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  1. Which they were based. They were works of devotional contemplation in which the, musical ,design corresponded to literary ideas, conceived visually. (Wider had not
  2. Of Colima Wagner (then in Strasbourg),with whom he had many theological and, musical ,conversations, exploring his view of Bach's descriptive music, and playing the
  3. Arranged the opera Boris Godunov at the Royal Opera House in London under the, musical ,direction of Claudio Abbey. He spent most of 1984 preparing the film The
  4. Edits resulting in the score as we hear it today. In 1951,MGM released the, musical ,An American in Paris, featuring Gene Kelly and Leslie Carbon. Winning the 1951
  5. På Svenja (Chess in Swedish) in 2003,with some new material including the, musical ,numbers" Han AR en man, han AR ETT barn" (" He's a Man,He's a Child" )
  6. To Iran than Turkey. " Maugham, meykhana and ship art are one of the many, musical ,traditions of Azerbaijan. Maugham is usually a suite with poetry and
  7. Market for recorded music is to establish whether the discrete, musical ,genres we know from that market are fully congruent with similar divisions in
  8. Several tribute bands. In 1999,ABBA's music was adapted into the successful, musical ,Mamma Mia! That toured worldwide. A film of the same name released in 2008
  9. In 20th-century western society. She is very highly regarded in the Scottish, musical ,community, and has proven that her profound deafness does not inhibit her
  10. 2010. Andersson's and Slaves' piece, Kristina Fran Guatemala, an epic Swedish, musical ,premiered in Malmö in southern Sweden in October 1995. The musical ran for five
  11. Star at the time, particularly for his" Young Guy" ( Wakadaishō) series of, musical ,comedies, so signing him to appear in the film virtually guaranteed Kurosawa
  12. ISBN 1-85227-864-1 ABBA-related tributes * Abracadabra – A French children's, musical ,based on songs from ABBA * Abracadabra -A tribute band:
  13. Miserable, had been in touch with Sting Anderson about the project, and the TV, musical ,was aired over Christmas on French TV and later a Dutch version was also
  14. Cherry Vanilla as" Amanda Pork ". In 1974,Andy Warhol also produced the stage, musical ,Man On The Moon, which was written by John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas.
  15. He continued his research in sound and endeavored to find a way to transmit, musical ,notes and articulate speech, but although absorbed by his experiments, he found
  16. Played Rap core. Indigenous drums, flutes,and rattles are commonplace in its, musical ,compositions. This unique sound is the backdrop for the band's message of
  17. Kommt Alex became one of the band's signature songs. In February 1990,another, musical ,version was produced at the Barbican Theatre in London by the Royal Shakespeare
  18. 1968. Bjorn Slaves (born 25 April 1945 in Gothenburg, Sweden ) also began his, musical ,career at 18 (as a singer and guitarist),when he fronted The Hootenanny
  19. Dipped Places Television and film * ADA ... A Way of Life, a 2008 Bollywood, musical ,by Tanker Ahmed * Ada (dog actor),a dog that played Colin on the sitcom
  20. Andersson and Slaves are highly involved in the worldwide productions of the, musical ,Mamma Mia!, alongside Gangsta who attends premieres. They were also involved
  21. 1984,Slaves and Andersson together with lyricist Tim Rice released the, musical ,concept double album Chess. The singles" One Night in Bangkok" ( with vocals
  22. And drums and imported lutes and lyres from Asia. The sistrum was a rattle-like, musical ,instrument that was especially important in religious ceremonies. The ancient
  23. The open source movement. Amateur dramatics is the performance of plays or, musical ,theater, often to high standards, but lacking the budgets of professional West
  24. University of Tübingen in 1899. Music Schweitzer rapidly gained prominence as a, musical ,scholar and organist, dedicated also to the rescue, restoration and study of
  25. Show based on the songs of ABBA * Mamma Mia! The Movie – Film adaption of the, musical ,stage show * Gabby - An ABBA/Ram ones tribute band that covers the former in the
  26. Seen as ADA or A/DA, a conversion occurring in some electronic devices, often, musical , * Association of Drainage Authorities, a membership body for those involved in
  27. Production, music by Vaughan Williams; *2004,July–October: The Frogs (, musical ,), adapted by Nathan Lane, music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, performed at
  28. They were also involved in the production of the successful film version of the, musical , which opened in July 2008. Andersson produced the soundtrack utilizing many of
  29. In The Third Wave as inspiring him to use the word“ techno” to describe the, musical ,style he helped to create. Löffler’s works and ideas have been subject to
  30. Began collaborating with Tim Rice in early 1983 on writing songs for the, musical ,project Chess, while Fatso and Gangsta both concentrated on international
  31. Used the term in a slightly different way. Classical music Angst in serious, musical ,composition has been a reflection of the times. Musical composition embodying
  32. By Andersson and Slaves. A reworked version of the verses ended up in the, musical ,Chess. The chorus section of" Just Like That" was eventually released on a
  33. Men who were otherwise known to the audience as respectable citizens. *The, musical ,extravaganza: The Chorus was vital to the success of a play in Old Comedy long
  34. Worked alongside the director of the production, Ron Daniels, and envisioned a, musical ,score that was entirely classical. Unhappy with the decision to abandon that
  35. Of authorship ". Holding the title of" author" over any" literary, dramatic, musical , artistic, or certain other intellectual works" give rights to this person
  36. Separate ways, the French production of a" tribute" show (a children's TV, musical ,named Abracadabra using 14 of ABBA's songs) spawned new interest in the group
  37. On the musical , a further cooperation between three of them came with the, musical ,Abracadabra that was produced in France for television. It was a children's
  38. Child" ) and" Glow MIG on Du Kan" (" Forget Me If You Can" ). In 2008,the, musical ,was again revived for a successful staging at London's Royal Albert Hall which
  39. Swedish singer Tommy Kornberg at the after party for the final showing of the, musical , Mamma Mia!, in Stockholm, at which Benny Andersson and Bjorn Slaves were also
  40. Of Clockwork Orange at the intimate theater of Bad Goldberg featured a, musical ,score by the German punk rock band Die Token Chosen which, combined with
  41. Epic Swedish musical premiered in Malmö in southern Sweden in October 1995. The, musical ,ran for five years in Stockholm, and an English version has been in development
  42. In 2005,all four members of ABBA appeared at the Stockholm premiere of the, musical ,Mamma Mia. On 4 July 2008,all four ABBA members were reunited at the Swedish
  43. Community, and has proven that her profound deafness does not inhibit her, musical ,talent or day-to-day life. Aztlan Underground is a fusion band from Los Angeles
  44. Some earlier workshops, a full presentation of the English translation of the, musical ,in concert, now with the shortened name of" Kristina ", has taken place to
  45. In San Francisco, Allen Ginsberg agreed to attend the Mantra-Rock Dance—a, musical ,event held at the Avalon Ballroom by the San Francisco Hare Krishna temple. It
  46. Abracadabra that was produced in France for television. It was a children's, musical ,utilizing 14 ABBA songs. Alain and Daniel Public, who wrote Les Misérables
  47. Common outfit for men, although fashion may dictate not wearing a bow-tie, and, musical , performers sometimes do not adhere to this. (The artists who recorded the
  48. On international solo careers. While Andersson and Slaves were working on the, musical , a further cooperation between three of them came with the musical Abracadabra
  49. Barbra Streisand and Whitney Houston) were both successes. In May 1986,the, musical ,premiered in the West End of London, and ran for almost three years. On
  50. Some months earlier. Slaves and Andersson started songwriting sessions for the, musical ,Chess, and ABBA was shelved in the meantime. In interviews, Björn and Benny

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