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  1. Times, especially in the city's center. Responsibility for ambient air quality, monitoring ,in Bishkek lies on Kerry State Agency on Hydrometeorology. In total, there are
  2. Seas. A wide variety of Avian ecology field methods, including counts, nest, monitoring , and capturing and marking, are used for researching avian ecology.
  3. OSCE participating State,Belarus's international commitments are subject to, monitoring ,under the mandate of the U. S. Helsinki Commission. Military The Armed Forces
  4. Point of the eyes is linked to an individual's focus of attention. Thus, by, monitoring , eye movements, we can study what information is being processed at a given time
  5. Of practical applications, such as biomedical applications, environmental, monitoring , quality control of industrial manufacturing, forensic science and so on. The
  6. Their main goal, many amateur astronomers make a contribution to astronomy by, monitoring ,variable stars, tracking asteroids and discovering transient objects, such as
  7. Protection of democracy through parliamentary scrutiny and election, monitoring ,by its Parliamentary Assembly as well as assistance in democratic reforms, in
  8. Publishing the North American Environmental Atlas as one aspect of its, monitoring ,duties. Currently, neither of the countries' governments support the Kyoto
  9. While a record is playing, beatmatch a new record to it, using headphones for, monitoring , Use gain (or trim) control on the mixer to match the levels of the two
  10. To a partial recovery of the Black Sea ecosystem during the 1990s,and an EU, monitoring ,exercise,'EROS21 ', revealed decreased N and P values, relative to the 1989
  11. Evaluation to a broader range of clients Evaluation News report on events in, monitoring ,and evaluation. Evaluation Presentations offer short photographic or PowerPoint
  12. Gibberellic acid can be useful in increasing seed germination, as is careful, monitoring ,of moisture levels in the rooting medium. Gallery File: Bay leaf442. JPG|Bay
  13. Bipolar disorder, but it has a narrow therapeutic range and typically requires, monitoring ,# Anticonvulsant, such as sodium valproate, carbamazepine or Aborigine #
  14. And radio-electronic * RPE Neftgazavtomat, devices and automation systems for, monitoring ,technological processes * RPE Automatic Lines, non-standard equipment and
  15. With anatomical structure. The Alexander teacher provides verbal coaching while, monitoring , guiding and preventing unnecessary habits at their source with a specialized
  16. Have, including stoppable hard drives, redundant power supplies, and external, monitoring ,capability. These systems were more or less based on the Power Macintosh
  17. Is rather easy by a method using the Tol2 transpose system. In environmental, monitoring ,Estrogen detection In January 2007,Chinese researchers at Sudan University
  18. On Kerry State Agency on Hydrometeorology. In total, there are 7 air quality, monitoring ,stations in Bishkek, measuring levels of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides
  19. Program (NAPA). NAPA looked at the entire problem. It enlarged a network of, monitoring ,sites to determine how acidic the precipitation actually was, and to determine
  20. Vary. In some fields and firms, entry-level engineers are put to work primarily, monitoring ,construction in the field, serving as the" eyes and ears" of senior design
  21. Contributions. Amateur astronomers often contribute toward activities such as, monitoring ,the changes in brightness of variable stars and supernovae, helping to track
  22. She" also expresses concern that the information gained as a result of such, monitoring ,will be used as a basis for the increased persecution of, and discrimination
  23. The Philippine government's Clean Air Act of 1999,which makes emission, monitoring ,systems for companies in the oil, gas,cement and chemical sectors obligatory
  24. Or low-level operating system. * writing instruction set simulators for, monitoring , tracing and debugging where additional overhead is kept to a minimum *
  25. http://www.ncd.gov/newsroom/publications/2006/emerging_trends.htm patient, monitoring , and early http://www.futuremedicine.com/doi/abs/10.2217/17435889.1.1.67
  26. A toothpaste tube, but stays on the toothbrush after it is applied. Technique, monitoring ,colloidal stability Multiple light scattering coupled with vertical scanning is
  27. This involves reducing calorie intake and increasing aerobic exercise while, monitoring ,body fat percentage. The precise effectiveness of the cutting and bulking
  28. Of the Bay of Motor in Croatia's favor, allowing the withdrawal of the UN, monitoring ,mission. This agreement applies to Montenegro since its independence. Countries
  29. Module Pilot (LMP) was assigned the role of flight engineer, responsible for, monitoring ,all spacecraft systems, even if the flight didn't include a Lunar Module.
  30. Investment in production, is estimated to be $193.8 billion for 2007. Inflation, monitoring ,and control currently plays a major part in the Central bank's role of setting
  31. Economic Community (EEC) and the OSCE set up and implemented a number of, monitoring ,or peacekeeping missions in Croatia. Those include the United Nations
  32. Last stand. On 18 June, Gen. Buckner was killed by enemy artillery fire while, monitoring ,the progress of his troops. Buckner was replaced by Roy Geiger. Upon assuming
  33. When his companions flew the LM. The LMP functioned as engineering officer, monitoring ,the systems of both spacecraft. On a landing mission, he accompanied the
  34. Aseptic post-operative care, antibiotics,and vigilant post-operative, monitoring ,greatly reduce the risk of these complications. Planned surgery performed under
  35. Are to take part in provincial development planning and to participate in, monitoring ,and appraisal of other provincial governance institutions. According to article
  36. Children. They also help control and prevent malnutrition through child-growth, monitoring , nutritional surveys, and public education. Therapeutic feeding centers treat
  37. System connecting all traffic lights, CCTVs and other traffic signals with a, monitoring ,office at the police headquarters. It has successfully been implemented in
  38. Ensure that all parties keep their commitments. These" unique" mechanisms for, monitoring ,and revenue management have faced intense criticism from the beginning. Debt
  39. And predictive tasks have been increasingly successful as a substitute for human, monitoring ,and intervention in domains of computer application involving complex
  40. Control of the multiple complex systems fitted to aircraft, including engine, monitoring ,and management. Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) are integrated
  41. Of an aircraft is a major location for avionic equipment, including control, monitoring , communication, navigation,weather, and anti-collision systems. The majority
  42. State 6D7/2 and the ground state 8S7/2. Analysis of this fluorescence allows, monitoring ,interactions between Cm (III) ions in organic and inorganic complexes.
  43. An endangered species. However, it has been legal since 2005 because of strict, monitoring ,of distributors who ensure that only ambergris that has been naturally washed
  44. 10 electrodes on the skin.; Holder monitor: Portable ECG device for continuous, monitoring ,.; Electrophysiology study: Studying the electrical activity of the heart
  45. Body piercing, tattooing and electrolysis; pest control; security and alarm, monitoring ,; self-storage facilities; boat storage and docking; and pet grooming and kennel
  46. EU to join. The EU would thus be subject to its human rights law and external, monitoring ,as its member states currently are. United Nations The Council of Europe holds
  47. UNTIES). The EEC's European Community Monitor Mission (CCMM) and the OSCE, monitoring ,missions were considerably less prominent than the UN missions which were
  48. The Civil Society Organizations, the " Observatory National DES Elections" is, monitoring ,the election process. Belize and his party both had major victories in the
  49. To the poll and chose their candidates. This election was criticized by local, monitoring ,non-governmental organizations as being undemocratic
  50. Critical applications of limited funds, establishing pollution standards, or, monitoring , compliance with environmental regulations. Early in 1994,plans called for

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