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  1. Frequently criticized the ACLU. One well-known example occurred during the 1988, presidential , election: then-Vice President George H. W. Bush noted that his opponent Michael
  2. The same two winners as plurality voting (Chiral and Le Pen) in France's, presidential ,election of 2002 (first round) - it instead would have chosen Chiral and
  3. And causing over USD $1 billion in damage (1983 dollars). *1989 – Leading, presidential ,hopeful Luis Carlos Alan is assassinated near Bogotá in Colombia. *2000 – A
  4. USA PATRIOT Act that reaffirmed constitutionally guaranteed rights. In the 2004, presidential , election,Senator John Kerry won a substantial majority of the votes in Travis
  5. Astronomer Patrick Moore. *1978 – The Philippine College of Commerce, through a, presidential ,decree, becomes the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. *1979 – Iran
  6. Reginald Scarlett, West Indian cricketer * 1935 – Vernon Jordan Jr., American, presidential , advisor * 1935 – Lionel Taylor, American football player *1940 – Guru Insulin
  7. American Civil War. The beginning of the war,1861 Lincoln's victory in the, presidential ,election of 1860 triggered South Carolina's declaration of secession from the
  8. By the necessary nine states, set the first Wednesday in February 1789 for the, presidential ,electors to meet and select a new president, and set the first Wednesday of
  9. Both have lived in Austin. During the run-up to the election in November,a, presidential ,debate was held at the University of Texas student union involving the two
  10. Observers have questioned the fairness of Armenia's parliamentary and, presidential ,elections and constitutional referendum since 1995,citing polling deficiencies
  11. Expenditure n/a Politics of American Samoa takes place in a framework of a, presidential ,representative democratic dependency, whereby the Governor is the head of
  12. And came into effect in 1967. The government operates under a framework of a, presidential ,representative democratic dependency, whereby the Governor of American Samoa is
  13. Writer, activist and was a leading candidate for the 2008 Libertarian Party, presidential ,nomination. She is the author of the bestselling 1992 book Healing Our World:
  14. National Assembly, but he has the right to veto its decisions. To override the, presidential ,veto, the parliament must have a majority of 95 votes. The judicial power is
  15. Either by name during its delivery. " In response to an inquiry about his, presidential ,intentions, Lincoln said," The taste is in my mouth a little. " 1860
  16. Election since statehood, except for 1964. No state has voted for a Democratic, presidential ,candidate fewer times. Alaska supported Democratic nominee Lyndon B. Johnson in
  17. Lincoln later regretted some of his statements, especially his attack on the, presidential ,war-making powers. Realizing Clay was unlikely to win the presidency, Lincoln
  18. Not identify with the two main parties – though he did try for the Democratic, presidential ,nomination in 1868. While President, he attempted to build a party of loyalists
  19. A largely honorary position, but since 2003 the position has rotated amongst a, presidential ,team of three, directly elected by the party's individual members. Each member
  20. Governance institutions. According to article 140 of the constitution and the, presidential ,decree on electoral law, mayors of cities should be elected through free and
  21. Especially during election years. During every August in which the Republican, presidential ,nomination is undecided (meaning there is no incumbent Republican president—as
  22. To arrest those involved in corruption. Elections and parties The 2004 Afghan, presidential ,election was relatively peaceful, in which Hamid Karma won in the first round
  23. Paul von Hindenburg defeats Wilhelm Marx in the second round of the German, presidential ,election to become the first directly elected head of state of the Weimar
  24. Held by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation in November 2007 to select the, presidential ,candidate. Some 300,000 people voted. Corruption Political corruption is a
  25. On a new constitution adopted in 1992. That same year, first parliamentary and, presidential ,elections were held. In the former, the MPA won an absolute majority. In the
  26. The House, supported General Zachary Taylor for the Whig nomination in the 1848, presidential , election. Taylor won and Lincoln hoped to be appointed Commissioner of the
  27. Hamid Karma won in the first round with 55.4 % of the votes. However, the 2009, presidential , election was characterized by lack of security, low voter turnout and
  28. Federal elections From 1876 through 1956,Alabama supported only Democratic, presidential ,candidates, by large margins. In 1960,the Democrats won with John F. Kennedy
  29. The Reconstruction Era that followed, though others remained unresolved. In the, presidential ,election of 1860,the Republican Party, led by Abraham Lincoln, had campaigned
  30. Friendly" states were Wyoming, Nevada,and South Dakota. Federal politics In, presidential ,elections, the state's electoral college votes have been won by the Republican
  31. To the world: 139 Politics of Armenia takes place in a framework of a, presidential ,representative democratic republic, whereby the President is the head of
  32. Among the three candidates. Arkansas has become more reliably Republican in, presidential ,elections in recent years. The state voted for John McCain in 2008 by a margin
  33. Him into the front ranks of the party and into contention for the Republican, presidential ,nomination. Journalist Noah Brooks reported," No man ever before made such an
  34. Early in 2010,the politics of Angola takes place in a framework of a, presidential ,republic, whereby the President of Angola is both head of state and head of
  35. Division of power is not maintained. As a consequence, Angola has no longer a, presidential ,system, in the sense of the systems existing e.g. in the USA or in France. In
  36. States Constitution on December 6,1865. As the war drew to a close,Lincoln's, presidential ,Reconstruction for the South was in flux; having believed the federal
  37. Superintendent of Concord Schools. Civil War years and beyond Alcott voted in a, presidential ,election for the first time in 1860. In his journal for November 6,1860,he
  38. The Justice Bloc. Political parties and elections Summary of the 2008 Armenian, presidential ,election The first primary election in Armenia was held by the Armenian
  39. He reached out to War Democrats and managed his own re-election in the 1864, presidential , election. As the leader of the moderate faction of the Republican Party
  40. Overwhelmingly for independence in a September 1991 referendum, followed by a, presidential ,election in October 1991 that gave 83 % of the vote to Devon Ter-Petrossian.
  41. Site of the Ames Straw Poll, an important straw poll in the Republican Party, presidential ,nomination process as well as the first in the nation Democratic and Republican
  42. With the 1986 general election. Statewide elections are held two years after, presidential ,elections. Some of Arkansas's counties have two county seats, as opposed to
  43. River had been a major part of his political agenda in both the 1824 and 1828, presidential , elections. After his election he signed the Indian Removal Act into law in
  44. The authoritarian character of the regime. In the future, there will be no, presidential ,elections: the president and the vice-president of the political party which
  45. Chapters in American history. " Attack and assassination attempt The first, presidential ,attack was against Jackson. Jackson ordered the dismissal of Robert B. Randolph
  46. Populism earned him the nickname" King Mob ". Election of 1832 In the 1832, presidential , election,Jackson easily won reelection as the candidate of the Democratic
  47. Beginning the transition to Reconstruction. Johnson was nominated as the vice, presidential ,candidate in 1864 on the National Union Party ticket. He and Lincoln were
  48. Forts and to preserve the Union, citing, presidential , powers given by the Militia Acts of 1792. With the scale of the rebellion
  49. In the country to give the majority of its vote to a single candidate in the, presidential ,election—native son Bill Clinton—while every other state's electoral votes
  50. Harry Byrd. In 1964,Republican Barry Goldwater carried the state. In the 1968, presidential , election,Alabama supported native son and American Independent Party candidate

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