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  1. Social commentary, Li'l Abner is considered a classic of the genre. The comic, strip ,stars Li'l Abner Hokum—the simple-minded, loutish but good-natured and
  2. Series Exchange *Alphonse" Big Boy" Caprice, character in the comic, strip ,Dick Tracy *Alphonse and Gaston, French duo in a comic strip created by
  3. Highlands from above sea level. South of these highlands, occupying a narrow, strip ,on each side of the Tennessee River, is a country of gentle rolling lowlands
  4. Of Cabinet is unique in being separated from the rest of the country by a, strip , some wide, of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) along the lower Congo
  5. Close to those of conventional crude. Many companies employ both conventional, strip ,mining and non-conventional in situ methods to extract the bitumen from the oil
  6. The Heart of Juliet Jones with artist Stan Drake, and conceiving the comic, strip ,character Broom-Hilda with cartoonist Russell Myers. Elliot also authored
  7. It extends, chiefly as a single street, for several miles along a narrow, strip ,of land between the river and a ridge of rocky hills. The houses are separated
  8. Necessary for Christian teaching, life,and practice. Accordingly, Protestants, strip , the notion of apostolic succession from the definition of" apostolic" or "
  9. American mystery fiction writer (d. 1996) *1911 – Lee Fall, American comic, strip ,writer (d. 1999) *1912 – Odette Ransom Hallowed, French resistance worker (
  10. Studying ... because of Capp's imagination and artistry, and because of the, strip ,'s very obvious social relevance. " It was reprinted by the University Press of
  11. An industrial estate on reclaimed land in front of the city's coastal, strip , in breach of local, national and European regulations. (See Port of Alicante
  12. Song with lyrics by Milton Berle. A successful musical comedy adaptation of the, strip ,opened on Broadway at the St. James Theater on November 15, 1956 and had a long
  13. Twain, Dostoevski, Jonathan Swift, Lawrence Sterne and Rabelais. Fans of the, strip ,ranged from novelist John Steinbeck, who called Camp" possibly the best writer
  14. Changed legally in 1949. His younger brother Elliot Chaplin also became a comic, strip ,creator, best known for co-creating the soap opera strip The Heart of Juliet
  15. In the comic strip Dick Tracy *Alphonse and Gaston, French duo in a comic, strip ,created by Frederick Burr Upper *Alphonse Mephisto, fictional character in the
  16. To provide heating in cold weather, either directly by using an electric, strip , gas or other heater, or by reversing the refrigerant flow to heat the interior
  17. Threats from author Margaret Mitchell, and led to a printed apology within the, strip , In October 1947,Li'l Abner met Rockwell P. Squeeze blood, head of the abusive
  18. Small area of territory on the coast on the Beecroft Peninsula, consisting of a, strip ,of coastline around the northern headland of Jarvis Bay (not to be confused
  19. Close to those of conventional crude. Many companies employ both conventional, strip ,mining and non-conventional in situ methods to extract the bitumen from the oil
  20. Would establish several settlements, forts and trading posts along the coastal, strip ,of current-day Angola, which relied on slave trade, commerce in raw materials
  21. Conifer-sclerophyllous-broadleaf forests: This ecoregion occupies the coastal, strip ,of southern Anatolia between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.
  22. Choices for their Protectorate, issued a series of restrictive orders to, strip ,Abbas of property in Egypt and Sudan and forbade contributions to him. These
  23. On February 17, 2011,the Toronto Star revealed that the same toxins used to, strip ,the jungles of Vietnam were also employed to clear extensive plots of Crown
  24. Tekunkani. " Women wore a necklace called" retune," a long, narrow, strip , of cloth with metal plaques. They wore a necklace that reached the breast
  25. Would otherwise be the case, although sometimes there was no roof (or merely a, strip ,of canvas) to keep the overall weight down to the limit that the chassis could
  26. Of a rectangle with sides of length one chain and one furlong. A long narrow, strip ,of land is more efficient to plow than a square plot, since the plow does
  27. Are New South Wales territory, but cut off from the rest of the state by the, strip ,of ACT land. This is a geographic curiosity: an exclave of NSW land enclosed by
  28. Autonomous Republic, which is separated from the rest of Azerbaijan by a, strip ,of Armenian territory, and the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region, entirely
  29. On the traditional yellow and blue, such as the metallic gold and navy, strip ,used in the 2001–02 season, and the yellow and dark gray used from 2005 to
  30. Staged Sadie Hawkins dances, patterned after the similar annual event in the, strip , Li'l Abner has one odd design quirk that has puzzled readers for decades: the
  31. A microcosm and a distorting carnival mirror of broader American society. " The, strip ,'s popularity grew from an original eight papers, to ultimately more than 900.
  32. She is reported as saying" ... the co-creator of Asterix, France’s comic, strip ,hero, has betrayed the Gaulish warrior to the modern-day Romans - the men of
  33. Event made the cover of Life on March 31, 1952. Camp peopled his comic, strip ,with an assortment of memorable characters, including Marrying' Sam, Hairless
  34. Born writer, Nobel laureate (b. 1915) * 2005 – Dale Messick, American comic, strip ,artist (b. 1906) * 2005 – Debra lee Scott, American actress (b. 1953) * 2005
  35. Characters and story lines having nothing to do with the nominal stars of the, strip , The technique—as invigorating as it was unorthodox—was later adopted by
  36. By routinely injecting politics and social commentary into Li'l Abner. The, strip ,was the first to regularly introduce characters and story lines having nothing
  37. 55,December 1942,in which a cartoonist named" Al Hat" invents a comic, strip ,featuring the hillbilly" Tiny Rule. ") In 1947,Camp earned a Newsweek cover
  38. Destroyed in its infancy and many of the world's Jews instead live in a small, strip ,of Alaska set aside by the US government for Jewish settlement. The story
  39. Abner. ) Also during this period, Capp was working at night on samples for the, strip ,that would eventually become Li'l Abner. He based his cast of characters on the
  40. Influences were Punch cartoonist–illustrator Phil May, and American comic, strip ,cartoonists Tad Organ, Cliff Sterrett, Rube Goldberg, Rudolph Dirks, Fred
  41. A lesson learned by mathematics in the last 150 years is that it is useful to, strip ,the meaning away from the mathematical assertions (axioms, postulates
  42. Also became a comic strip creator, best known for co-creating the soap opera, strip ,The Heart of Juliet Jones with artist Stan Drake, and conceiving the comic
  43. The watershed of the Colonel River in the north-east. The ACT also has a small, strip ,of territory around the southern end of the Beecroft Peninsula, which is the
  44. South Wales, Australia In fiction: *Alfred, a fictional penguin in the comic, strip ,Big et Puce *Alfred J. SWAK, a Dutch animated television series *Alfred
  45. Of the rainiest regions of the world. The rainiest district in all Africa is a, strip ,of coast land west of Mount Cameroon, where there is a mean annual rainfall of
  46. Was an American cartoonist and humorist best known for the satirical comic, strip ,Li'l Abner. He also wrote the comic strip s Abbie an' Slats and Long Sam. He
  47. The subject of the first book-length, scholarly assessment of an American comic, strip ,ever published. Li'l Abner: A Study in American Satire by Arthur ASA Berger (
  48. By cartoonists like Walt Kelly Pogo and Garry Trudeau Doonesbury," wrote comic, strip ,historian Rick Marshall. According to Marshall, Li'l Abner gradually evolved
  49. Region to its West, the Methodists concentrating on the Imbued speaking, strip ,from Luanda to Balance, the Baptists almost exclusively among the Baking of
  50. Into the river valleys. " The Portuguese gradually took control of the coastal, strip ,during the 16th century by a series of treaties and wars forming the Portuguese

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