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  1. East Indians represented more than two percent. Both Edmonton and Calgary have, historic ,Chinatowns, and Calgary has Canada's third-largest Chinese community. The
  2. Which dates back to Roman Gaul. Its Roman name was Bring. Abbotsford is a, historic ,house in the region of the Scottish Borders in the south of Scotland, near
  3. Inaugurated in 01 April 2010. It is situated in the renovated building of the, historic ,TCDD CER Atölyeleri, the workshop of the Turkish National Railways. The museum
  4. There are also some striking examples of these styles in the city center. Most, historic ,buildings in the city center and nearby are houses, such as the famous
  5. In recent years to 23,300,of which 2,380 are secondary school students. The, historic ,Torrens Building in Victoria Square houses Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz
  6. Group joint venture with Honda to build cars and motorbikes * Atlas-Imperial,a, historic ,American diesel engine builder * Atlas Media Corporation, a non-fiction
  7. And Shia population, is a secular and a unitary republic with an ancient and, historic ,cultural heritage. Azerbaijan is one of the six independent Turkic states as
  8. Company, a manufacturer of small railroad locomotives ** Polar Atlas, historic ,Swedish diesel maker, later part of Atlas Coco * Atlas Drop Forge Company, a
  9. Person. The Thirty Nine Articles The Thirty-Nine Articles are the, historic ,defining statements of Anglicanism doctrine. Other articles and creeds The
  10. From the Mediterranean coast except where there are mountain passes such as the, historic ,Civilian Gates (Rule Pass),northwest of Adana. Toward the east, the
  11. Ideas of the Dutch Reformed theologian Jacobus Arminius (1560–1609) and his, historic ,followers, the Remonstrants. The doctrine's acceptance stretches through much
  12. And India as well as several local newspapers. Culture The official and, historic ,language is Catalan. Thus, the culture is Catalan, with its own specificity.
  13. Bell Telephone Company of Canada, which was carefully relocated in 1969 to the, historic ,Bell Homestead. The Bell Homestead and the Bell Telephone Company Building are
  14. Is mostly due to the efforts of Alfredo Capella, who in 1939 organized the, historic ,Vivaldi Week, in which the rediscovered Gloria (RV 589) and l'Olympiad were
  15. A volcanic caldera. Several volcanoes on offshore islands have records of, historic ,activity. Mount Erebus (3,795 m),a stratovolcano on Ross Island with 10
  16. Baptist movement in 17th-century England, for example, was a microcosm of the, historic ,debate between Calvinists and Arminians. The first Baptists–called" General
  17. Cause Month and Sick Month. The present council area is named after the, historic ,county of Aberdeen, which had different boundaries and was abolished in 1975
  18. Catholic creeds and interpret these in light of the Christian tradition of the, historic ,church, scholarship,reason and experience. Anglicans celebrate the traditional
  19. Scholar and organist, dedicated also to the rescue, restoration and study of, historic ,pipe organs. With theological insight, he interpreted the use of pictorial and
  20. Liturgies, established and maintained through canon law, and embodying both a, historic ,deposit of formal statements of doctrine, and also framing the regular reading
  21. Was changing, and was prone to new" isms ", while the South remained true to, historic ,republican values of the Founding Fathers (many of whom owned slaves
  22. Or in the form of various languages and monuments. However, many of its, historic ,monuments have been damaged in recent wars. The two famous Buddhas of Damian
  23. Ali was buried. The Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture is renovating 42, historic , sites in Ghazi until 2013,when the province will be declared as the capital
  24. And land use. Some established jurisdictions require adherence to design and, historic ,preservation guidelines. Documentation role Architects prepare the technical or
  25. Including a possibly 100-year-old Chill yawl, and the remains of four, historic ,shipwrecks. Places of interest Despite some unsympathetic development, the
  26. The old castle, which adds to the picturesqueness of the view, but only a few, historic ,structures surrounding the old citadel have survived to the present day. There
  27. Of the Anglican Communion have traditionally held that ordination in the, historic ,episcopate is a core element in the validity of clerical ordinations. The Roman
  28. The pentachloride is stable only below −50 °C. Acrylic acid, which is of, historic ,and practical interest, arises from the methylation of arsenic trioxide, a
  29. Lambert Conference of 1888. The four points (the sufficiency of scripture,the, historic ,creeds, the two Dominican sacraments, and the historic episcopate) were
  30. And Moray to the west. History Aberdeen shire has a rich pre historic and, historic ,heritage. It is the locus of many Neolithic and Bronze Age
  31. Is located in the city center. Amsterdam's main attractions, including its, historic ,canals, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Hermitage
  32. Touring Car and GT championships are dominant in North America. America's, historic ,Trans-Am Series is undergoing a period of transition, but is still the
  33. Events. Most large sporting events take place at either JAMI Stadium or the, historic ,Adelaide Oval, home of the Southern Red backs cricket team. Adelaide hosts an
  34. Faith; the Dominican sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion; and the, historic ,episcopate. The corpus produced by Anglican divines is diverse. What they have
  35. Daily prayer, the catechism, and apostolic succession in the context of the, historic ,threefold ministry. For some 'Low Church' Anglicans, the 16th-century Reformed
  36. The traditions of the apostolic church, the apostolic succession – ", historic ,episcopate" and the early Church Fathers. Many of the new Anglican formularies
  37. Of scripture, the historic creeds, the two Dominican sacraments, and the, historic ,episcopate) were proposed as a basis for discussion, although they have
  38. Scotia; major portions of which are available for online viewing. A number of, historic ,sites and other marks commemorate Bell in North America and Europe, including
  39. Holidays are a cultural fixture. Anguilla's the most important holidays are of, historic ,as much as cultural importance – particularly the anniversary of the
  40. Which its name derives. Together, the modern council area and the city formed, historic ,Aberdeen shire - one of the counties of Scotland formerly used for local
  41. Is on display at the Science Museum in London, England. In film Apollo 8's, historic ,mission has been shown and referred to in several forms, both documentary and
  42. Which is not actually an old part of the city itself, but a collection of, historic ,Danish buildings gathered from all around the country. The city also hosts the
  43. Advocated a history total, or history tout court, a complete study of a, historic ,problem. Post-war Bloch was shot by the Gestapo during the German occupation of
  44. Architects specialize as building code, building envelope, sustainable design, historic ,preservation (US) or conservation (UK),accessibility and other forms of
  45. Chadwick, John Macquarie and Don Pitt, who rejected all the doctrines of, historic ,Christianity in favor of a" Christian Buddhism ", Jeffrey John, N. T. Wright
  46. The Nazi () area, one of the latest in full redevelopment, is located around a, historic ,gas factory, now converted into the Technologies cultural multiplex, and also
  47. Went on to win. Audi has been on the forefront of sports car racing, claiming a, historic ,win in the first ever diesel sports car at 12 Hours of Sebring (the car was
  48. Mostly in the late summer. The fairs are mostly located in communities with, historic ,or current agricultural activity, and feature local farmers exhibiting produce
  49. Call to become" fishers of men" but also as a small recompense for the, historic ,guilt of European. 1931. p. 115. Rather than being a supporter of colonialism
  50. Have been worsened as a result of war with Azerbaijan over Armenia's claim of, historic ,rights to Azerbaijan's Nagorno-Karabakh province. Hostilities along

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