic stress is the most harmful factor concerning the growth and, productivity ,of crops worldwide. Research has also shown that abiotic stressors are at their
  9. Play in Games 3,4 and 5,and pinch-hit in Game 8 of the best-of-9 Series, his, productivity , was diminished, and the Yankees lost the series. Ruth hit .316,drove in five
  10. Becoming central to air-traffic control. And satellites increase agricultural, productivity ,through tracking weather, enabling more accurate forecasts. Two major
  11. Single with" I Get Around. " Soon, traces of Brian Wilson's increasing studio, productivity ,and innovation were noticeable:" Drive-In ", an album track from All Summer
  12. The use of GOT statements for program structuring purposes harmful for the, productivity ,of the programmer as well as the quality of the resulting code (" Go To
  13. Summer months and a surface-intensified autumn production. This pattern of, productivity ,is also augmented by an Emiliano Huxley bloom during the late spring and
  14. Surface. This process steadily concentrates salt in the root zone, decreasing, productivity , for crops that are not salt-tolerant. * Urban sprawl: In the United States, of
  15. 10 % medical care,30 % extra education and other care, and 60 % lost economic, productivity , Publicly supported programs are often inadequate or inappropriate for a given
  16. Irrigation management, recommended nitrogen inputs) * Improving agricultural, productivity ,in terms of quantity and quality (e.g., selection of drought-resistant crops
  17. Digital compositing application Shake, as well as Magic for their music, productivity ,application Logic, which led to the development of their consumer-level
  18. Accelerator card upgrades. Amiga software The Amiga was a primary target for, productivity ,and game development during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Software was often
  19. 1922) mentions several benefits of the assembly line including: The gains in, productivity ,allowed Ford to increase worker pay from $2.50 per day to $5.00 per day and to
  20. Medicine and mathematics,Ancient Egypt achieved a relatively high standard of, productivity ,and sophistication. Traditional empiricism, as evidenced by the Edwin Smith and
  21. Akkad provided a temporary respite. It was this high degree of agricultural, productivity ,in the south that enabled the growth of the highest population densities in the
  22. Raising of livestock is based in fodder rather than pasture. Although the, productivity ,is higher than with extensive techniques, the economics are quite different.
  23. In the transition from horizontal expansion of agriculture to increasing, productivity ,also accounted for decreasing rates of deforestation. Desertification, another
  24. Workers and artisans led to the proliferation of services with rather low, productivity , This unequal development compared to other regions led to a hypertrophied and
  25. Advertisement illustrator in the 1950s,Warhol used assistants to increase his, productivity , Collaboration would remain a defining (and controversial) aspect of his
  26. And ink alignment. Later Carrier's technology was applied to increase, productivity ,in the workplace, and The Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America was
  27. Were made during the Old Kingdom, fueled by the increased agricultural, productivity ,made possible by a well-developed central administration. Some Ancient Egypt
  28. Pathways recycle nutrients which can be up welled to the photic zone, enhancing, productivity , Phytoplankton The main phytoplankton groups present in the Black Sea are
  29. Tied to progress made in selecting and improving crops and animals for high, productivity , as well as to developing additional inputs such as artificial fertilizers and
  30. The life suite of multimedia and creativity software; the work suite of, productivity ,software; Aperture, a professional photography package; Final Cut Studio, a
  31. AA's attempts to increase trust with its workforce and to increase its, productivity , In May 2008,a month after mass grounding of aircraft, American announced
  32. Of horizontal or extensive expansion maintained low levels of technology and, productivity ,and placed emphasis on quantity rather than quality of agricultural production.
  33. Process of restoring agricultural land to private owners in a form that ensures, productivity ,has been slow. Bank investment and insecurity in the land market contributed to
  34. Okayama suffered severe space-sickness during his mission, which affected his, productivity , Seven others have paid to fly into space: #Dennis Tito (American): April 28
  35. Later released other Amiga models, both for low-end gaming use and high-end, productivity ,use. In 1994,Commodore filed for bankruptcy and its assets were purchased by
  36. Development of agricultural techniques has steadily increased agricultural, productivity , and the widespread diffusion of these techniques during a time period is often
  37. Poor. Clouds may block the sunlight plants need for photosynthesis, reducing, productivity , Plants can starve without light. Starvation and nomadism often exists on
  38. 2:12–17) ** Banishment of the locusts and restoration of agricultural, productivity ,as a divine response to national penitence. (2:18–27) ** Future prophetic
  39. From cellphone calls to ATM withdrawals. They allow just-in-time (JIT), productivity , because of precise tracking. GPS is also becoming central to air-traffic
  40. Such as boat hulls, are well-preserved. During periods of high surface, productivity , short-lived algal blooms form organic rich layers known as propels.
  41. Terms it could be considered a rather uncompetitive sector, given its level of, productivity ,compared to other Spanish regions. In addition to its numeric importance
  42. from 39 to 50 %. Land degradation, the long-term decline in ecosystem function and, productivity , is estimated to be occurring on 24 % of land worldwide, with cropland
  43. The World Bank has identified key areas for potential growth, including the, productivity ,of traditional crops and the introduction of new exports, light manufactures
  44. Constraints. In the past century agriculture has been characterized by enhanced, productivity , the substitution of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides for labor, water
  45. Output in 2010. Energy and agriculture Since the 1940s,agricultural, productivity ,has increased dramatically, due largely to the increased use of
  46. Such as rice production, is carried out by small farmers—has high levels of, productivity , There are also some important industries. Environmental issues The
  47. Of wasting public funds, which could have serious effects on their future, productivity , These difficulties are presumed to have made Tchaikovsky play with the idea of
  48. Cycling is identical to the h-index that quantifies both the actual scientific, productivity ,and the apparent scientific impact of a scientist. Honour Awards *Bruce Medal
  49. Damaging. In the past century agriculture has been characterized by enhanced, productivity , the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, selective breeding
  50. International Monetary Fund (see below). Economists measure the total factor, productivity ,of agriculture and by this measure agriculture in the United States is roughly

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