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  1. The first battle to have been recorded in what is accepted as relatively, reliable ,detail. *1178 BC – The calculated date of the Greek king Odysseus' return home
  2. Use of would is widespread in spoken US English in all sectors of society. Some, reliable ,sources now label this usage as acceptable US English and no longer label it as
  3. From the length of its sides was known to Archimedes. However, the first, reliable ,reference to the formula is given by Heron of Alexandria in the 1st century AD.
  4. Numerous stability issues and recalls, Apple was eventually able to produce a, reliable ,and dependable version of the machine. However, damage to the computer's
  5. Messages to the client. Applejack Transaction Protocol ATP was the original, reliable ,transport-level protocol for Applejack, built on top of DDP. At the time it was
  6. More than a decade, but by 1857,the Royal Asiatic Society was convinced that, reliable ,reading of cuneiform texts was possible. Astrology has since pieced together
  7. Radii. They were also the first astronomers to have access to an accurate and, reliable ,value for the radius of the Earth, which had been measured by their colleague
  8. In the south and Roman Catholics are found in the north of the country. No, reliable ,data are available on active participation in formal religious services, and
  9. Sum2/ (n - 1) return variance This algorithm is often more numerically, reliable ,than the naïve algorithm for large sets of data, although it can be worse if
  10. The war for various reasons, many eventually becoming American citizens. No, reliable ,statistics exist for the number of casualties among other groups, including
  11. For Applejack, built on top of DDP. At the time it was being developed, a full, reliable ,connection-oriented protocol like TCP was considered to be too expensive to
  12. Stimulants, and antipsychotics. Aside from antipsychotics, there is scant, reliable ,research about the effectiveness or safety of drug treatments for adolescents
  13. To the Applejack protocol suite, done when it became clear that a TCP-style, reliable ,connection-oriented transport was needed. Significant differences from TCP were
  14. Is often given in Latin as" Nola turban circles mess," but there is no, reliable ,evidence that Archimedes uttered these words, and they do not appear in the
  15. Place in 1893,as his only actual failure of detection. Again, Poirot is not, reliable ,as a narrator of his personal history and there is no evidence that Christie
  16. The cooperation of Byzantium. Roger Collins describes Marius as an especially, reliable ,source because of his early date and his having lived close to Lombard Italy.
  17. The hydroboration-oxidation and oxymercuration-reduction of alkenes are more, reliable ,in organic synthesis. Alkenes react with NBS and water in halohydrin formation
  18. Motherland. In the modern era, however,DNA tests have at times proved, reliable ,in identifying those of Arab genealogical descent. For example, it has been
  19. iPad and other products. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has claimed that Flash is not, reliable ,or secure enough, while Adobe executives have argued that Apple wish to
  20. Trials. There, Kalashnikov assault rifle model 1947 proved to be simple and, reliable ,under a wide range of conditions with convenient handling characteristics. In
  21. Around 1980. Using solid-state electronics they were relatively cheap and, reliable , and became the standard fitted fuse in operational ammunition stocks in some
  22. Equalise the availability of leisure between rich and poor. In the absence of, reliable ,statistics all these connections remain speculative. However, as Cornelius
  23. Victory at Marathon rather than his success as a playwright. Life There are no, reliable ,sources for the life of Aeschylus. He was said to have been born in c. 525 BC
  24. Light and infrequent throughout summer. In contrast, the winter has fairly, reliable ,rainfall with June being the wettest month of the year, averaging around 80 mm.
  25. Consistent biological and genetic makeup in the test subjects. This is the only, reliable ,manifestation of polyembryony in the class Mammalian, and only exists within the
  26. Because the" Fiber Pontifical is ", which at this point may be registering a, reliable ,tradition, says that this Felix built a church on the Via Aurelia, which is
  27. 17th century, most states invested in better disciplined and more politically, reliable ,permanent troops. For a time mercenaries became important as trainers and
  28. Century with the birth of modern chemistry, which provided a more precise and, reliable ,framework within a new view of the universe based on rational materialism.
  29. To dominate the armies of the city states. This made them considerably less, reliable ,than a standing army. Mercenary-on-mercenary warfare in Italy also led to
  30. Of Britain and Ireland, and so on, but lacking any scientific basis or, reliable ,sources, these numbers have no more credibility than the British ones mentioned
  31. It will require many detailed field surveys before it is possible to provide a, reliable ,estimate of the total number of species ...." Regional and group estimates
  32. There are about 1000 mostly Christian religious communities in Angola. While, reliable ,statistics are entirely nonexistent, estimates have it that more than half of
  33. Graphics and many special PETS CII like characters),and a more flexible and, reliable ,floppy disk controller and keyboard interface plus many others small
  34. Trade collapsed. Nomadic herders such as the Favorites moved herds closer to, reliable ,water suppliers, bringing them into conflict with native Akkadian farmers. This
  35. Deviation of the controls, meaning that while effects were statistically, reliable , the children were as a whole, still within the normal range. There were also
  36. Of manpower. Communications underpin the artillery system, they have to be, reliable ,and in real-time to link the various elements. During the 20th century
  37. Of nobelium by Swedish (1957) and American (1958) groups, but the first, reliable ,results was the synthesis of 256No by the Russian group (George Floor et al.
  38. a million wire, if present) may have a different color. As a simple, cheap and, reliable ,device, the Russian abacus was in use in all shops and markets throughout the
  39. For other environmental causes is anecdotal and has not been confirmed by, reliable ,studies, Environmental factors that have been claimed to contribute to or
  40. 30-round magazine. Kalashnikov's rifles (code named AK-1 and −2) proved to be, reliable ,and the weapon was accepted to second round of competition along with designs
  41. At an altitude of. The V-1000 missile system was nonetheless considered not, reliable ,enough and abandoned in favor of nuclear-armed ABMs. The first operational ICBM
  42. Of cable let out and 28 ft (9 m). For this reason it is important to have a, reliable ,and accurate method of measuring the depth of water. A cable or rode is the
  43. Include as many as 300,000 persons at the end of 2010,but nothing near to, reliable ,statistics are at this stage available on this point. In 1974/75,up to 250,000
  44. For the following character codes. It allows compact encoding, but is less, reliable ,for data transmission; an error in transmitting the shift code typically makes
  45. In 1770,was not suitable, since it had poor soil, no secure anchorage and no, reliable ,water source. After some exploration Phillip decided to go on to Port Jackson
  46. Particular effect in the person to whom he is speaking, so this evidence is not, reliable , Inspector Lapp gives some insight into Poirot's career with the Belgian
  47. They have been injured and understand their concern to find the cause, but, reliable , scientific evidence indicates that Agent Orange is not the cause of serious
  48. As to the literary and social conditions of the time and are the most, reliable ,authority for the history of humanism during the Carolingian age. Alcuin
  49. Relative to simply handling more requests, thus ensuring consistent and, reliable ,processing of requests within reasonable time-frames. The Apache version
  50. Lavoisier and John Dalton — which finally provided a logical, quantitative and, reliable ,framework for understanding matter transmutations, and revealed the futility of

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