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  1. An act of shame or repentance, or isolating oneself to be able to, devote ,time to a particular thing. Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human
  2. Married couples also abstain from sexual relations on fast days, that they may, devote ,themselves to prayer (). While it may seem that fasting in the manner set
  3. The folds of the garment, the rounded belly, and the calm on the face suggest a, devote ,worshiper. Cave 7: The verandah of this cave must at one time have been
  4. Government. The sons of Josiah, named Amman, Aaron,Owner and Him, chose to, devote ,themselves to missionary labors preaching to the people of the Laminate nation
  5. Career that Crowley had previously considered, and instead, he decided to, devote ,his life to the occult. In 1897, he left Cambridge, not having taken any degree
  6. Encyclopaedia of Mathematics or the Dictionary of the Middle Ages, which can, devote ,much more space to their chosen topics. In its first years, the Britannica's
  7. Cloistered Emperor, which was held by a succession of emperors who abdicated to, devote ,themselves to behind-the-scenes governance, or Sinai (Cloistered rule). The
  8. The summer and autumn of 1938,a few months before his death, set it aside to, devote ,himself to two other commissioned works for the one-armed pianist Paul
  9. Honoured him with the degree of Doctor of Letters. In order that he might, devote ,his full time to the great new work he was preparing on ethics, religion,and
  10. Poorer Athenians — owning a few slaves was by no means equated with wealth — to, devote ,more of their time to political life. But whether democracy depended on this
  11. Impure) reflection, can find their reply only on the ethical plane. We shall, devote ,to them a future work. " Hence, existentialists believe that one can create
  12. Speech, but although absorbed by his experiments, he found it difficult to, devote ,enough time to experimentation. While days and evenings were occupied by his
  13. Distributed as shown by the Gini coefficient - in the world, and the Danes, devote ,0.8 % of Gross National Income (GNI) to foreign aid. It is a society based on
  14. Periods of celibacy. There have been activists who have been celibate to, devote ,energy to their cause. The earliest roots of celibacy were secular. In the 6th
  15. In hunting and in the pursuits of the military art; from childhood they, devote ,themselves to fatigue and hardships. Those who have remained chaste for the
  16. Upon the advice of a psychiatrist, Ginsberg dropped out of the working world to, devote ,his entire life to poetry. Soon after, he wrote" Howl ", the poem that brought
  17. S family as well as the elite of Philadelphia. In making her decision to, devote ,herself to art, she also thought it was best not to marry, and in choosing male
  18. Barely escaping with his life. This encounter leads to Xavier's decision to, devote ,his life to protecting humanity from evil mutants and safeguarding innocent
  19. Success, and the fact that Themistocles was able to carry his proposal to, devote ,the surplus funds of the state to the building of so large a fleet seems to
  20. As well as general domestic labor. The object, naturally,was for students to, devote ,themselves to the Great Work of discovering and manifesting their True Wills.
  21. To their farm, Candide,Pan gloss, and Martin meet a Turk whose philosophy is to, devote ,his life only to simple work and not concern himself with external affairs. He
  22. The iron industry before the war. After the war, Carnegie left the railroads to, devote ,all his energies to the ironwork trade. Carnegie worked to develop several
  23. Make possible genetic engineering. Eventually, in the 1980s,Crick was able to, devote ,his full attention to his other interest, consciousness. His autobiographical
  24. And other supplies necessary to sustain operations. Carrier battle groups, devote ,a great deal of planning to efficiently conduct underway replenishment to
  25. In historical Islamic art. The calligraphic arts grew out of an effort to, devote ,oneself to the study of the Quran. By patiently transcribing each word of the
  26. Archbishop of Mainz. In 995 Otto III came of age, and Adelaide was free to, devote ,herself exclusively to works of charity, notably the foundation or restoration
  27. Attention to the oppressed and persecuted The Gospel of Luke and Acts both, devote ,a great deal of attention to the oppressed and downtrodden. The impoverished
  28. Work. He staged few concerts, however,and, guided by Parker, proceeded to, devote ,much of the 1960s to making Hollywood movies and soundtrack albums, most of
  29. College in Pretoria (now the University of Pretoria). He decided to, devote ,his life to missionary activity. In 1913,he accompanied his father on a tour
  30. Save the United Kingdom. Rather, he held, it was far wiser for this nation to, devote ,itself to building up its own defenses, and to wash its hands of the mess in
  31. Where he first made the transition to producing short films. Deciding to, devote ,himself more fully to this medium, he moved to Los Angeles, where he produced
  32. Were too frequently performing in operas, leaving them with less time to, devote ,to church music. Denouncing Telemann as an" opera musician ", Kuhnau
  33. Quit his teaching position in Milan, give up any ideas of marriage, and, devote , himself entirely to serving God and to the practices of priesthood, which
  34. Fold in the early 2000s due to demands by The WB Television Network for WGN to, devote ,more time to the network's programming, and later on the same has been
  35. Reproduction is costly. Individuals are limited in the degree to which they can, devote ,time and resources to producing and raising their young, and such expenditure
  36. Hours (95 %) can be parallelized, then regardless of how many processors we, devote ,to a parallelized execution of this program, the minimum execution time cannot
  37. Decided that England should host the first tournament because it was ready to, devote ,the resources required to organizing the inaugural event. Meant that a match
  38. Short-lived sexual affair with Vera" Lola" Step, an actress to whom he would, devote ,some of his poetry, while Rose gave birth to his second daughter, Lola Gaza
  39. Were thus able to produce an abundance of food, allowing the population to, devote ,more time and resources to cultural, technological,and artistic pursuits. Land
  40. Kasparov announced his retirement from professional chess on 10 March 2005,to, devote ,his time to politics and writing. He formed the United Civil Front movement
  41. The Nazis believed that women must be subservient to men, avoid careers, devote ,themselves to childbearing and child-rearing, and be a helpmate of the
  42. And because some cryptologists do not follow the scientific method and, devote ,a substantial portion of their efforts to investigations of animals that most
  43. And will conspire against their husbands if they lack children to whom to, devote ,themselves. In Confessions, Crowley says he learned this from his first
  44. And did not have the right motivation ". Brooks stopped teaching recently to ", devote ,100 % of his time on solving the problem as to why he needed to eat some type
  45. Debtor retains ownership and possession of all of his or her assets, but must, devote ,some portion of his or her future income to repaying creditors, generally over
  46. Beyond the needs of their own families, others in their society were freed to, devote ,themselves to projects other than food acquisition. Historians and
  47. After his promotion to Chief Engineer in 1893,he had enough time and money to, devote ,attention to his personal experiments on gasoline engines. These experiments
  48. Like any hobby, most people who think of themselves as amateur astronomers may, devote ,a few hours a month to stargazing and reading the latest developments in
  49. Through the 1920s meant that he was mostly absent from Norway, and was able to, devote ,little time to scientific work. Nevertheless, he continued to publish
  50. Common side dish or may be prepared as a main dish. Restaurants will sometimes, devote ,an entire menu to nothing but white asparagus when it is in season. Spar gel

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