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  1. The Cauchy argument principle is quite frequently used to derive the Nyquist, stability ,criterion, which can be used to predict the stability of negative feedback
  2. Between Octavian in the West and Antony in the East. To maintain peace and, stability ,in his portion of the Empire, Octavian ensured Rome's citizens of their rights
  3. Years; future research may lead to further changes and ultimately greater, stability , The order is clearly circumscribed on the basis of DNA sequence analysis, but
  4. Establish the fundamental institutions of independent statehood, and brought, stability , peace and major foreign investment. At the same time, the country was tainted
  5. By the introduction of the notion of uniform continuity. Argument principle, stability ,In a paper published in 1855,two years before Cauchy's death, he discussed
  6. S view that" A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability , and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise"15 He
  7. S empire, and the states of mainland Greece would continue to threaten that, stability ,unless dealt with. Darius thus began to contemplate the complete conquest of
  8. The Taliban to join the process wanting them to be a partner in providing, stability ,to Afghanistan during such a process. Many analysts like Amino Baikal describe
  9. Unflyable. The horizontal and vertical stabilizers of most aircraft give, stability , similarly to the feathers on an arrow. Most aircraft feature espionage
  10. Huxley had in Evidence as to Man's Place in Nature. He explained the apparent, stability ,of the human stock by pointing to the vast gap in cranial capacities between
  11. A lot to the increasing sophistication of society, characterised by political, stability , economic growth and cosmopolitanism. Education blossomed at this time, with
  12. The similarities to the Sun in spectral types, star type, age and probable, stability ,of the orbits, it has been suggested that this stellar system could hold one of
  13. Farmers in western Massachusetts against the state court system, threatened the, stability ,of state government. The Continental Congress printed paper money which was so
  14. Koinōnia). The aim of the city is not just to avoid injustice or for economic, stability , but rather to allow at least some citizens the possibility to live a good life
  15. Any wings, they are too small to provide significant lift and are used only for, stability ,and control. Lifting bodies are not efficient: They suffer from high drag, and
  16. His reign, possibly in retaliation for usurping his throne. Around 1350 BC,the, stability ,of the New Kingdom was threatened when Amenhotep IV ascended the throne and
  17. country's economy has developed very significantly since achieving political, stability ,in 2002,mainly thanks to the fast-rising earnings of the oil sector, Angola
  18. Filled shells, such as the filled shell of 50 protons for tin, confers unusual, stability ,on the nuclide. Of the 255 known stable nuclides, only four have both an odd
  19. To derive the Nyquist stability criterion, which can be used to predict the, stability ,of negative feedback amplifier and negative feedback control systems. Thus
  20. Chemical reagents. The acidity of alcohols is also affected by the overall, stability ,of the oxide ion. Electron-withdrawing groups attached to the carbon
  21. Performance, and different methods of internal construction to improve tone, stability ,and durability. Use in various music genres The accordion has traditionally
  22. Machine was first announced and released on May 19, 1980,but due to serious, stability ,issues that required a design overhaul and a recall of existing machines, it
  23. Of succession to the forefront of political issues and the public. To ensure, stability , he needed to designate an heir to his unique position in Roman society and
  24. Numbers higher than lead (82) are known to be radioactive, an " island of, stability ," has been proposed for some elements with atomic numbers above 103. These
  25. The West not to" lose sight of its own values, its historically unique, stability ,of civic life under the rule of law—a hard-won stability which grants
  26. Is preferentially cleaved at tertiary or quaternary carbons due to the relative, stability ,of the resulting free radicals. The fragment resulting from the loss of a
  27. Of the European Central Bank. He was acknowledged for his critical role in the, stability ,of the euro despite the economic crises that prevailed in many economic powers.
  28. Substantial amounts of nutrients. As the ice melts, the melt water provides, stability ,and the critical depth is well below the mixing depth, which allows for a
  29. Speed of was achieved, with the hydrofoil exhibiting rapid acceleration, good, stability , and steering along with the ability to take waves without difficulty. In 1913
  30. Surfaces in specific relationships to lifting surfaces, required for aircraft, stability ,and maneuverability. Wing The wings of an aircraft produce lift. Many
  31. Aimed at consumers and professionals alike, Mac OS X aimed to combine the, stability , reliability and security of Unix with the ease of use afforded by an
  32. Affect other structures,i.e. pressure, light,and temperature. Therefore, the, stability ,of the particular allotropes depends on particular conditions. For instance
  33. As phases. Redox properties of liquid ammonia The range of thermodynamic, stability ,of liquid ammonia solutions is very narrow, as the potential for oxidation to
  34. Historically unique stability of civic life under the rule of law—a hard-won, stability ,which grants independence and space to every private citizen. " In a series of
  35. II and Sheridan II successfully defended Assyria's borders and upheld, stability ,during this tumultuous time. Sheridan II is recorded as having made punitive
  36. Anne. Stemming from this, the Parliament of England decided that, to ensure the, stability ,and future prosperity of Great Britain, full union of the two parliaments and
  37. Was established as an extra-budgetary fund to ensure the macroeconomic, stability , transparency in the management of oil revenue, and the safeguarding of
  38. The tribes stayed in the Roman province, perhaps because the Romans offered, stability , Also, Caracalla perhaps felt more comfortable about campaigning in the upper
  39. Partially due to its thermal characteristics, and partially due to the, stability ,of a thicker brick versus a more standard-sized brick. Depending on the form
  40. Current roster Minor league affiliates Radio and television After years of, stability , the Braves have faced a period of transition in their radio and television
  41. And tertiary hydrogen atoms are preferentially replaced due to the greater, stability ,of secondary and tertiary free-radicals. An example can be seen in the
  42. Acid is special because it can transfer a single electron, owing to the, stability ,of its own radical ion called" semidehydroascorbate ". Dehydroascorbate. The
  43. The half-life becomes shorter as atomic number increases, though an" island of, stability ," may exist for undiscovered isotopes with certain numbers of protons and
  44. Compound of the element is hydrogen astatine. This partially explains it's lower, stability ,compared to the other hydrogen halves. As it is easily oxidized, it is
  45. Organization of over 5,000 distributors. However, following concerns about the, stability ,of Nutritive, in April 1959 they and some of their top distributors formed The
  46. Acoustics) produces a line of all-carbon-fiber guitars, prized for their high, stability ,in changing climates that would cause wood instrument panels to swell and
  47. Was dropped from the Apple product line in September 1985. Despite numerous, stability ,issues and recalls, Apple was eventually able to produce a reliable and
  48. The pharaohs of the Middle Kingdom restored the country's prosperity and, stability , thereby stimulating a resurgence of art, literature,and monumental building
  49. For supporting the revolt. The Ionian revolt had severely threatened the, stability ,of Darius's empire, and the states of mainland Greece would continue to
  50. Balanced systems for environmental sustainability (biomitigation),economic, stability ,(product diversification and risk reduction) and social acceptability (

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