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  1. Shot Carl Givens,39,a flight instructor who was offering Bletch lessons in a, yellow ,Taylor Cub monoplane with tandem controls in the air after taking off in
  2. Stamens, and are arranged in dense globular or cylindrical clusters; they are, yellow ,or cream-colored in most species, whitish in some, even purple (Acacia
  3. Prostrata File: Koninginnenkruid A. jpg|Auditorium cannabis File: Big, yellow , JPG|Gerber asp. (Mutisoideae). Note the zoomorphic disc flowers. File:
  4. Lightning's blue glare fills Oklahoma plains, the train rolls east casting, yellow ,shadow on grass Twenty years ago approaching Texas, I saw sheet lightning cover
  5. Some parts of the plateau. During the summers, frequent dust storms blow a fine, yellow ,powder across the plateau. Locusts occasionally ravage the eastern area in
  6. The color of the finished glass. A range of colors could be produced, including, yellow , red, green,blue, purple,and white, and the glass could be made either
  7. From" Amber June ": Amber Gris (gray amber) was ambergris; Amber June (, yellow ,amber) was the fossil resin we now call amber. Amber is discussed by
  8. Minute traces, by the addition of Nessler's solution, which gives a distinct, yellow ,coloration in the presence of the least trace of ammonia or ammonium salts.
  9. Draw. The sound occurs in Australian English at the beginning of words like ", yellow ," and" yes" and it also occurs in words like" new" and" tube ". An
  10. Have been either two-tone blue designs, or variations on the traditional, yellow ,and blue, such as the metallic gold and navy strip used in the 2001–02 season
  11. Colors, badge and nicknames Roma's colors of maroon red with a golden, yellow ,trim represents the traditional colors of the Eternal City, the official seal
  12. Combustible. At 100 °C, it gradually transforms into the stable form. The, yellow ,allotrope of antimony is the most unstable. It has only been generated by
  13. Substitute. Paints were obtained from minerals such as iron ores (red and, yellow ,och res),copper ores (blue and green),soot or charcoal (black),and
  14. Baseball history takes place in Independence, Kansas. *1932 – A vaccine for, yellow ,fever is announced for use on humans. *1944 – World War II: Nine German S-boots
  15. The sunshine showed too, a key on the side of the window for me to get out. The, yellow ,of the sunshine, also showed the key on the side of the window. " These letters
  16. As a lieutenant on board the Royal ship Weymouth. He probably succumbed to the, yellow ,fever which had devastated the voyage. He was buried at sea off the west coast
  17. Amber ", amber itself can range from a whitish color through a pale lemon, yellow , to brown and almost black. Other more uncommon colors include red amber (
  18. Him in Zapata, she comments on his physical appearance describing his hair as, yellow ,and his eyes blue. Works The Golden Ass The Golden Ass (Sinus Aureus) or
  19. A stable metallic form, and three meta-stable forms: explosive, black and, yellow , Metallic antimony is a brittle, silver-white shiny metal. When molten antimony
  20. And either black or white shorts. Since the 1969–70 season, they have worn, yellow ,and blue, but there have been exceptions. They wore a green and navy away kit
  21. Village, California,near U. C. L. A. It featured the trademark red and, yellow ,lightbulb Newton logo in the form of an internally lit plastic sign on the
  22. Are temporary solutions. Ants classified as pests include the pavement ant, yellow ,crazy ant, sugar ants, the Pharaoh ant, carpenter ants, Argentine ant, odorous
  23. Protest, the tactic of dividing protests into" green" ( permitted),", yellow ," (not officially permitted but with little confrontation and low risk of
  24. Aromaticity. # The carbon-hydrogen ratio is high. # They burn with a sooty, yellow ,flame because of the high carbon-hydrogen ratio. # They undergo electrophilic
  25. Irradiation effects can be partially cancelled and amethyst generally becomes, yellow ,or even green, and much of the vitrine, cairngorm, or yellow quartz of jewelry
  26. Silver Wattle),with its attractive glaucoma to silvery leaves and bright, yellow ,flowers; it is erroneously known as" mimosa" in some areas where it is
  27. United States and South America where he wrote a paper on the neuropsychology of, yellow ,fever. He suffered from chronic osteomyelitis for the last 7 years of his life.
  28. Bolivia, Brazil and on the island of Trinidad. * Elected notes, a. k. a. the, yellow ,anaconda, a smaller species found in eastern Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay
  29. Flowers),'Sapphire' ( dark blue flowers),'Aureus' ( leaves striped with, yellow ,), and 'Variegates' ( leaves almost entirely white with a few green bands).
  30. Gravity ranging from 0.780 to 0.926. It melts at about 62 °C to a fatty, yellow ,resinous liquid; and at it is volatilized into a white vapor. It is soluble in
  31. Of Austria-Hungary. The Swiss Canton of URI is named after the aurochs; its, yellow ,flag shows a black aurochs head. *East Slavic surnames Turning, Turishchev
  32. Syriac word ܠܐ ܙܐܦܢܝܐ (all) Narnia and the Persian word Varnish, meaning ", yellow ,Orient ", into Greek as Armenian (Αρσενικόν). It is also related to the
  33. The Moon is seen in the distance, symbolic of the eventual program goal. A, yellow ,border carries the mission and astronaut names with another border set with
  34. By the director's personal experiences with, and anger towards, Japanese, yellow , journalism. The work is an ambitious mixture of courtroom drama and social
  35. VD is given by: V’d = \franc which defines the Abbé number with respect to the, yellow ,Fraunhofer d (or D3) helium line at 587.5618 nm wavelength. It can also be
  36. Such as the metallic gold and navy strip used in the 2001–02 season, and the, yellow ,and dark gray used from 2005 to 2007. As of 2009,the away kit is changed every
  37. Physical characteristics The three most common allotropes are metallic gray, yellow ,and black arsenic, with gray being the most common. Grey arsenic (was, space
  38. Present, and the basal pairs of leaflets often lobed at their bases. The small, yellow ,to greenish flowers are borne on branched panicles. They turn reddish later in
  39. Of pink also have stripes, veining,darkened edges, white centers and light, yellow ,centers also setting them apart from the original light pink. In addition, the
  40. Brother Herbert. Herbert left soon thereafter (dying two years later from, yellow ,fever),but Spruce, like Bates, would spend over ten years collecting in South
  41. And in the home first aids. Both the translucent inner pulp and the resinous, yellow ,Alvin from wounding the Aloe plant are used externally to relieve skin
  42. In high contrast colors (such as white on black, black on white, and black on, yellow ,). * Embossed locator dots help find the 'home' keys, F and J, on the keyboard
  43. With a sharp apex and a spiny margin. Aloe flowers are tubular, frequently, yellow , orange, pink or red, and are borne, densely clustered and pendant, at the apex
  44. Distinct from aurochs. The Heck brothers' aurochs also have a pale, yellow ,dorsal stripe, instead of white. Nomenclature The words" aurochs "," URLs "
  45. Do not. For tourists, the Acapulco city government has established a system of, yellow ,buses with Acapulco! Painted on the side of them. These buses are not for
  46. In Russia, Italy and other countries it is customary to present women with, yellow ,mimosas (among other flowers) on International Women's Day (March 8).
  47. Generally becomes yellow or even green, and much of the vitrine, cairngorm, or, yellow , quartz of jewelry is said to be merely" burnt amethyst ". Synthetic amethyst
  48. Except that Centaurus would be missing its brightest star. Our Sun would be a, yellow ,+0.5 visual magnitude star in eastern Cassiopeia at the antipodal point of
  49. Formations and support woodlands of junipers, pinon,ponderosa pines, and, yellow , pines,each favoring different elevations. Wind and water erosion have created
  50. Warmed or by fuming acid in the cold. Natalie (2C17H13O7·H2O) forms bright, yellow ,scales. Battalion (C17H18O7) prismatic crystals. Aloe species also contain a

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