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  1. As of March 1998,Cameroon's fifth IMF program — a 3-year enhanced structural, adjustment ,program approved in August 1997 — is on track. Cameroon has rescheduled its
  2. The front sight is a post adjustable for elevation in the field. Wind age, adjustment ,is done by the armory before issue. The battle setting places the round within
  3. There is this disadvantage: the image on the focusing-screen and the correct, adjustment ,of the photographic sensitive plate are not in register; in astronomical
  4. Such instances the behavior is not" owned" by the individual. #Psychological, adjustment ,exists when the concept of the self is such that all the sensory and visceral
  5. Training is confined to classrooms with much time spent learning theory, adjustment , and marketing. The curriculum content of North American chiropractic and
  6. The same techniques (and major circuit components) also make possible the, adjustment ,of display image rotation, skew,and other complex raster geometry parameters
  7. That could be substituted seamlessly into the big league club with little or no, adjustment , Elaborations on the Oriole way include pitching coach and manager Ray Miller
  8. Direction, and the elevation needed to reach the target, and the method of, adjustment ,or orders for fire for effect (FFE). However, in more advanced artillery units
  9. Comes after a decade of negative or low growth. This is attributed to fiscal, adjustment ,measures aimed at improving public financing, as well as reforms in port
  10. Between the disputant towns. Citizens displaced by the resulting border, adjustment ,were given land elsewhere as compensation. In 1779,New Penna cook Plantation
  11. What methods should be used, for example, converged or distributed, whether, adjustment , is permissible or surprise essential, the need for special procedures such as
  12. Non-continuous graphics modes and switching modes mid-frame does not cause any, adjustment ,to the counter. Firetruck switches from a non-continuous to a continuous
  13. Receivers meant that the time base circuits occasionally needed manual, adjustment , The adjustment took the form of horizontal hold and vertical hold controls
  14. Dosing schemes" in most hospitals, which give guidance on the correct dose and, adjustment ,in case of toxicity. In immunotherapy, they are in principle used in smaller
  15. With hydraulic devices that control inlet orifice size, allowing for dynamic, adjustment ,during the process, or modification for different substances. The surface of
  16. To fire the gun at any close target without adjusting the sights. The field, adjustment ,procedure for AK-47,AKM and AK-74 family requires 4 rounds to be placed in a
  17. Treatment techniques Spinal manipulation, which chiropractors call" spinal, adjustment ," or" chiropractic adjustment ", is the most common treatment used in
  18. Set targets of annual 5 % growth and 25 % inflation for 2000-2001. Structural, adjustment ,programs with the World Bank and IMF and interest-free credits to support
  19. Lacked multiplier and voltage adjustment s, and could run only 133 MHz FSB the, adjustment ,could have been made by wire-modding the CPU socket by connecting adjacent CPU
  20. Buttons on left and right sides of case, pinball launch button and field, adjustment ,sliders on top, light gun, uses a MOS Technology MPS 7600-004 chip. #Telstar
  21. Case, there is no assurance that it can be made to do so again by service or, adjustment , Therefore, discs with capacities larger than 650 MiB, and especially those
  22. And previous expectations. This error- adjustment is also called" partial, adjustment , " The theory of adaptive expectations can be applied to all previous periods
  23. In LCD's). Both types of effect, if needed, are made by appearance-oriented, adjustment ,of the reflection model. Visual perception Though it receives less attention
  24. Score, known as" push" or" standoff ", bets are normally returned without, adjustment ,; however, a blackjack beats any hand which is not a blackjack, even with value
  25. Economic growth in recent years as a result of achievements in macroeconomic, adjustment ,efforts. Fiscal adjustment measures included downsizing the civil service
  26. At specific points on the screen, typically near the corners or edges. Further, adjustment ,of dynamic convergence and purity typically cannot be done passively, but
  27. CPUs, like their mobile K6+ predecessors, were also capable of dynamic clock, adjustment ,for power optimization. When the system is idle, the CPU clocks itself down
  28. Sets a tuning guide consisting of a phosphor tube was used to aid the tuning, adjustment , This was also known as a" Magic Eye" or" Tuning Eye ". Tuning would be
  29. At all levels. These are caused by many factors: *Incorrect bicycle fit or, adjustment , particularly the saddle. *Too many hills, or too many miles, too early in the
  30. But throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaptation of custom, and, adjustment , of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered. ” Rabbi Dr.
  31. Standing Energy-efficient means of standing bipedally involve constant, adjustment ,of balance, and of course these must avoid overcorrection. The difficulties
  32. Tubing for each valve usually features a short tuning slide of its own for fine, adjustment ,of the valve's tuning, except when it is too short to make this practicable.
  33. With a fixed number of decimal places that do not then require this, adjustment ,— particularly financial applications where 2 or 4 digits after the decimal
  34. To work decreased risk of mortality in approximately 40 % after multivariate, adjustment , including leisure time physical activity ". Injuries (to cyclists, from
  35. Manipulation, which chiropractors call" spinal adjustment " or" chiropractic, adjustment ,", is the most common treatment used in chiropractic care. More generally
  36. Physical properties (such as expansion or rapid reaction) are obtained by, adjustment ,of the availability of calcium and sulfate ions. Their use as a low-energy
  37. Tropical zodiac used in Western (Hellenistic) astrology in that an Alabama, adjustment ,is made for the gradual precession of the vernal equinox. Hindu astrology
  38. By the value of the second (leftmost) digit, which is always one. This, adjustment ,is termed a carry of the value one. The process for multiplying two arbitrary
  39. Predicted methods were invariably applied but the fall of shot usually needed, adjustment ,because of inaccuracy in locating the target, the proximity of friendly troops
  40. Gnomon. In Lace daemon, he participated in the construction, or at least in the, adjustment , of sundials to indicate solstices and equinoxes. Indeed, a noon required
  41. I. " In 1916,the Russians conducted their first registration point shoot: the, adjustment ,of fire onto one target to identify inaccuracy, then switching to another while
  42. On both legs. In most bipeds this is an active process, requiring constant, adjustment ,of balance. # Walking. One foot in front of another, with at least one foot on
  43. Transactions, diversify exports, and reform the coffee industry. IMF structural, adjustment ,programs in Burundi were suspended following the outbreak of the crisis in
  44. Itself is not in any way actual law, it is used by the town council, board of, adjustment , and other committees to guide decision-making as to what types of development
  45. Of digits. If an individual product of a pair of digits exceeds nine, the carry, adjustment ,increases the result of any subsequent multiplication from digits to the left
  46. Meant that the time base circuits occasionally needed manual adjustment . The, adjustment ,took the form of horizontal hold and vertical hold controls, usually on the
  47. Each other, it can be difficult to sync the two records perfectly, so manual, adjustment ,of the records is necessary to maintain the beat synchronization. # Before
  48. Machiavelli and the 19th-century German Friedrich Nietzsche); satisfaction and, adjustment , as in pragmatism (20th-century American philosophers Ralph Barton Perry and
  49. Primarily with the detection and correction of vertebral subluxation via, adjustment ,and do not" mix" other types of therapies into their practice style. Although
  50. Another playing range. As such, triggers and throws and are designed for speedy, adjustment ,while playing. Trigger is used in two senses: *A trigger can be a mechanical

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