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  1. The Persians. Following his death and the organizational deterioration of his, empire , Asia Minor was ruled by a series of Hellenistic kingdoms which came under
  2. The" Two lands" of Northern and Southern Egypt. The reunited Nile valley, empire ,was as large as it had been since the New Kingdom. The 25th dynasty ushered in
  3. Period. After his death at Babylon in 323 BC and the subsequent division of his, empire ,amongst his generals, Ankara and its environs fell into the share of Antigens.
  4. IV of France. *1689 – The Treaty of Perching is signed by Russia and the Qing, empire , *1776 – The Battle of Long Island: in what is now Brooklyn, New York, British
  5. Helped stimulate the economy and increased trade between the new areas of his, empire , However,Alexander's constant demands for troops and the migrations of
  6. In Algeria including Al Cal'a of Ben Hammed, the first capital of the Hammond, empire ,; Tips, a Phoenician and later Roman town; and Jamila and Tim gad, both Roman
  7. Vehicle for written communication between the different regions of the vast, empire ,with its different peoples and languages. The use of a single official language
  8. Power. Francisco is one of the strikers and is slowly destroying the d'Antonia, empire ,to put it out of the raiders' reach. His actions were designed both to" trap
  9. General, he was sent to curb the riots in the Av anti province of the Mauryan, empire , Rise to power The Divyavandana refers to Ashoka putting down a revolt due to
  10. East of the Volga, who migrated into Europe c. 370 and built up an enormous, empire ,there. Their main military techniques were mounted archery and javelin throwing
  11. Series for teenagers featuring a variant of H. Beam Piper's para time trading, empire , The concept of a cross-time version of a world war, involving rival para time
  12. Ashoka helped humans as well as animals. Ashoka also planted trees in his, empire ,and his neighboring countries. Ashoka was perhaps the first emperor in human
  13. And a cementing force to weld the diverse and heterogeneous elements of the, empire ,". Also, in the Edicts, Ashoka mentions that some people living in
  14. Atlas Shrugged, and owner by inheritance of the world's the largest copper mining, empire , He is a childhood friend, and the first love, of Deign Haggard. A child
  15. Part of Anatolia, north-western Syria and upper Mesopotamia. After 1180 BC,the, empire ,disintegrated into several independent" Neo-Hittite" states. Ancient Anatolia
  16. But the welfare of all of his subjects (sarvajansukhay). In his vast, empire ,there was no evidence of recognizable mutiny or civil war. Ashoka was the true
  17. Kingdoms in the South like Colas, Pandya, Keralputra, the post Alexandrian, empire , Trapani, and Suvarnabhumi who were strong enough to remain outside his
  18. Over our own world and by its" 20th century," controlled a galactic, empire , In the Twilight Zone episode" The Parallel," an astronaut is transported to
  19. Simply have been a practical attempt at strengthening his rule and keeping his, empire ,together. And Stature II, a Persian princess and daughter of Darius III of
  20. Talk of friendly relations, give the names of both Antioch us of the Seleucid, empire ,and Ptolemy III of Egypt. The fame of the Mauryan empire was widespread from
  21. Over a Hurricane speaking population. During the Late Bronze Age, they created an, empire , the Hittite New Kingdom, which reached its height in the 14th century BC. The
  22. That it may date from earlier than Abdalonymus' death. Division of the, empire ,Alexander's death was so sudden that when reports of his death reached Greece
  23. To the astonishing success of the Achaemenid in holding their far-flung, empire ,together for as long as they did. " Imperial Aramaic was highly standardized;
  24. He is said to have originated from Arum which generally refers to the Byzantine, empire ,or Ancient Greece. In Bundahishn he is mentioned as Aleksander Kaiser who
  25. The Hittite New Kingdom, which reached its height in the 14th century BC. The, empire ,included a large part of Anatolia, north-western Syria and upper Mesopotamia.
  26. Is the many inscriptions he had carved on pillars and rocks throughout the, empire , All his inscriptions have the imperial touch and show compassionate loving. He
  27. The Franks were unique among the Germanic peoples in that they entered the, empire ,as pagans and converted to Nicene (Catholic) Christianity directly, guided by
  28. Home in the Hungarian Great Plain, perhaps to consolidate and strengthen their, empire , Theodosius used this opportunity to strengthen the walls of Constantinople
  29. Demands were met for a time, the Hun kings withdrew into the interior of their, empire , Following the Huns' withdrawal from Byzantium (probably around 445),Bled
  30. Rectorates, and Augustus upgraded it into a major provincial capital for his, empire , Two other Galatians tribal centers, Tavium near Yoga, and Pressings (Balthasar
  31. Empire. After his death, they rebelled and divided up the provinces of the, empire ,between themselves. During this turbulent period, Afghanistan had many
  32. Trapani, and Suvarnabhumi who were strong enough to remain outside his, empire ,and continued to profess Hinduism. According to his edicts we know that he
  33. Troops and the migrations of numerous Macedonians to the various parts of his, empire ,depleted Macedonian power, greatly weakening it in the years after his death
  34. Leading Rome to send forces to secure the country as a province of its, empire , Roman Period Egypt became a province of the Roman Empire in 30 BC, following
  35. Sole monarch of Persia from the river Oxus to the Tigris. In consolidating his, empire ,and subduing contending factions he was ably assisted by Nigam ul-Mulk, his
  36. Rout? Is it valor to kill innocent children and women? Do I do it to widen the, empire ,and for prosperity or to destroy the other's kingdom and splendor? One has
  37. Last play was produced (around 386 BC) Athens had been defeated in war, its, empire , had been dismantled, and it had undergone a transformation from the political to
  38. And its capital of Carthage. Carthage was the richest province of the Western, empire ,and a main source of food for Rome. The Sassanian Shah Yazdegerd II invaded
  39. Grandson Tutsis III extended the influence of the pharaohs to the largest, empire ,Egypt had ever seen. When Tutsis III died in 1425 BC, Egypt extended from
  40. Outlier communities, a purpose similar to the road systems known for the Roman, empire , This last scenario has long been discarded because of the lack of any evidence
  41. An alternative 4th century BC in which Alexander the Great expanded his, empire ,westward instead of eastward; Livy asked," What would have been the results
  42. Mountains and beyond, founded in 1721. The major geographical theorist of the, empire ,was actually a former Swedish prisoner-of-war, taken at the Battle of Poltava
  43. Started a small mine in South America, which became the beginning of a mining, empire ,and a new fortune (and a new palace). Eventually sent for his beloved who had
  44. Capsules. These authors established the convention of a secret para time trading, empire ,that exploits and/or protects worlds lacking the para time technology via a
  45. The Indo-European Hittites entered the region and gradually established a great, empire ,which was destroyed by invaders in the 12th century. Greek-speaking populations
  46. Buddhism. The final narrative describes how Asoka not only built a large, empire , but spread Buddhism and the winds of peace through it. * The Legend of Final
  47. Numeral system. This system of 'counter casting' continued into the late Roman, empire ,and in medieval Europe, and persisted in limited use into the tenth century.
  48. Of the Seleucid empire and Ptolemy III of Egypt. The fame of the Mauryan, empire ,was widespread from the time that Ashoka's grandfather Chandragupta Maurya
  49. The Great conquered the peninsula. Following his death and the breakup of his, empire , Anatolia was ruled by a series of Hellenistic kingdoms. Two hundred years
  50. In the years following Alexander's death a series of civil wars tore his, empire ,apart which resulted in the formation of a number of states ruled by the

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