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  1. Attendance in Belgium from 11 % to 5 % over this nine-year period, Catholicism, nevertheless , remains an important force in society. Symbolically and materially, the Roman
  2. To this categorization, preferring to emphasize differences of approach, but, nevertheless , use the term CAM, which has become standard. Critics maintain that the terms “
  3. Indeed, the Altaic numerals are less stable than the Indo-European ones, but, nevertheless , Starostin et al. (2003) reconstruct them as follows: 1 Manchu /son/" single
  4. With individualist anarchism being primarily a literary phenomenon which, nevertheless ,did have an impact on the bigger currents and individualists also participated
  5. Not used in Scotland and Northern Ireland in the same sense as in England, but, nevertheless , Gordonstoun, the Scottish private school which Charles, Prince of Wales
  6. Lands and exercising authority. As a result, battles happened between them;, nevertheless ,Non Aryans could not win against invincible and witty Aryans. Unable to face
  7. Alexandrian. In dogma, he follows Basil of Caesar and other Greek authors, but, nevertheless , gives a distinctly Western cast to the speculations of which he treats. This is
  8. And also framing the regular reading and proclamation of scripture. Sykes, nevertheless ,agrees with those heirs of Maurice who emphasize the incompleteness of
  9. And members of the science policymaking community, it commented that ", nevertheless , the popularity of alternative medicine appears to be increasing. " In the
  10. What they want. Although this results in nine of them dying, their bodies are, nevertheless ,given decent burials in the orchard, with a cover story given related to their
  11. It to Trachomas who was Premyslid and Duke Boleslav's brother. Trachomas, nevertheless , refused. In 995 Slaves' former rivalry with the Premyslid (allied with
  12. And spare, and a determined-looking man, though a very pleasant-looking one, nevertheless , It is easy to see that he is kind and affectionate. There is something very
  13. Education. The whole family boasts of Jethro's" sixth grade education" but, nevertheless ,feels he is a bit of an idiot. Jethro is simply naive in the first season of
  14. Minor after the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922),swelled Athens' population;, nevertheless ,it was most particularly following World War II, and from the 1950s and 1960s
  15. The religion of Islam because the Quran is written in the language, but it is, nevertheless ,also spoken by Arab Christians, Mizrahi Jews and Iraqi Mandalas. Most of the
  16. While fearing that he might never be able to make another film, the director, nevertheless ,continued working on various projects, writing scripts and creating detailed
  17. Of shooting down Slums (Slums naturally tend to be much slower than ICBMs), nevertheless , both sides continued counter-tactical ABM development. SDI research went ahead
  18. Courts. Despite starting the 2006–07 season with a 15-point penalty, Fiorentina, nevertheless ,managed to secure a place in the 2007–08 edition of the UEFA Cup. The
  19. Effective against anxiety disorders than to be effective against depression but, nevertheless ,most SSRIs have anxiolytic properties, but are anxiogenic when first initiating
  20. Months are cool. Ankara's annual average precipitation is fairly low at, nevertheless ,precipitation can be observed throughout the year. Monthly mean temperatures
  21. Getting the frequency of the actual oscillations would be different, but he, nevertheless ,proposed this theory because it was a particularly clear demonstration that
  22. He often wrote with extreme care, continually revising. Grigorovich's advice, nevertheless ,inspired a more serious, artistic ambition in the twenty-six-year-old. In 1887
  23. In the 1st century, the historical context is well established. There has, nevertheless ,been some debate on the historicity of Jesus, but the mainstream opinion is
  24. His young daughter, Kazuko). Though not very well known today, High and Low is, nevertheless ,considered by many commentators to be among the director's strongest works.
  25. And iproniazid. Only patients with a poor prognosis were initially treated;, nevertheless , their condition improved dramatically. Selloff and Howitzer noted" a subtle
  26. Not use Cc, Qq, Vv, Ww, Yy for words that have some tradition in this language;, nevertheless , the Basque alphabet (established by Euskaltzaindia) does include them for
  27. Aided by compiler intrinsic functions which map directly to SIMS mnemonics, but, nevertheless , result in a one-to-one assembly conversion specific for the given vector
  28. As an art ". He was critical of the" brutality and low acting skills ", but, nevertheless , impressed by this film. Water, clouds,and reflections were used by him for its
  29. After 1978 the DLP was reduced to a small" rump" based in Victoria, which, nevertheless , continued to contest federal elections as the DLP (according to the
  30. Name the following year. Arsenal only finished in fifth place in 1919,but were, nevertheless ,elected to rejoin the First Division at the expense of local rivals Tottenham
  31. On 9/18 February 1830,Abdulaziz received an Ottoman education but was, nevertheless ,an ardent admirer of the material progress that was made in the West. He was
  32. Other as an egalitarian homosexual couple. Whichever the case may be, Achilles, nevertheless , continued to have sexual relationships with women. Worship of Achilles in
  33. Reaction than had been the case with his two preceding works. Kurosawa, nevertheless ,continued to work. He wrote the original screenplays The Sea is Watching in
  34. Architecture. While the house is clearly intended for a wealthy family, Aalto, nevertheless ,argued that it was also an experiment that would prove useful in the design of
  35. In 1538 as a counterpoise to the League of Schmalkalden. The new doctrines, nevertheless ,made considerable progress in his dominions, and he was compelled to grant
  36. Of that year as one new to British audiences and not favorably reviewed, but, nevertheless , it soon became popular. It had also become popular with New Yorkers by at least
  37. Rainbows all of which are as impossible to predict as the ancient weather, but, nevertheless , may have been considered important phenomena. Major topics of
  38. The main validations of the atomic orbital model. The atomic orbital model is, nevertheless ,an approximation to the full quantum theory, which only recognizes many
  39. Inhabitants. " Minoan Crete When Minoan archeology was still in its infancy, nevertheless , a theory raised in an essay regarding the Amazons contributed by Lewis Richard
  40. A character informing Times that while anything that can happen, has happened, nevertheless ,there is no history whatsoever in which Times has ever murdered his wife. When
  41. With many critics puzzled by its unique theme and treatment, but it was, nevertheless ,a moderate financial success for Data. Kurosawa's next film, for Shock
  42. From the established churches of Scotland, England and Ireland; but which, nevertheless , over the following ten years, engaged in extensive reforming legislation
  43. John D. Winters of Louisiana Tech University, Porter disliked Banks but, nevertheless ,turned over Alexandria to Banks and then departed to rejoin U. S. Grant at the
  44. The protagonist was a woman),the completed work divided critics, but it, nevertheless ,managed to win the approval of audiences, who turned variations on the film's
  45. Call-and-response patterns, blue notes, and slide guitars. Gospel music was, nevertheless ,using musical forms that were compatible with Christian hymns and therefore
  46. And all time periods. The meanings of the sky vary from culture to culture;, nevertheless ,there are scientific methods which can be applied across cultures when
  47. Some highly pathological functions with large sets of discontinuities may, nevertheless ,have antiderivative. * In some cases, the antiderivative of such pathological
  48. Of the author and while they may not be accurate word-for-word, the author, nevertheless ,records the general idea of them. He compares this to the work of the historian
  49. Under wet exposure conditions. The kill timeframes, while impressive, are, nevertheless , longer than for pure copper, where kill timeframes ranged between 45 and 90
  50. And successful light comedies, but were disappointing to Christie herself;, nevertheless , Agatha Christie dedicated the novel The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side to

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