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  1. And Sint Maarten have small populations, the three countries had to limit, immigration , To protect their population, they have the right to control the admission of
  2. Some of its trade union base and some of its members continue to oppose high, immigration ,levels. During World War II, Labor leader John Curtis became Prime Minister of
  3. The Second World War,10 % of the city population was Jewish. The first mass, immigration ,in the 20th century were by people from Indonesia, who came to Amsterdam after
  4. A merger of Okhotsk and Satsuma cultures referenced above. After a new wave of, immigration , probably from the Korean Peninsula some 2,300 years ago, of the Mayor people
  5. Rate is +0.38 per 1,000,indicating that Belarus experiences slightly more, immigration ,than emigration. As of 2007,69.7 % of Belarus's population is aged 14 to 64;
  6. Locals, Reggae has been embraced since the 1970s with the influx of Jamaican, immigration , Bermuda's early literary history was largely limited to non-Bermudian writers
  7. Entering the area today known as South Africa. There were 2 broad waves of, immigration ,to South Africa; Gun and Sotho-Tswana. The former settled in the eastern
  8. Beautician) are also particularly productive. During the 17th century, English, immigration , to the British colonies in North America was at its peak and the new settlers
  9. Other accretions from foreign languages came with 19th and early 20th century, immigration ,; notably, from Yiddish (chutzpah, schmooze,tush and German—hamburger and
  10. The population of Amsterdam rose in the 17th century (largely through, immigration ,) from 50,000 to 200,000. Amsterdam's prosperity declined during the 18th and
  11. Opportunities. Although in the numbers are dwindling due to emigration and, immigration ,to other countries. # Jewish people arrived in Barbados just after the first
  12. On par with some larger provinces such as British Columbia),relatively high, immigration , and a high rate of interprovincial migration when compared to other provinces.
  13. Group in committing atrocities against our soldiers and civilians," Philippine, immigration ,chief Andrea Domingo said in a statement. The United States in 2002 included
  14. His father George William as ruler in 1640,initiated a policy of promoting, immigration ,and religious tolerance. With the Edict of Potsdam in 1685,Frederick William
  15. Wages, until after World War II, when the Chile Government launched a major, immigration ,program. The party's opposition to non-European immigration did not change
  16. More than 50,000 inhabitants. The population is aging, although the process of, immigration ,is countering the inversion of the population pyramid. Evolution At the end of
  17. Clinton, the U. S. Commission on Immigration Reform recommended reducing legal, immigration ,from about 800,000 people a year to about 550,000. The 1996 United States
  18. Are strong British influences, together with Afro-Caribbean. A second wave of, immigration ,from the West Indies has been sustained throughout the 20th century, although
  19. Amendment of the United States Constitution. *1907 – The Ellis Island, immigration ,center processes 11,747 people, more than on any other day. *1912 – Russian
  20. Became small merchants in towns around the Delta. Some early 20th century, immigration ,included people from Eastern Europe. Together, these immigrants made the Delta
  21. Australian politician (b. 1911) * 2005 – Al Grassy, Australian, immigration , minister (b. 1928) * 2005 – Sir John Mills, English actor (b. 1908) * 2005
  22. Japanese immigrants in Vancouver in 1887 and 1907. By 1923,almost all Chinese, immigration ,had been blocked except for merchants, professionals,students and investors.
  23. And secular attitudes; *law and order, especially laws aimed at controlling, immigration ,and implementing punishment; The electoral results of National Alliance in the
  24. Of the 1960s and 1970s reach adulthood. This effect has been exacerbated by, immigration ,: the largest contingent of immigrants are young adults. # A further increase in
  25. And Arabic-speaking Iraqi Jews, to emigrate to Israel. However, immigration ,to Israel has led to the Jewish Neo-Aramaic (and Jewish Iraqi Arabic) being
  26. Bilingual with Slovene, and the dialect of Vienna, which has been influenced by, immigration ,during the Austro-Hungarian period, particularly from what is today the Czech
  27. A period of strong economic and demographic growth accompanied by mass, immigration ,from Europe (mainly from Portugal, Italy,Spain and Germany) until the 1930s.
  28. Involved" in seeking the files. As part of a 1996 initiative to curb illegal, immigration , Clinton signed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act
  29. Britons remain a strong component of local society despite limitations on, immigration ,from Britain since the ending of special status for British subjects in the
  30. Health care, housing,international narcotics trafficking and illegal, immigration ,from Haiti. Geography and climate The country lies between latitudes 20° and
  31. Launched a major immigration program. The party's opposition to non-European, immigration ,did not change until after the retirement of Arthur Caldwell as leader in 1967.
  32. BATS) and 25 Flight Army Air Corps. Demographics Colonization, slavery,and, immigration ,have played major roles in affecting the ethnic composition of the population
  33. The 2000 Al-Qaeda Summit in Kuala Lumpur, American authorities claim that, immigration ,records show that a person named Abdulaziz al-Omari was visiting the country
  34. Province was problematic from the start, and British Columbia was the locus of, immigration ,from Europe, China,and Japan. The influx of a non-Caucasian population
  35. Turkish community outside of Turkey. In the 1990s the Aussiedlergesetze enabled, immigration ,to Germany of some residents from the former Soviet Union. Today ethnic Germans
  36. With a history as a tribe that may have gone back to the prehistoric Hellenic, immigration ,in the late 3rd millennium BC. However, by the Archaic and Classical periods
  37. International trade, manufacturing,the environment, taxation,broadcasting, immigration ,and transport. Administrative law expanded greatly during the twentieth century
  38. Is the result of conscious city planning. In the early 17th century, when, immigration , was at a peak, a comprehensive plan was developed that was based on four
  39. Is located at 558 Grand Concourse. Demographics Race, ethnicity,language, and, immigration , According to the 2010 Census,10.9 % of the population was non-Hispanic White
  40. Their duties include defending the Bahamas, stopping drug smuggling, illegal, immigration , poaching, and providing assistance to mariners whenever and wherever they can.
  41. Antisemitic Americans are likely to be intolerant generally,e.g. regarding, immigration ,and free-speech. In November 2005,the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights
  42. Tirana and Durrës districts have increased their population, due to internal, immigration , As of the last census data from 2001,Albania's population was 3,069,275.
  43. Part of the population is Portuguese, following one hundred and sixty years of, immigration ,from Portuguese Atlantic islands (primarily the Azores, though also from
  44. Been immigrating in large numbers as well, as Spain has become a country of net, immigration , The result is that as of 2009,the trend toward rejuvenation of the population
  45. By the minority groups, which are of non-English speaking background. A massive, immigration ,from Asia and the Middle East has made a large increase in diversity and the
  46. Committee from (1990–92) and Chairman of the committee overseeing Jewish, immigration ,from the Soviet Union. During this period he was a rival to then prime minister
  47. A combination of continental Portuguese customs brought by various waves of, immigration ,and local political and environmental factors. Religious festivals, patron
  48. Was inhabited by the Began, a mix of Celtic and Germanic peoples. A gradual, immigration ,by Germanic Frankish tribes during the 5th century brought the area under the
  49. In Melbourne and banks in Sydney closed. The national fertility rate fell and, immigration ,was reduced to a trickle. The value of South Australia's exports nearly halved
  50. Times, religious demographics in Amsterdam have been changed by large-scale, immigration ,from former colonies. Immigrants from Suriname have introduced Evangelical

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