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  1. Hundred all scoring heavily; the bowling was more than adequate, without being, outstanding , In 1930,Bill Woodhull led an extremely inexperienced team to England. Brahman
  2. Cooper had a very small chance of receiving the Apollo 13 command if he did an, outstanding ,job with the assignment, which he did not. Despite Eisle's issues with
  3. His brother Julian Huxley and half-brother Andrew Huxley also became, outstanding ,biologists. Aldous had another brother, Noel Trevelyan (1891–1914),who
  4. 16, 2007 that they would be kept on until December 14, 2007 to complete any, outstanding ,tasks, after which they would be laid off. The reduction in force was so large
  5. Richest prizes in the arts, given annually to“ a man or woman who has made an, outstanding ,contribution to the beauty of the world and to mankind’s enjoyment and
  6. Paris Mountains in the southwestern corner of the country. They are the most, outstanding ,topographic feature of Bulgaria and of the entire Balkan Peninsula. The Riley
  7. And higher geometry). In 1877, he was awarded the gold medal for his, outstanding ,solution of the problem" About Integration of Differential Equations by
  8. Flow control; each end could only send data to the other end if there was an, outstanding ,ATP request to respond to. PAP also provided for out-of-band status queries
  9. A five-year patent cross-licensing agreement as part of a deal to settle all, outstanding ,legal disputes between them. Events and publications Although AMD frequently
  10. When the consul said the French government was not prepared to pay its large, outstanding ,debts to two Algerian merchants—a French army under General de Bourmont
  11. Font at St Bartholomew's Church, Liège in modern Belgium (before 1117) is an, outstanding ,masterpiece of Romanesque brass casting. The cementation process continued to
  12. Notre Dame d'Antique, accessible by one cable car, is one of the city's most, outstanding ,monuments: located in the district of Z' will far, the basilica was built
  13. Their party. Many, though not all, in the South considered Lincoln as a man of, outstanding ,ability. Lincoln's reputation grew slowly in the late 19th century until the
  14. Johnstone wrote" Clearly, the Declaration of Approach is a literary work of, outstanding ,universal significance by any stretch of the imagination" In 2008,the
  15. Of bulbous plants. In 1951 this award was given to Milford B. Foster for his, outstanding ,work with amaryllis. Alfonso III (1265,Valencia – 18 June 1291),called the
  16. The award was the Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu in recognition of his, outstanding ,work against hunger, malnutrition and poverty worldwide. Past recipients of the
  17. Year, and their 1979 Ellie Sugar Award (posthumously) for his" unique and, outstanding ,contribution to the profession of cartooning. " Early life Born in New Haven
  18. By the American Physical Society every second year from 2006," to recognize, outstanding ,leadership and/or achievements of scientists in upholding human rights ". The
  19. Scotland has classified the landscape and gardens created by Scott as of, outstanding ,aesthetic, scenic and architectural importance, and,as the creation of Scott
  20. Clinton's supporters. The same percentage said he would be remembered as either ", outstanding ," or" above average" as a president, while 22 % said he would be remembered
  21. Since 1976 the IEEE's Alexander Graham Bell Medal has been awarded to honor, outstanding ,contributions in the field of telecommunications. In 1940 the US Post Office
  22. Purchase Amiga Corporation outright, which Commodore believed would cancel any, outstanding ,contracts, including Atari's. Instead of Amiga Corp. delivering Lorraine to
  23. And can write FAIR after their name. Architects in Canada who have made, outstanding ,contributions to the profession through contribution to research, scholarship
  24. Basketball, curling and figure skating. British Columbia has produced many, outstanding ,athletes, especially in aquatic and winter sports. Consistent with both
  25. For wine storage, possibly even designing them. He was considered to be an, outstanding ,politician of his day. In 1517, he was a member of the" Austere Rates ", the
  26. To take a whole ox for roasting. The surround to the sacristy doorway is an, outstanding ,example of Madeline decoration. In 1794,Lord Beck ford visited the Abbey and
  27. Economic activities. Besides the architecture of the cities, there is also much, outstanding ,rural architecture: houses, as well as ranch and farm buildings. Sculpture The
  28. And scenes from each of the four seasons. This work has been described as an, outstanding ,instance of pre-19th Century program music. Vivaldi wrote more than 500 other
  29. Statements about Amway earnings during a recruitment meeting and had an, outstanding ,arrest warrant for drug dealing. Allegations include resemblance to a Big
  30. Fire as playmaker and key marksman Toni, with Frey in goal, proved to be an, outstanding ,force in Serie A, giving them a fourth place finish with 74 points and
  31. With a reputation as a great woman, who had an excellent character and had, outstanding ,Roman morals. She was a dedicated, supporting wife and mother who looked out
  32. As over a mountain pass. Ambushes appear many times in military history. One, outstanding ,example from ancient times is the Battle of the Serbia river. Hannibal encamped
  33. S Confessions is the 12th-century Historian Calamitous of Peter Abelard, outstanding ,as an autobiographical document of its period. The first autobiographical work
  34. Noted, had a very small chance of receiving the Apollo 13 command if he did an, outstanding ,job with the assignment, which he didn't. Gisele, despite his issues with
  35. Quality has awarded American Airlines its 2005 Governor's Award for its, outstanding ,efforts in environmental protection and pollution prevention. American Airline
  36. Awards the Karlspreis (German for ‘ Charlemagne Award’ ) to personalities of, outstanding ,service to the unification of Europe. The International Charlemagne Prize of
  37. With those of the prophets of Islam. Kinds considered Aristotle as the, outstanding ,and unique representative of philosophy and Averroes spoke of Aristotle as the
  38. At ninth grade level, four-year-olds learning to read in only a few months, outstanding ,test scores, disappearance of behavioral problems, second-graders studying
  39. Hero of Azerbaijan' is the highest national title in the country, awarded for, outstanding ,services of national importance to Azerbaijan in defense, as well as other
  40. 4.6° W). The asteroid 3600 Archimedes is named after him. The Fields Medal for, outstanding ,achievement in mathematics carries a portrait of Archimedes, along with his
  41. Ceremony was held on May 16, 1929,at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood to honor, outstanding ,film achievements of the 1927/1928 film season. The most recent ceremony
  42. Of the Association for Computing Machinery in 1993" to recognize and honor, outstanding ,ACM members for their achievements in computer science and information
  43. Was 24. During his youth he was" shaped" by his father and was regarded as an, outstanding ,member of the Baha’í exile community. As a teenager he was his father’s
  44. Fine ever imposed in Canada at the time. In 1989 the company settled the, outstanding ,customs duties for $45 million CAD. In a 1994 interview, Amway co-founder Rich
  45. Equal to the construction era direction. Ashore This is an architecturally, outstanding ,Neolithic chambered tomb on the Mainland of Orkney – probably dating to the
  46. Chairman of the Soviet Intercosmos program, who described the flight as an ", outstanding ,achievement of American space sciences and technology ". It is estimated that a
  47. For its establishment. Since 1901,the prize has honored men and women for, outstanding ,achievements in physics, chemistry,medicine, literature and for work in peace.
  48. After the FIDE World Chess Championship 1999. Towards retirement? Karpov's, outstanding ,classical tournament play has been seriously limited since 1995,since he
  49. Two among the singles. The period of Darling's captaincy saw the emergence of, outstanding ,Australian players such as Trumpet, Warwick Armstrong, James Kelly, Monty Noble
  50. Football. Tiffany Glass The Hayworth Art Gallery in Arrington contains an, outstanding ,collection of Tiffany glassware presented to the town by Joseph Briggs, an

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